To Love or to make Love!

Yet another day with political issues high in the air and every grasp of breath will somehow smell politics all over.Trying as much as i could to evade the possibilities of talking politics is just not, how should i say, not possible. Nevertheless, f**king politics aside for now,i’m trying hard to recall one ofthe things that i’ve thought all over today.

Everyone has partners. Be it gay, lesbian or straight. Nobody except for cadavars should i say would want to be left all alone in this world nowdays.Everyone wants to screw someone and live happily. Now, take an example if you have partner. Since gay and lesbian is out of the picture right now, let us concentrate on straight couples now. (Albeit the fact that i enjoy lesbian porn). Ore ponne ore paiyan.

Once proposal had been made, both the couples will vow to stay with each other forever.Now my dear friends, what’s interesting here is the dialogue that they use when they’re already couple.

Let us analyse the few words that couples usually exhange(typical Indian exchange):

– I’ll be with you forever da. No one can replace you in this world. I love you so much da.

You see, again , i’ll be with you forever da. Does that ring the bell to you? I’m very sure you’ve heard it before. Logically thinking, is it possible for you to stay with your one and only girlfriend forever. Take an instance: Your girlfriend of 4 years was involved in accident and her face was totally dislocated all over the place. Once a queen, now a mummy. Will you be with her forever still? That is not included if your girlfriend took some acid on the face. How? Forever ah? Poda. All right .True love. Till death do us part love. But still you’ll be in a part thinking how are you going to spend the rest of your life with her right.

None can deny the fact that 98% of love today is caused by your Big Tom down there. ┬áLove at first sight? No. No. It is you who want to make love with her at the first sight that leads to love . Major impression will be her looks . None can deny the fact. Why are we running away when we stumble upon any fat ugly Indian girlfriend ? Because we’re humans. We want the best in everything. At least we try to have the best .

Anyone can replace anyone in this world. Situational thinking.

1. You have a fat, average looking girl as your girlfriend.
2. Another bellydancer type of body girl is crazy over you .

Now , honestly , would the bellydancer replace your current girlfriend? I would do it of course. But what if you have a perfect girlfriend. She is beautiful.And then another pretty hot baby comes along who melts when she sees you. At least you would screw her, right? Who would leave the opportunity ? So, it’a proven fact that anyone can replace anyone in this world. Even Salman Khan was replaced by Abishek. .:P

I love you so much da . This is merely a sentence nowdays. Each time when we say this, you’re somehow just trying to say i want to make love with you da.Back in your mind, you’re thinking something else. And given the opportunity , Indian girls will bug your whole life for you to sms this shit everyday . As if we didn’t sms we dont love them. Must talk on the phone the whole day and repeat it at the end of the conversation and send sms saying i love you somemore. Illathina? Love paneh mathiya?

See the whole point here is to be honest.What i’ve tried to say here is given the situation above, what would you do? Ponder upon the points. Do not judge me as saying love is not true and so on. Think . Which came first to your mind when you chose your partner? To love or to make love?

I leave the entire thinking to you as i’m retiring for today as midnight masala’s calling me.

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