The Indian Stare

Have you ever come through this situation before? You were just taking a walk along the park when all of a sudden there will be 1 indian guy out of nowhere walk towards you and start staring at you. Or if you’re driving and there was another IndianĀ  beside you when you have to stop in the traffic light, he just turned and start staring at you as though you’re an alien. Chances are if you’re Indian, it is the culture to actually stare towards another Indian.

I don’t know really know if it is natural or Indian tends to be like that, but it is an obvious fact that they stare. Even if you appear to be a complete stranger to them, they still do it. I don’t really what really motivates them or what is their objective behind this but it seems to be a habit of doing so. And if you’re stare back at them, chances are high that you might end up in a street fight.

My dear Indians ecspecially guys, just because you start staring at someone doesn’t mean that you’re far more greater than them. Let me rephrase again, Indian only stares at another Indian . It is never another race. When i was schooling, Indians only fight with Indians. This is just another truth that is happening down there and i’m not trying to spray some racial perfume onto you.School times.

The methology of school fights:

Indians fights with Indians only.
Chinese will be fighting away with Indians and Malays.
Malays will be fighting away with Chinese and Indians.

It appears to be Indian race is the only one that gets along with all the other race except for their one. Enapa ithe? I’m not in anyway encouraging Indians to start fighting with others . It’s just an example of what is happening now. That shows the prove why I can say Indians only stare at Indians.

Just because you stare , you think their balls will shrink and they will be on your toes. And then if we stare back, this dialogue will be there,

“Kurang ajar la ini”. Yea right, we spend thousands for our diploma’s and higher certificate’s only to be labelled by these street idiots as being uneducated.Honestly saying Indians indeed came together during the recent political tsunami that washed away the previous politic dirts, but how much or what is the scale in the togethermeter remains unconvincing.

I believe my hidden message in this article should be easy to interpret . If you can’t , i believe you’re one of the people who got on university when you don’t deserve to.

Stay united Indians.My pledge is do not hold hatred against anyone and be in support for a stronger brotherhood. And better still, dispose racism from your heart right now, and together we will hold hands to make the future better.Allah Malik.

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  • lizard

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    Found truth in your words bro..
    I witnessed lot of gang fights and street fights within 7 years of my secondary school life.
    Most of it within Indian guys. If you ask them why?

    1.Sarekke ( and this gal wont be so pretty also)
    2.Jalan Perechenne (to show that their ‘jalan’ is greater than others)
    3.Staring (as said by admin)
    4.School Pegang(as though the school is the property of their ancestors)

    This will be the common reason which i encountered few years ago and i believe the ‘tradition’ still goes on till today.
    If we as indian never show respect on our brothers and sisters how the other ethnics will?
    We indian is not stupid or dumb. Its proven nationwide recently.So please do think before staring or being a Bruce Lee . No one will disturb you if you mind your own business.
    “Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara”

  • john

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    Perhaps over there Indians stare only at Indians. But here in New York , Indians are known for staring too much.
    Around the world staring is considered a sign of aggression and rude. I could understand staring at non indians in india because a tourist is new to them. But in NYC! They live here..for years and yet stare all the time at everyone…and leer at women. Even while the woman is with her man..or children. The other thing is they smell bad. I can understand in India they dont have the economic means or the hygenic facilities but once again….theyre in NYC! Im sure Indians might say “but other people smell too”. Then why is it if you ask anyone from any country….a french, german, chinese, malay, arab, canadian, australian, thai, greek, russian, jew, they all say “indians smell!”..why why why!

  • jay

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    haha! i came across this from a google search, and let me tell you that as a EUROPEAN, Indians STARE at EVERYONE! and it is worse for us Europeans as in our cultures it is generally considered very rude to look at people for too long or stare!

  • Jay_D

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    Bloody oath they stare! Over here in Australia it’s the same! They look at you unashamedly and when you make eye contact more often than not they quickly turn away, only to resume their staring later! However, I may add it’s not the 2nd and 3rd generation citizens – they have learnt to integrate well into our society but it’s the recent arrivals. I guess these differences and annoyances will be ironed out as time passes.


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