The Indian Stare

Have you ever come through this situation before? You were just taking a walk along the park when all of a sudden there will be 1 indian guy out of nowhere walk towards you and start staring at you. Or if you’re driving and there was another IndianĀ  beside you when you have to stop […]

The History Of 45 Minutes

Watching football with friends had always been an enjoyable moment especially when you have people around you who can actually talk about anything and everything. Now i believe the previous sentence was the longest sentence I’ve constructed. Though my miseries is not over because of Liverpool’s lost yesterday,nevertheless , the conversation on the table that […]


My fascination towards paranormal activities had always brought me towards listening to multiple amount of experience that people had gone through. Everyone has a ghost story to tell nowdays. Explaining the unexplainable that is life beyond death is indeed as fascinating as it sounds to be. I’ve heard many ghost stories before and as far […]

Blame who?

Ahead of tonight’s clash of the titans in the Premier League, it won’t leave me with ample time to write an article if i start typing away in the wee hours of the night. So, i decided to start early. I’ve been gurgling my mouth with the talk of politics each time i work up […]


The moment of frustration is over as i finished uploading all my blog into my new domain . After blogging for quite some time , i believe it’s time for me to involve myself much deeper inside the outer world of cyberspace to spread out my message.Thus,this domain appeared. My plans for this website is […]

The revolution of Riding?

I was driving on the way back from office today when i noticed one Indian couple was travelling together. They were riding a bike and so i was following behind their back. When i was about to overtake them, i noticed a small figure was squeezed in between the couple. To my utter disgust, it […]


I found these indeed very calming and amazing picture. Sai Ram. He is one man that i have high divine respect with. Allah Malik.

To Love or to make Love!

Yet another day with political issues high in the air and every grasp of breath will somehow smell politics all over.Trying as much as i could to evade the possibilities of talking politics is just not, how should i say, not possible. Nevertheless, f**king politics aside for now,i’m trying hard to recall one ofthe things […]