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Perhaps looking at things that happens to you everyday will give you a glimpse of what i usually write down in my blog. Things that i observe sometimes becomes over bothering that my mind would not stop thinking about it until i write out about it or take some action about it.

Leveling my criticism yet to a lower scale, my mind seems to be bothered again about Indians.A glimpse towards a recent honest comment about my site had struck me to write something about it.

Indians should help each other. Do we really need to do that? What if you don’t? What happens if you do? Why do we only need to help Indians?

See, the term Indians should help another Indian itself is wrong .Rather i would suggest that it’s time for us to renew the term as ‘ Indians should help another disabled Indian’ or ‘Indians should help any mankind who suffers from an unfortunate fate’. My perception towards this term is not biased by anyone or any issue and is solely basing on my thoughts.

Basing on the fact that almost 95 % of people out there was born without defects on their body, i would suggest that mostly everyone should be able to stand on their own feet . Now from there, we have another 5 % who are the unfortunate one in this world.

If you’re perfectly able bodied person, wouldn’t you be able to support yourself? Yes , you can. So, since you’ve been given a briefing on a global scale, let’s zoom in to Malaysia.In Malaysia, there is no denying about the fact that poverty exist. But only Indians are effected? No. In this case, set your mind that everyone regardless of race can be poor.Is it stated anywhere in Bhagavad Gita :

“You should help only Indians , and not others as you will commit sin by doing so “.

What I’m trying to say is the only a group of people in this whole world that need to be helped is people who are not born perfectly. Means people who can’t watch porn, who can’t fuck and other who cant’s.  What i mean in the previous sentence was blind and so on .

If you have the same understanding as me, i would say launching a campaign to help this particular poor Indian and to help that particular Indian is actually nonsense. You build your path in your life. You should not have people to play with your balls and make you happy so that you can come up in life. You decide your life, when you don’t make it up, live with it, why blame the society?

And usual when the society finds out about this, immediate attention will be given to help this people. Why on earth would you want to do that? Trying to show that you’re caring ay?

One fucker would say to you :

Durai, we all should unite to help the poor Indians in our country. Our country is full of racism politician that they won’t help Indians.

This statement itself contains racism words. You see, the moment you say that you would only help Indians , you’re being a racist yourself. Why can’t we people see the real meaning behind this words? Why can’t you help the Chinese,  Malay or anyone for that matter? They’re not human being? They’re not unfortunate enough?

So what if the politician is not helping? Will your sperm count be low?

Spread your kindness equally no matter to who or stop spreading your ass towards public and say please screw my back and at the same time you can do a charity.

I know most of you would not agree with my say. But think about it, are you seeing what I’m seeing behind those words?

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