Blame who?

Ahead of tonight’s clash of the titans in the Premier League, it won’t leave me with ample time to write an article if i start typing away in the wee hours of the night.

So, i decided to start early. I’ve been gurgling my mouth with the talk of politics each time i work up in the morning. Speaking of Datuk Seri Samy Vellu will leave me typing away till forever and so i decided what should come next about the man is his involvement in the society. Rather than that, i would talk about your involvement and role in the Indian society.

I’m tired of hearing countless words condemning Datuk Samy and what he had done for the Indian society. Let me ask you a simple question ? Rather than asking him what he has done for us, why don’t you ask yourself what have you done for the Indian society?

Pointing out fingers to the sole man who had ruled the Cabinet for few decades might answer the question to Indian marginalization, but is he solely to be blamed for the underdevelopment of Indians in our country?For me, rather than pointing out fingers to him, i suggest you get a mirror and point the finger to the reflection in the mirror.

What have you done for Indians that you can talk Datuk Samy didnt do anything? What are the roles you have played for the upbringing of Indians in Malaysia? Datuk Samy took away your money that government had allocated you say, but did he actually took away your salary. Look around you. How many Indians nowdays are involved in secret society? How many of them destructively poisoning their health with countless amounts of alcohol and drug abuse ? If you claimed that Indians today are doing good , then i suppose you’re purely blind. You work for your own money. Do not come begging to Queen of British to come up with a sum so that you can spend your next holiday in Hawaii.

You work , you deserve the money. Hardwork pays. Why can some Indians stand up against the current wave of politics and make an easy life? Because Datuk Seri help them? If so, please spit up in the air and let it fall down to your face.First of all, you have to bring yourself up and do something for the society before you say Government didnt do anything.

Indulge yourself in the above questionaire plus this additional one. The Government didnt do anything to you. But then what have you done for the Government for them to do something for you? And please fuckers, do not talk about paying tax, becase half of you don’t even pay for tax.

There is a certain limit for you to complain. But baseless complaints will only result you to be far more lamer.

Disclaimer : This message is meant for people who complain non stop about nobody is helping them to come up in life . I have no intention of directing this acticle to everyone . Please pay extra attention to this as i do not want some people to be protesting in front of my house.

And I’m not against the Makkal Sakthi. I’m just talking about the people who abuse the power of Makkal Sakthi.

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