My fascination towards paranormal activities had always brought me towards listening to multiple amount of experience that people had gone through. Everyone has a ghost story to tell nowdays. Explaining the unexplainable that is life beyond death is indeed as fascinating as it sounds to be.

I’ve heard many ghost stories before and as far as i know, i believe that I’ve experienced some too. Although proof of documentation is a far cry, nevertheless talking about it will bring up some goosebumps .

A new category will soon be opening in my site discussing about paranormal activities and what is it all about. My post plan before opening this website is to include a forum to discuss all this issue.Coming soon. Meanwhile, let me present to you one of the most exciting pictures that I’ve seen so far that seems to resemble things that some of us fear the most : Ghost.

This pictures was originally taken from my uncle’s apartment in Brickfields. I would not state where is the apartment exactly so that it won’t jeopardise the option of anyone planning to live there and so that i dont end up appearing in court getting sued by the management.

There is 2 pictures been taken by my uncle’s friend using his camera phone and it had not been distributed to anyone and this is the first time it is appearing on the net. Although the picture might seem to be in considerable state , it is still a perfect view on what is actually lurking inside the picture.

It was taken using a  Sony Ericsson walkman phone with a 2 MP camera quality. It happened to be that my uncle’s friend who is also the security guard was having his usual rounds in the apartment when he apparantly felt people are talking to each other and there seemed to be other person. Being a brave guy, he took out his mobile and started taking picture all over the place without looking exactly at the ‘youknowwhat’. He was just concentrating on the sound and took the picture according to it.Back to his guard house, he analyzed the picture and he made a shocking discovery.

Please concentrate on the circle line that I’ve done so that you will get a clearer image. I’ve made a considerable amount of contrast editing so that the picture will be clearer. It proved to be a big hit. Have a look.
Pic 1 :
This is one of the picture that had been taken from the apartment window.The women seems to be inside the apartment. That is behind the window. It resembles a woman carrying a baby. The image of the woman is clear and if you concentrate , you would definetely see the image of the baby as well.

Pic 1

Pic 2 :
This picture shows that there is 2 person talking to each other. I’ve zoomed and concentrated on the picture in the remaining 2 pictures.


As much as some of you would not believe this and brushing is aside thinking it is a hoax, think out of the box. Some things are not meant to be explained. They are there, it’s just how you take it that will open up your sixth sense to see them.And it is not a reflection of the light either, it is just ‘it’.Period.

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  • lizard

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    I do believe about this paranormal activities. But about this photo , we dont know if the photo is genuine or not.
    Im not denying anything but after a demo by a friend of mine (A Photoshop abuser)i started to doubt on this kind of photos.
    I do received a lot of photos like this lately but its hard for me to accept this kind of photos.

  • admin

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    It is genuine la brother. I’m having the original pictures la .-*

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    I went to see a midnite show last Sat with my wife and the movie was about this same thing! Ghosts appearing on photos. The movie was Shutter. So is this blog entry mere coincidence or paranormal? hahaha… giving me the creeps!

  • pearl86

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    im waiting so see it myself..gotta some interview questions… :D

  • Nithura

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    Interesting! bt i cant c the 1st pix clearly:(


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