If you’ve read my previous entry, you can clearly recall my judgement regarding the issue of making fun of another religion. It is a definite no-no to condemn anything or to play fun with another religion. Everyone has faith in something and their believe shouldn’t be redirected anytime throughout their life unless it is on their own will.

Please spend a few minutes reading the previous article because this topic is inter-related.

Now, being a ‘great’ fan of Syah Kirit and his fucked up speech, you can put me in the same category of people who hate anti-religion preachers. If you’ve read The Star today, i believe you would have read about the news about Mydin stores marking protest against anti-Islam film. If you’re person who don’t read papers online, then i will simply suggest you not to be lazy enough and click on the link below to read it.

Although I’m not really sure if it is co-related with my previous article, but it has definetely come at the right time. Seriously , I find that as an interesting joke and fascinating when Mydin planned to carry on with protest.The reason Mydin had done that is because they want to show their anger towards the release of the film. How ? They’ve placed red labels in all products from Netherlands and suggested to customer not to buy them.

Let me make my point here :

1. Purchasing the product

You open a hypermarket , bought in massive bulks products from Netherlands and place them in your hypermarket. Next , you put a red label on all the products and suggest people not to buy. What the fuck? How idiotic that can be? Who on earth would suggest to people not to buy product that is sold by them? If you’re staging a protest, then you have to stop buying the product in a bulk order itself. You’ve already bought the product from Netherlands ,and they’ve already made the profit. Now if the product is not sold, who will incur the lost? Aiyo, Mydin , it is you.

2.  Contradiction?

Both Datuk Ameer ( Managing director of Mydin ) and Syah Kirit are Indian Muslims. While one is putting up a protest against the condemning of their religion, another is suggesting a way to destroy another religion. Their own people’s stand on this kind of issues is not strong enough, then why the fuck are you wasting time with this type of protest?

Come on guys, i suggest you people have a meeting and make sure all of you have the same understanding and everyone is talking in same language before you blast out some stupid protest. How unprofessional you can be? If i have a column for joke of the day, i believe this article’s will definetely fit there.

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