How we caught the Moyi Thirudi within 48 hours…

“Moyi kana pochan”

It was at the peak of my post-wedding-moments when everyone was actually giving out gifts and ‘moyi’.I looked at my wife and she informed me that we’ve lost the money bag. By the time most of you were greeting us, the bride side has lost all their money. Not even one was spared…

We maintained our cool, and later I viewed the CCTV recordings and I must say I was really upset and disappointed. It was a wedding full of positive vibration, and the few seconds my sister in law placed the money bag down; was well utilized by the lady. To be honest, I’ve never heard of such incidents, so I was not extra-alert.

Aunty posing during our wedding


I screen captured the photo of the lady, through CCTV recordings on the very same day (15 Feb). I also knew the lady would now be hiding somewhere, and would be very careful with her moves. So I let the matter to rest though we made a police report. Nearly a month later, I published her video. Continue Reading –>

Awesome Thaipusam!

“Thalle! thalle! thalle! DEI THALLE!” (Move aside)

A young guy in his 30’s was being held in a plastic chair, he had slash wounds all over his body. It was horrifying and even by looking at it both my balls was up in my throat, and he was being rushed perhaps for the ambulance by his gang members. I saw this live, the last time I was in Batu Caves during Thaipusam festival.

It was a scene too common for many; Thaipusam is literally an event where gangs battle out each other in public view. Just last year, one man was killed during a chariot procession, and though the man is lying dead on the ground, the ruthless Machas continued to pounce on him with helmets.


It has been many years since I visited Batu Caves during Thaipusam festival; and I must say it is because I am afraid to bring in my family members, sisters, or my wife for that matter. With thousands of Machas literally hanging out just to throw some obscene words and show off their toilet trojan hair, it’s extremely difficult to absorb the spiritual atmosphere with your family members.

I was trying to do a write up about Batu Caves a few days before Thaipusam, and though trying as much as I could; I just could not complete the article. There was a lack of inspiration. So I left together with my wife, my cousin sister and brother to Batu Caves early in the morning. My brother Suren who is attached to PDRM was also stationed in Batu Caves, so I felt it was quite safe to give it a go.

I’ve always been a big critique; it is my nature not to give a fuck about any individuals who might get hurt during the process of my writing. I hated the temple committee because they’re some of the biggest scam machines in the country today, raking in millions of dollars from the gullible public each time there is a major festival but they fail to give back to the community. People say the money actually do not go to community development, but it goes to committee development. Some truth in that. Continue Reading –>

4 Ways MIC Could Gain Back the Trust of Indians

The ongoing Anwar sodomy trial is getting nationwide attention and BN as usual is very much focused to try to gain as much political mileage possible by this event. I was browsing the news related to it the other day when I came across…

Aunties want justice for Saiful. Do you seriously believe this shit?

This is definitely not the first time I’ve seen something like this. Our community has long been known as dogs by BN, thanks to MIC who had nurtured such a culture by just grabbing everything that is thrown to them. I was indeed devastated and felt sad that these innocent aunties had been once again been manipulated by these assholes to campaign for Saiful’s asshole. These aunties were obviously paid by BN/MIC. But of course, this was denied strongly and they don’t realize I’ve seen with my own eyes numerous times when Indian aunties are duped into MIC campaigns and speech with the promise of saris and rice packets. We ALL know who manipulated these aunties. Continue Reading –>

Tamil Schools and the Forty Thieves

“Result yenna achi?” I asked…

“Na, na number 1 class le. Ninety ke mele” Said the sweet angel.

“Nee, uneke result yenna achi?” I asked her best friend.

Showed me a thumb down sign and a sad face… “Yelameh uttikichi na…”

Uttikichi na…the first girl in the picture…

I could hardly contain my laughter; these are 7 year olds communicating to me. Such innocence. I later found out that she is actually an above average student. Then I looked around…

The school was infested with termites and it had bitten through almost all the school building. The building itself looks more like an animal shelter than a classroom. Recently the fan fell off from the ceiling because of the termites but luckily it happened early in the morning when the kids were not there yet. It was raining when I was there that particular day and the roof was leaking, and water was pouring down right in the center of the class. I witnessed this with my own eyes. Continue Reading –>

Top 5 Wannabe Ustaz

There had been too many individual cases of insulting non-Muslims in this country lately that I decided to come up with a countdown for the best of the worst. The reason why I’ve chosen not to highlight about other cases is because most of them were not as seriously highlighted, and cases involving non-Muslims are usually charged and dragged to court. For an example, the Alvin and Vivian Bak Kut Teh posting and a boy named Gopinath posting about Prophet Muhammad.

Coming in at no 5, Nam Blast caused a social media uproar earlier this year when he posted something related to the Thaipusam festival – a single status that made him the talk of the town. He was using an anonymous account, but he was finally identified as Mohd Hidayat; a teacher by profession. Basically his statements were recorded by the police, but no further action was taken up till now.

This man comes in at No. 4. Hated equally by the Chinese and Indians, and most Malays, he is known to provide extremist views in relation to current issues. A perfect example of a Chinese trying to be more Malay than real Malay, Ridhuan Tee had shot himself to fame by preaching hate speech in the name of defending Islam and Malays.

Continue Reading –>

Supportlah Local Artist!

This is my personal opinion about this movie and our local industry. I represent no individuals.

“Ore ticket bro, Malaysia movie ke…”
“One ticket bro, for the Malaysian movie…”

“Malaysia movie oh, Vivagarathu ah ne?”
“Oh Malaysia movie, Vivagarathu right bro?”

He showed me the screen and told me to choose a seat.

“Yethe bro empty?”
“Which one is empty bro?”

“Elameh empty tha ne..” . He smiled at me sarcastically.

And then an hour later, I walked in to an empty movie hall. It was a feeling so beautiful because I felt like the whole hall belongs to me. And then came a couple who sat in the corner, perhaps for some oral session.

And approximately two hours later, I came out of the hall; totally disgusted , disappointed and in utter disbelief of what has been presented to me. I wasted not only time and money, but also energy to drag my ass to the theater to watch a movie so horrifying that I felt like I’m sitting with my patti watching Tamil Serials on TV.


I don’t attend most local movie previews though invited because people in the local industry do not like me. Unlike them, I do not need to blowjob anyone by saying or writing a favorable review.


Ice Cream Level = Jenna Jameson

Continue Reading –>

Dasamahavidya – Nothing I’ve seen


A loud shrieking voice….

My girlfriend closed her face, she could not watch it. I sat there, awe-struck and totally absorbed. I do not even want to blink as I fear I might miss some precious moments. One by one, absolutely stunning piece of magic in the form of dance began to unfold in the center stage.

Image Credit to Voice Pilot Production

———————————————————————– Continue Reading –>


When I first saw the news about the flight missing early morning yesterday, I was quite shocked. At that point, it has already been 8 hours since the flight had last made contact. I immediately muttered quick prayers and hoped all of them would be fine. I travel quite a lot, and I have to admit though I’ve flown countless times, I’m very afraid of boarding a plane. Being an avid fan of Air Crash Investigation does not help much either. My balls would be up in my throat each time the plane goes through an area of turbulence. So, when a plane goes ‘missing’, I somehow felt traumatized.

The whole nation was unprepared. As far as I could remember and if the sources are correct, there had not been any major accident involving our planes since 1977 hijacking incident.

And then…

MH370, belonging to Malaysian Airlines bound to Beijing carrying 239 lives on board, suddenly vanished off radar 49 minutes after taking off from KLIA. No distress call. No contact made. Disappeared; just like that.

Social media ‘activists’ immediately took notice of this incident, and as usual we had a number of self-made aviation experts predicting what really happened to the aircraft. In Facebook, almost 99% of my timeline was filled with concerns and prayers for the 239 lives who were on board. Continue Reading –>

Bulb Baba

RPT silap masuk, itheke meleh unggeleke attack meleh attack than. In upcoming blogs which would be published in , I will expose all their internal teachings .

Last week, I received yet another warning from a fellow friend, who have close contacts with the most famous bulb eating circus performers in Malaysia; the RPTians .

I’ve really stayed out of trolling these RPT dumbnuts for sometime, because they’re so blinded by their belief that even if their Guruji is caught in a video like Swami Nityananda, they would defend it perhaps by saying it was a body purification process.Thousands of Indians had been duped by this cult group yet no action had ever been taken against them. With the hundreds of millions that they’re making, it is not a surprise that they manage to evade any type of investigation against them; shutting down those who are against them either by money or through violence.

Bulb Baba – He was travelling in Lotus before he bought Mercedes

Today, my pictures were uploaded in their online FB page called as ‘RPT against Haters’ by one of their bulb boys. I warned them not to drag me in yet they refused. I call this sutte kolepe. They accused me that I’ve been spreading rumors about Guruji through anonymous pages. For your information, I have no connections with any other online pages in FB other than ragedindian FB page. It is not a surprise that most Malaysian Indians are against this prabale cheating champions because thousands had been victims in the past. Within hours though, the perpetrators were identified by some friends and one of the guy behind this is actually a pilot. This sappi immediately deactivated his profile once his identity was known. But since he put up my photo, it’s only fair if I put up the picture of this sappi here. Continue Reading –>

Paid Dogs

MIC is a sette pambe, but I respect and have contacts with some individuals who are genuinely trying to do something. But these genuine people would never be able to help, because they’re headed by greedy and shameless leaders. 

KAJANG: Why should police investigate the Muslim NGOs who offered a cash reward for anyone who could slap Seputeh MP Teresa Kok? It wasn’t a threat, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

“If they issued a death threat, then it would be a threat. Slapping is not,” Zahid told reporters after a forum at the Kajang prison Saturday morning.

A woman had been threatened, cash reward had been offered publicly to slap Teresa Kok by an NGO claiming to be representing Islam and the Malays; yet according to our UMNO Minister, it was not a threat. Don’t these guys have any shame at all? Forget about Teresa Kok being a politician, she is a woman first. How can you let a woman be threatened publicly in our country, moreover with cash being offered to physically abuse her? What kind of message are we trying to send across? What if someone decided to take up the offer, and that slap was fatal?

Of course, these types of protest are usually led by scumbags with little intelligence. These are ‘paid dogs’, trained to perfection to be shameless and to bite without thinking. In my personal opinion, the protest that took place this time was not only stupid and outrageous; it was also insulting to the Malays and the Muslims in this country.

“Beliau turut menggesa agar warganegara etnik Cina dan India yang tidak fasih bahasa Melayu dihalau dari Malaysia.

“Pihak kami berharap, sementelah operasi mengusir pendatang tanpa izin sedang berjalan, kami juga menyeru agar Kementerian Dalam Negeri menumpu juga terutamanya kepada rakyat Malaysia terutamanya bangsa Cina dan India yang tidak fasih berbahasa Melayu atau tidak lagi menunjukkan taat setia kepada Raja dan negara dinyah keluar daripada pertiwi ini,” katanya.”

Continue Reading –>

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