The moment of frustration is over as i finished uploading all my blog into my new domain . After blogging for quite some time , i believe it’s time for me to involve myself much deeper inside the outer world of cyberspace to spread out my message.Thus,this domain appeared.

My plans for this website is pretty simple. It will be dedicated for the blog .Part of others that i planned to do is a forum. I’m trying to find as many as people possible to indulge in the mood of critism when they feel things are not right or exactly the way they expect it to be.

Forgive me though if there is any broken link for the time being because this can be called as the beta version. I’ve tested all the links though and it seems to be working.

From today onwards, i would appreciate all the visitors of this site to leave their comments as i certainly do not want to be clapping with one hand about an issue but valid feedbacks should be given to make the article seem to be interactive.

If the image of the 2 indian girls is pulling out your curiousty on to why i’ve placed them, for your information, they’re not actually out of place as you might think. This indian children’s are children’s who live in the street’s in India.We call them street children’s. The reason i placed them over here is to promote the mood for charity amongst the readers here and i sincerely hope everyone of you would somehow do some sort of charity in our society.

I’m no perfect again as I’ve told countless times before this. Forgive me if there is any language or grammar error that you might find on this website.But please excuse me for all the bad languages as well in this blog.That’s just me.

This is the first blog that I’ve written with so much sentiments on it. Sigh. Albeit the fact that it doesn’t suit who I’m in real life, just for the sake of promotion i’ve to do it.

And guys , if any of you would like to contribute article of any sort with any topic, please mail me. Every mails will be replied. Your continous support will be my motivation.Thank you.

Lets f**k, oppss, lets rock ! :D

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