The revolution of Riding?

I was driving on the way back from office today when i noticed one Indian couple was travelling together. They were riding a bike and so i was following behind their back. When i was about to overtake them, i noticed a small figure was squeezed in between the couple. To my utter disgust, it was their child.

This is not the first time that I’ve seen this kind of couples riding in a bike . I’ve seen one whole Indian family riding in a bike all squeezed up. Although my sense of pity for the children is very high, i couldnt bare the fact that their father or the guardian of the children is bringing their child in such a manner.

The usual co -ordination of the ‘Indian family travelling together in a bike':

Coordination 1 : Father – Child – Mother

Coordination 2 : Children – Father – Children – Mother

Coordination 3 : Children – Father – Children – Children – Mother

Coordination 4 : Children – Father – Mother carrying a baby.

I’ve seen on my eyes long time back the above mentioned Coordination 3. This is really a shock. 5 person on a motorcycle? Enna kodumeh saravanan ithe? I hardly travel with 5 person in my car even. Now here , Indian people are changing the world of motorcycle riding by travelling with up to 3 family members.

Sometimes, i do pity them. Maybe they can’t afford for a car. If you don’t have a car, then try to get one. If you cant get a car, then stop all your projects at night with your wife. Be responsible or use ‘rubber’. Do not go wasting getting so many children when you can’t even afford to bring them up. What is the use of having so many children when they have to live in such a manner? We’re not living in the 60’s era my brothers where children’s in one family itself can easily fit up one classroom. Now, we’ve to plan our way of living. Chumma pethe pothe enapa iruke. Nambeh anthe marri seye mathom, atheke than vere jathi irukanegeleh.:P

When i see the Indian ladies riding in a bike with their husband, i can sometimes sense the hard life they’re going through. Their eyes shows clearly. Now, not only you’re endangering yourself by travelling in a bike with your whole family, but you’re dangering your children’s life too. What if there is an accident? What will happen to the children?

It’s too late to regret later. Before you get married, get yourself a car . Do not go wasting your sperm all over the place when you can’t afford a car. Upgrade your life. If you’re single, then it’s all ok. But when you get married,remember that travelling up with the whole family in a bike is a definete no- no. I’ve never seen any Chinese and Malay’s travelling the way we’re doing. In a way, we’ve revolutionised the way people were travelling. I wouldnt have a big suprise if you place up a long strong plywood in the extension of your motorbike seat and start travelling with as much as people you can put up in a van.God only knows.

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  • HeLLbOy

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    it’s true,bro…wat u telling is 110% true….even sometimes we feel bad when we saw like this situations…
    i dunno why ppl still taking d lives like this…why thy can’t improve their self before thy getting children 1st??
    are they so dumb until they can’t figure out what wil happen in future??
    wat they wil do if thy need to go for some place very urgent…example Hospital..
    are thy going to wait for their neighbour to come over in order they can ask them to drop in the place???

    Please think before it’s too late….Please…

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    I have seen this also with Indian couples squeezing kids in between them riding on a kapchai bike. But I have also seen alot of Malays do that. Havent seen Chineses so far though. I do beleive that this is coming from the poorer sector of society. Even though I get irritated to see them putting their kids life in danger riding that way, I sometimes stop and ponder the reasons why they allow that. I try to put myself in their shoes and see from their perspective. Perhaps that is the best they can afford. As much as they too realize the danger they face and put their kids into, would they do it if they had the financial ability to do better, by getting a car? They are humans too and would love to give the best for their families. Being born poor does not mean they LOSE their right to life and right to have a family. Humans are emotional creatures and the desire to belong, to be loved and to be wanted can be stronger than even death. In this age where the rich gets richer and poor gets poorer and the opportunities are governed by NEP, cronyism, nepotism and so much of complex social obstacles that the poor stay marginalized and deprived. The party that was supposed to fight for the community are only fighting for themselves and their own gains which resulted in the recent upset General Election which showed the peoples reaction to all these injustices.

    So it is easy to blame the poor for being poor when we sit in a nice comfortable car and enjoy the good life.

    If we put ourselves in their shoes for a moment, then we will know how blessed and lucky we are. If we really think hard enough, do you think they would willing accept the life of riding a bike if they had the means to ride in a car?

    Food for thought.


  • lizard

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    Agree on you VJeyaa that they try to come out with their best ,but still they should think about their kids first. Let say they met with an accident , the adult still can bear the pain or injury . What about the childrens? Can they?
    Its better to prevent this ‘phenomena’ before its too late. No point blaming others when the fault is yours.Why we should do the same thing when we know what we are up to is breaching the law.

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    You are right about the danger though, they should try to avoid this as much as possible.


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