It’s been a while and I think this is one of the most hot-in-the-pot topics that deserve attention. Astro. Everyone has their own say about this Measet powered home entertainment system. Being the pioneer paid TV service providers in Malaysia and the dominant force in the entertainment industry; we can’t deny the fact that everyone, […]

We’re the real Animals.

Please do not continue to watch this due to the excessive violence in this video. According to unverified sources, it seems this lady was actually a Minah Rempit Peragut. Means she is a snatch thief. She together with her boyfriend had gone hunting for victims and while snatching, was caught by the by passers or […]

1 little,2 little ,3 little Indian girls…..

To fully understand the level of maturity Indians have achieved today, we’ll have to look by all the angles. Having said that, you have to look into a lot of places as well. Now, to fully understand the level of achievement of Indian girls today, I suggest we visit nearby pubs and see how Indians […]

Samy: All Barisan leaders to blame

Monday April 21, 2008 Samy: All Barisan leaders to blame KUALA LUMPUR: All Barisan Nasional leaders should take the blame for the coalition’s poor performance in the general election and not just the Prime Minister, said MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu. “Every one of us has to take a slice of the blame,” […]

Makkal Sakthi Song!

The below song should serve as an inspiration to Malaysian Indian today. One of the best song .There is no hatred in any part of this song. Proud to be Indian. Thanks bro Arun .   I recommend all of you download and redistribute this song. Valge Makkal Sakthi! Download Link : Rajavai Tundiyathal […]

Why do I eat beef?

What happens if you’re a Hindu and you eat beef? You drive by to Mc Donald’s and get yourself a Quarter Ponder and indulge yourself with the meat. Hinduism says eating cow meat is a sin and therefore every Hindu is prohibited from eating cow meat. Why can’t we actually eat beef? “In Hinduism, the […]

Bizzare Suicide

Before you start reading this ; I suggest you go all the way below to read the news about another achievement of Indians in Malaysia. Click on the ‘Read More’ button at the end of the article. What is happening to Indians in Malaysia? Assuming that this is not a death by foul play, I am […]

Equality Preach

Sunday April 13, 2008 Tengku Faris: Don’t question Malay rights By ZULKIFLI ABD RAHMAN KUALA LUMPUR: The special rights and privileges of Malays should not be questioned but the community should make every effort to improve and stay united, the Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan said. Tengku Mohammad Faris Petra Sultan Ismail Petra reiterated that nobody […]

I want to be a hooker?

You’re a 7 year old and had just entered the first day in primary school. As usual, the first day would usually be more of orientation thus everyone will be asked to introduce briefly about them self and the most important question that will arise is who do you want to be in future. Summarizing it, […]

Lend a Hand!

Perhaps looking at things that happens to you everyday will give you a glimpse of what i usually write down in my blog. Things that i observe sometimes becomes over bothering that my mind would not stop thinking about it until i write out about it or take some action about it. Leveling my criticism […]

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