The History Of 45 Minutes

Watching football with friends had always been an enjoyable moment especially when you have people around you who can actually talk about anything and everything. Now i believe the previous sentence was the
longest sentence I’ve constructed.

Though my miseries is not over because of Liverpool’s lost yesterday,nevertheless , the conversation on the table that we had was truly mind boggling .

I’ll have to write a long article regarding any other thing that we’ve discussed. I’ll make a quick sprint with this article since I’m running out of time.

Point to mention with this quick article is:

We were discussing about football when my cousin had rewritten the history of football by explaining the most bizarre and funniest thing that you would have heard about football.

Why do we have 45 minutes in each half of football? Have you ever wondered? Here goes the short explanation that would not even be in the History channel.

I’ll remind in advance that this is purely a joke and no offense on anyone. More to say, it is a dirty joke. Read it with an open mind.

45 Minutes Each Half
It is played by 11 players in each team . Correct. Each man has two balls(testicles). Next , we have 11 players.

2 x 11 = 22

We have 2 teams playing against each other.

22 x 2 = 44

Now, all of them will be going for 1 football.

44 + 1 = 45 . So that’s how it became 45 minutes. You might ponder, what about extra time ?

That’s when the referee and the linesman balls comes in. :D

Hold on. What about woman’s football? He he. I’m most certain that you’ve guessed where does the ball comes from. :D

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