Indian Gangs In Malaysia -Deep Down

Secret society in Malaysia. Anywhere we go, secret society exist. Who actually started all this and the history of it remains unknown. What does it all mean?Today, with a limited time we have, i will explain the history of Indian Gangs in Malaysia and how it all starts.

A few Indian guys will be gathering in a bus stop or a nearby  drain everyday . Usually they might even skip school if they’re studying and will be ever present to join the loitering session. Together with them will be few packs of cigarettes. Now, day after day , their friends will grow to a bigger number. They buy a RM 5 color spray, and then will spray out something on the side of the drain or on top of the bus stop to mark their group.

You see, calling the group a name is one thing. The other word is also seemingly interesting.The name can differ ranging from things to numbers. Usually in Malaysia, it is interesting enough to see all the secret society members loves mathematics so much that they name their group after a number. The real meaning behind the numbers is too astronomical to explain. Forgive me. Few famous secret societies in Malaysia , Geng 24 , Geng 36 , Geng 21 , Geng 08. Now, if you’re soft , i suggest you try to get a membership in Geng 9.

They first make out a name , take Longkang for an example. So, Longkang is their name. But then, there are few identities that can follow.

a) Geng Longkang
b) Longkang Kaingeh
b) Longkang Set
d) Tiga Longkang

So, the name had been created. Next they need to establish a place. Let’s say there is a nearby field near the drain, it will be their field. So, everyone should start recognizing it as Longkang field. Every member have to work their ass out day and night to keep members from other secret society out from their field. If there is any intruders, immediately they will be identified and a fight will broke out. After a few fights, usually the gang’s will be able to establish them self.

After these few fights, the gang would be able to identify who are the person who will fight and the other’s who wont. The cowards will be rejected and only the toughest stays. Each of them will be recognized with a nick name. Usually they will name them self after things for their first name and others will opt for animal names.For an example:

1) ‘Vetu’ Kumar
2) ‘Rok’ Mani
3) ‘Mettu’ Murugan
3) Pandi (Pig)
4) Nandu (Crab)
5) Tiger

Next, after naming and establishing them self, next comes money collection.Every member have to pay a certain amount every month as a membership fee. A one time registration fee is subject to changes but monthly payments remains. If it’s Geng 24, then everyone has to pay RM 24 every month. So goes for the others gangs. The payment will be kept by the leader. It is known that this payment is kept to bail out any gang members that is caught or jailed up. The remaining goes to sponsor cheap liquors and cigarettes. Schools are targeted and collection goes around to protect students. Every student who pays the monthly fee will be accepted as a member and be protected. They will be called ‘budaks’. Nambe budak.

Next comes election. A very important part in forming a gang.One who fights the best and daring will be chosen as a leader.The following is the least minimum criteria to be a gang leader :

1) Should be daring and willing to fight anyone
2) Should handle weapons diligently
3) Should have been locked up in jail at least once
4) Have a few marks and sign of stitches in a visible place in their body(To mark that they have been in a few fights)
5) Should be a person without a brain. Should have no thinking capabilities.
6) Owns own transport and willing to travel to any school to fight.
7) Willing to fight extra hours just to protect the field.
8) Should be able to drink cheap liquors and smoke
9) Should be able to speak vulgar words fluently in Tamil, knowledge in vulgar words in other language such as Chinese and Malay will be an added advantage.

Above is the minimum criteria.Once the gang leader is chosen, what they need to do next is conquering. They will have to go and fight in a nearby fields and try to conquer other’s field. Once they’ve won the fight, the group who emerge victory will be able to rule another field . So, day by day their name will be high in the air and will rule few fields and drains in their housing area.

One new policemen will be transferred to the housing area and he will gun down all the gang leaders. The group dissolves and everyone runs away to another state hiding. Few committee members will be arrested and put in jail. The group will be gone all of a sudden. Until the person who is locked up is out from jail .Once he is out , there starts a new gang.

This is the cycle of secret society members. My dear friends, what you have read is what is happening. Do not try to explain to me about them because i live in a place where almost every existing secret society in Malaysia have their so called camp in my housing area.As interesting as this article might sound to be,it portrays the dark side of most Indian guys in Malaysia unfortunately.

Sekian, terima kasih.

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  • Jakkama

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    Im happy to see that you did realise your mistakes Suresh Kedah. You should be grateful that u still have the 2nd chance to carry on with life. Whatever past had happened to you will remain as your dark side and bad dreams. Dun worry, whatever u have lost in ur life, u will get it back soon. People like you are very important to the young generation. Be a better person and when you are successful in life, everyone will come back to you. All the best.

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    I agree, this would have been the trend set by the so called brainless ‘gang’ members as you have highlighted.

    Publically trying to dominate fields or drains in their area. Unfortunately these brothers do not understand the value of numbers neither the organization they are in. They should have been removed first.

    The ball doesnt roll in the specified manner you have spoke about in the higher league. What you have openly discussed about are what we call the ‘typicals’.

  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    hey there guys, listen, I’m not supporting gangsterism or promoting it in whatsoever way, alright? Sometimes, u have to fight fire with fire, in my case, thats what i did.
    not all fingers on our hands are the same, and not all gangsters are bad. i do agree that some gangsters are lame fuckers, but, not all are like that. some become gangsters coz thats their ricebowl. but the kids these days, they join these gangs dreaming of a fantasy future.. but they are just gonna end up in jail. I admit I was one of those kids, but no one is perfect.. and all people learn through experience..
    I’ve learnt the wrong steps i made.. and i hope after reading all this, the youth will stop gangsterisme and all that shit, and have a better, progressive and pro-active life… sincerely, S.T.Superman04…^_^

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    No words… u hv statd al tat i wantd 2 type here homie..04 EVA!


    i duno who r u.. bt, wat u hv creatd here gona end in a big fite 4 sure.. mayb u r frm a educatd fly n wont go 4 al dis gangs party n al.. bt, letme ask u sumtin.. can i?, pls dun mistaken me..

    U r goin out vt ur chick/wife..suddenly 2 o 3 distapin u n ur chick/gal… Wat wil u do? u wil cal police? o ur EDUCATED frens? o ur dad if u stil a kid? trust me, if u call a police.. they wil ask u so many ques.. bt tat 2 fellas wont b ther… they mite rch their hse da time police cum ther… IF U HV FRENS WHO IN DA GANG, n u calld them 4 help, within 5mins they wil b ther… coz da netwok is big… tats how v help each otha.. lets say, if tat fella markd u n sayin “gua sudah nampak lu punya siap!” wat u gona do? u wil go 2 police rite? then i tink u noe wat wil hapen..police wil cal u each time they gt sum innocents 4 “muka cam”..u hv 2 go balai n cum..balai n cum bk…u wan al dis? IF U TEL DIS 2 UR FREN WHO IN DA GANG…they wil find him within 2 3days..tats how v al wokin.. v al r educated.. v al r decent gangstas.. oni money toks.. i, cant freeze myself wen crime is happenin infrnt of me..eitha i wil help o cal my membas.. dis is how it woks durai…pls dun get me wrong bout wat i hv stated here..

    vnOte zerOfOur..

    • SunTannedSuperman04

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      vanakkam brother,
      haha.. good question… this question somehow doesnt affect me…to be in a gang is not all about fighting and killing and looting, brother. As you know, we are well respected among all secret societies. and there is a reason too. when I joined, i was told that I’m part of a brotherhood. we dont look for trouble. we help each other out in every possible way. thats how 04 blood brothers roll. dont get me wrong bother Durai.. I’m just stressing out my opinions.

      “Thinamum vambu sandai, vittiduvom adhu vetti thollai”
      simple as that. Naataano Kootaano, when they come, let them come. I fear not for all those. I believe in fighting 1 on 1. 04, to me, is my family. I dont send my family members to do dirty work for me bro. ow, and the younger ones reading all this. Study well, as only that will take you to places. no disrespects to any one here.
      best regards,

    • Msian Indian

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      Yes what you say has some meanings since you belong to the Leng-Sei geng……My only question is howq long do you think your friends IN DA GANG going to help you ? Are you going to carry it on till you are married and having kids ? This problem will be there even after you get married and have kids .So are you going to call your friends IN DA GANG to help whenever you face these problems till you die .? My friend they might help you now but they too will get married and get old ….these things cant go on for long …..or else your kids will be worse off because all of you DECENT GANGSTERS showing bad examples…

  • Suren

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    Wow looks like so many 04 guys here….any it has some good and also some bads to be in a secret society…Its all in our hand how we carry things thru our life’s…Good brother durai

    • SunTannedSuperman04

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      I’m glad that you can see the pros and cons of things bro..
      Best regards,

  • Suren

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    Bro durai are you from klang? Cos the sample name which you have published there is a real life person in Klang “Mettu Murugan”….haaa….hhaaa

  • Suren

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  • wat u care bout me

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  • Z.E.G

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    Sorry we dont drink cheap liquors! N remember that nt all of them Are the same. Different individual hv different characteristic’s.

  • algapas

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    why dont we unite as one malaysia..? no need to harm each other.. we should protect our country.. i dont even bother to be fren with chinese malay india.. we all in 1 nation.. forget about the racist people.. people who racist is uneducated and suitable to live in a jungle.. being gangstar or in a triad member just waste part of ur life.. if u unlucky u might get killed. i’ve seen many gang war.. the beloved fren who i adviced everyday get shot in bukit mertajam another 3 is missing.. u know how sad the mother, father, family was? wake up society.. go study well, develop well.. what happen if our nation under attack..? like palestin. who gonna save us? malay? chinese? indian? 04,08,18,21,35,36,30,77?? open ur minded.. live well.. look back at rukun negara.. kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara… dont harm ur self.. its not too late 2 turn back.. dont choose the dark path.. it just egoism that naturally occured, and of coz influence by movies.. be humble, loyal, that was a brilliant… dont get pesonnal.. ask ur self do u wan ur kid to be apart? what happen if u see them got beaten and headhsot? tepok kepala tanya selera la deii… ammak!

    • SunTannedSuperman04

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      I wish brother Durai could make a “like” button here (like FB) ;)

      very nicely said there brother algapas..

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    i would lyk tO say vanakam 2 oll tamilarz!!!
    u guy juz knOe 04,,05,,06,,08,,21,,18,,30,,35,,36….
    wt bouT camE_???hiz the don of 21….1 malaysia…
    simply knoe as bapak ayam,,kiri kanan kongker,,oil high jackER….
    if u enter jb meanz,,u muzz show ur handzz and legzz at him..coz he’ll gve u oll a sign….somethng lyk diz,,camel mama,,ulla vaama…!!!!(*_*)do u knOe kambatthu manO???kooli gOOpaL???bambuttha???katthi kaali???they oll r cameL’z bdk….
    he iz also die hard fan of darkey darjana…

    Durai : I do not want delete this comment because it’s just freaking funny and pathetic. “Kiri kanan kongker ” LOL. Poda sutte.

  • BaNu

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    darkey darjana vaa?? hahaha…^^
    durai, dun delete… its really funny… wth is a cameL’z bdk??

    • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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      Camel ? U dunno him ? Oh my kadavule :p Quoting darkey ong san 04 : ” hiz the don of 21….1 malaysia… ” He’s the original person behind 1Malaysia concept, not Najib :p

  • jamboonathan

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    Hello brothers,

    I’m writing here to share my experience with gangsterism. i was a victim of gangsterism. until today it still haunts me. I almost lost my life. wht makes it worst is i didnt do anything wrong. it was a mistaken identity. i would like to know why our indian brothers want to be like this? wht is the purpose of gangsterism? wht is 08, 36, and so on? who created them? why were they created? were these numbers created by the chinese? is it worth going to jail/dying for? by all means make money. money is power today. i understand we need muscle to fight muscle. but it has to be done the right way and not by fighting and bullying among our own skin. we are minority in this country. without any minority rights. forget politics. no other race will help us. we must help ourselves. those who realise fast will know how to move on and get a better life for their family. to a certain extent, there are rich chinese taukeys who are influencing our brothers to thinking violence is the way but their own sons are overseas studying or doing business safely. i stopped going to most chinese coffee shops. they sell beers to us, pretend to be our friend, make us fight by poking fire among our indian brothers, then take our hard earned money and call us ‘kelingya mabuk suka lawan’. today they are the taukeys. there are many different issues about our race here in malaysia, and mine is just one of them. i have started doing my part by helping another brother get back on his feet. if everyone can do and think like this, we will be strong. Vaalgha tamilan!!


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  • ampunk_36

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    bro 36 top 4 ever lah bro

  • ViLLanZ Vimal Chander

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    Bro durai nice to knw ur frm klaNG TOO . NT TO MENTION A PROUD RESIDENT OF TAMAN SENTOSA ! well wateva it is u say bro i have 3 brothers , two of whoom are doctors and the eldest guy is a pilot but they are all still “PACHA KOSO ETTE KARENENGE” no mater wat our education level is we will always hounour taman sentosa as we are alwyz proud 08 VillanZ kaige from taman sentosa … 1 more thing we are all proud ex students of smk raja mahadi

  • Akami

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    Hi friends, first of all, i’m just a passerby on the google, wanting to search about gangsterism in msia. so well, i ended up in the page. and i got interested with all the posts by the people, gang members or taiko *very sorry if i did not address you guyz correctly*. Let’s just cut to the point. All i wanna say is when one does not cause trouble, one will not be in trouble. *as the saying goes; one hand does not clap*. so if we do not find trouble outside, we are actually in relative safety. But, on the other hand, i’m just feeling sorrowful for people who got whacked up by mistaken identity by the gangs. Well, i just hope that everyone is well and happy always. We live life just once, make the best out of it. Namaste! I hope i didn’t offend anyone in this post, if i do. thousands of appologise.

  • tiger

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    gangsterism in msia must be under control but now days you can see the coming generation involve in this. For the Malaysian indian it is no one slow killer.

  • botak kai

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    to all gangsters outside,alo machas…cmon we are minority race here…change for ur childrens future

  • geethanjali

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    good forums are going on, does not mean if guys are applying some sort of gathering in nearby their housing area they,,will be entering into gangsterism,and ended up with some criminals activities ,its can say as some kind of protections as well,and its no longer a dark secret ,,,,,,,,and be proud to be an indian

  • unknown

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    well guys i read some of the comments and i must say that its really quite hard to judge and say that this gangs are bad. like what vnote said about the chick thingy, i am not reli an advocate of gangsterism and these gangs, but he does have a point there. but then again when i think about it, the existence of these gangs sort of encourages more people to become gangsters and behave like the “2 o 3 (guys)distapin u n ur chick/gal”. perharps they being in a gang gives them the feeling that they can do whatever they want as their gang comrades will back them up.that could explain why the “2 o 3 (guys)distapin u n ur chick/gal” had the balls to do so. Thus, if these gangs are irradicated, then there is a possibility that all of us can walk freely in the streets without having to worry about the ” 2 o 3 (guys)”. not only that, i was never a gang member but then i had frens who joined 08,04 and lots of other gangs. i remember them telling me that they sometimes had to skip tuition classes just to attend some fights. not only tht, many indian youths are getting introduced to cigarattes and alcohol via this groups becoz there will always be a few rotten apples who will spoil the new recruits. soon, these youths will lose focus on their studies, get drunk and involve themselves in unneccessary fights that have nothing to do with them. you see what i am trying to say here? their future and education is being spoilt. they are supposed to be focused on their studies and be on track towards a good career and life. but with all these gangs, they dun study properly, skip school and tuition classes and make their regular ‘visits’ to the lock up. i studied in a premier school which i would not like to name here and it was an established instituition that was quite famous in my state and the sultan always attended the price giving ceremony. the school consisted of indians, chinese and also malays. i remember seeing how focused my chinese frens were in school, they were excellent in their studies and made their mark in cocuricullar activities as well. they were well respected by the teachers and made the school proud. there were also indian students who did well just like the chinese but the other big chunk had terrible hairstyles, never wore a tie to school, were not clean shaven, wore boot cut trousers and caused a hell lot of other troubles.pls note that i am not jsut trying to highlight indians as having bad discipline but the malays and chinese had that too, but then i ahve never seen a group forty to fifty something malays and chinese gathering in front og my school to get into a fight. but indians do that and i ahve personally witnessed it. luckily there was never a fight and they ‘settled’ as how the indian boys would put it. that really created a very bad impression on indians and me being an indian, i was ashamed and sometimes lost my self esteem. and the funny thing is the issues are only between two ppl but they bring a ‘truckload’ of gang members to fight and the whole thing gets blown out of proportion into a big mess. if the two just fought or settled like gentlemen, there will be no need to have gang fights and so on. but with the existence of these gangs, a big ‘war’ ensues which drags irrelevant ppl into it. I am now currently studying in an university in malaysia and managed to get scholarship to go overseas. i worked reli hard and i hope to someday come back to malaysia and contribute to the indian community. i have some chinese frens who practically have no respect for indians as they brand us as some totally useless people who are very low class in the malaysian society. this has to be a collective effort and we have to do everything possible to steer our society away from these things but its going to be a long ardous journey. it is my hope that these gangs will disband and work hard to be a progressive race that gets a good recognition and a better place in the society!! all the best!!

  • Roy

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    rubbish,can’t compare with chinese triad,5) Should be a person without a brain. Should have no thinking capabilities.<—-this have show the gangs are weak as fuck,no business brain,that is why most of the malays and indians work with "Ah long"

  • Suren

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    Wow this topic is still on…Nice work bro durai…your blog is really happening with good topics..:)

  • losha@heartbreaker

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    do this require me to show my degree or diploma?? how much monthly collection??

  • little tiger emperor

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    salam 1 malaysia to all the brothers in other line.
    all i have to say, its all for our safety. i’m malay,
    but thats not stopping me from having members from all lines.
    i’m at peace everywhere i go because of this connections.
    its all good, OOOO all day!

  • little tiger emperor

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    btw ROY, ur words is kinda harsh u know. hmm, i know malays n indians that have chinese work for them too. but its all the same. see whos ur boss la:)

  • another indian!!!

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    hi guys i dnt wanna share my experience with yall…………..but im just gonna tell you hw to get away from all this so call (GANGSTER SHYTE)…forget about all those idiot who disturb yall near the road site,ur taman or wat ever just dnt bother walk straight…….cuz they’r just a waste who gt nuthin to think about the nxt day but we are diff we gt alot to think about…..indian always like to use this line(suriyana parthe naiye kolaythal yarreke vayu valikum)remember that.
    IF they disturb ur FAMILY,BUSSINESS and ur peace………….be bold and FIGHT…cuz the only person that can safe you,will be the image that pops out from the mirror(thats you)………TRUST ME GUYS when u need help all this mr.number gangsters wont be there for yall.and for your information all this gangsters are kecut(faggot) they’ll make alot noice when got their BUDAK around.ask dem to fight alone….their balls will be heavy…………………………………………………………



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    “minimum criteria to be a gang leader” buat gua ketawa sampai keluaq air mata… very funny…

  • Another Tamilan

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    Hi guys,I am a special branch Inspector (crime)..
    i don’t wish to tell where im working..sorry guys..i was in gang also during my college time. as i know if you wanna survive without any problems in your life,you need all the supports such as (educated friends,politicians,businessmen,cop and also gangsters).its useless to fully concentrate or depends on the gangsters all the time.. use your own brain.
    thats all for now.. gluck guys..all the best.. vaalge tamilar vargam …

  • Durai

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    Since too many craps are being shared lately by ‘Malaysian Gangsters'(which is not at all related to the topic), I’ve decided to lock this topic to save further humiliation to my blog. Please, ‘Malaysian Gangsters’, you guys are freaking pathetic.