Bizzare Suicide

Before you start reading this ; I suggest you go all the way below to read the news about another achievement of Indians in Malaysia. Click on the ‘Read More’ button at the end of the article.

What is happening to Indians in Malaysia?

Assuming that this is not a death by foul play, I am extremely disappointed on how we Indian Malaysians are moving on in our life. While everyone is fighting the hard way to make a living, here we have a new type of suicide. Family suicide.

As strange and bizarre this suicide seems to be, why it had happened will remain mystery forever. It had disappeared together when the whole family struggled for their last breath in their car.

Now, if I say these people are stupid and stop showing sympathy towards this kind of people, I would be bombarded by concerned citizens. Concerned citizens say this:

 1.  They might have other problem. Pity them.
How many problem Indians in Malaysia would have?  Why do we have to top the list in this too? We make the headlines for all the wrong reason. Whatever the problem might be, there is a solution. Remember, death is not a ticket to freedom. As I would put it, if you can’t ‘screw’ one, then try another one. :D

2. Somebody would have killed them.
Woo. I’m not entirely ruling out this .But looking at how the death had happened, I’m in no doubt saying that it is a suicide. It is not logic if you say a killer had put all of them including an already dead body together in a car and then, left them to die by inhaling petrol fumes. Nah.  What a fucked up killer he would have been then.

After saying all this, i would be given a tag of appreciation by concerned citizens as a heartless fucker because I do not pity someone who had died. For your information, I do pity death, but I can’t tolerate suicide.
Whatever it is, this family had become the first in Malaysia to do so. Rating their creativity at 9 out 10 for the they have planned their suicide, I rest my case.

I have talked about it 4 years back. My stand on this issue will remain firm. My previous article about this:


Monday April 14, 2008

Bizarre  family deaths


KOTA TINGGI: After a 70-year-old woman died of a heart attack early yesterday morning, her children collected the body. Hours later, the children, along with their mother, were found dead in a car with burn marks on their bodies at an oil palm estate here yesterday.

The deceased have been identified as Devaki Amma Narayanan Nair, her sons Sasaingan J. Pillai, 51, and Manoharan, 42 and daughter Asha, 35.

The three siblings are believed to have died in a black Honda Jazz by inhaling petrol fumes after their mother was pronounced dead at the Johor Specialist Hospital earlier that morning.

Auxiliary police made the gruesome discovery at the Tai Tak Plantation, along Jalan Kulai-Kota Tinggi, some 10km from here on Sunday morning.

It is learnt that Devaki Amma was rushed to the hospital from her home in Taman Skudai Baru in Johor Baru at 1.30am on Sunday. About two hours later, she was pronounced dead from a heart attack.

Sources said that the hospital authorities released the body to the children, who took her back in their car at 4am.

Johor CID Chief Senior Asst Comm II Amer Awal said their partially burnt bodies were discovered four hours later.

“Police found four empty bottles of petrol in the car, as well as another half empty bottle of petrol, RM1,197 cash and two packets of psychiatric medication,” he told a press conference.

He said that the car was not locked, and the engine as well as the air-con was off. Some credit cards, a handphone, a pair of scissors, a knife and a box of matches were also found.

SAC II Amer said that the post-mortem results showed that the three siblings died of hydrocarbon intoxication.

“We have classified the case as sudden death, but have not yet ruled out foul play,” he said, adding that no suicide note had been found.

According to SAC II Amer, there were no signs of struggle in the car or bloodstains but police found petrol spilt on the floor of the car.

“A half lit match was also found and there was a very strong smell of petrol everywhere,” he said adding that initial investigations showed that the bodies had suffered burns.

Manoharan, who would have been 42 yesterday, was found in the driver’s seat with Asha by his side, while Devaki Amma and Sasaingan were on the back seat.

Meanwhile, police have released photos of the four deceased in hope that family members will come forward to assist with investigations.

Those with information about the case can contact the police hotline at 07-221 2999 or the nearest police station.

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