One of my all time favourite possession of supernatural beings video clips has to be this one. I believe most of you would have watched this. But for those who haven’t, enjoy.

 The sources of this video clip remains unknown but from what i believe it should be either from Malaysia or Indonesia. Please turn on your volume and put it to max to get the real chill. The voice is the most important part in this video clip.

It is a ‘jin’. This girl had been possessed by a ‘jin’.

Excerpt from  an online article regarding this :  (Sorry no English Translation though)

Jin adalah nama jenis, bentuk tunggalnya adalah Jiniy ( dalam bahasa arab dahulu kala, dan Genie dalam bahasa Inggeris ) yang ertinya “yang tersembunyi” atau “yang tertutup” atau “yang tak terlihat”. Hal itulah yang memungkinkan kita mengaitkannya dengan sifat yang umum “alam tersembunyi”, sekalipun akidah Islam memaksudkannya dengan makhluk-makhluk berakal, berkehendak, sedar dan punya kewajipan, berjasad halus and hidup bersama-sama kita di bumi ini. “Jin itu ada tiga jenis iaitu : Jenis yang mempunyai sayap dan terbang di udara, Jenis ular dan jengking dan Jenis yang menetap dan berpindah-pindah.”

 If you look closely, you can see the victim’s face is having a bloodless white colour resembling that there is something that is inside her body. At the end of the clip, after she is cured, her face will return to a normal human face color. Look closely and you can see.

I do not want to waste my time with more pure explanation. Enjoy the clip.

On this second one , look closely to her feet and hand. See how straight it is. It is believed that if someone is possessed immediately all the nerves inside the body will erect . In return, it will freeze all the muscle’s inside the body. That’s how her hand and feet become as straight as it is. When someone is possessed, if you press her feet with your fingers ,’it’ will feel the pain. That clearly shows in that clip when the healer pressef her feet with his fingers. ‘It’ screams of pain.

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