Why do I eat beef?

What happens if you’re a Hindu and you eat beef? You drive by to Mc Donald’s and get yourself a Quarter Ponder and indulge yourself with the meat. Hinduism says eating cow meat is a sin and therefore every Hindu is prohibited from eating cow meat.

Why can’t we actually eat beef?

“In Hinduism, the cow is often, but not universally, considered sacred and its protection is a recurrent theme in which the cow is symbolic of abundance, of the sanctity of all life and of the earth that gives much while asking nothing in return. Most Hindus respect the cow as a matriarchal figure for its gentle qualities and providing nurturing milk and its products for a largely vegetarian diet. It holds an honored place in society, and it is part of Hindu tradition to avoid the consumption of beef.”

Hinduism believes cows are sacred animals and it will contradict with the beliefs of Hindu if these animals are slaughtered for our food needs.

Born a Hindu, I’m not at all a beef eater. But I would not deny the fact that I’ve eaten it and if I had no choice, I would eat beef. Now, this would not be very much welcomed in our society.

The same society which believes

1. Eating chicken is not a sin
2. Eating mutton is not a sin
3. Eating crab is not a sin
4. Eating deer is not a sin
5. Eating fish is not a sin
6. Eating ‘anything other than beef’ is not a sin

Taboo in our society about eating beef had grown so strong that if any of my Indian friends saw that I’m eating beef, now they would throw a disgust look at me and say I’m committing a sin. Yes, I do. If the only act of sin in our religion is eating beef, then I would admit myself as one of the most sinful lot of Indians in Malaysia.

Dear fuckers,

If you’re going to rate me as a person who do not follow Hinduism, then I would suggest yourself to be a full time vegetarian. Do not screw other’s girlfriend. Do not watch porn. Do not have sex until you get married. Do not talk vulgar words. Do not drink liquor. Do not bitch about others. Do not smoke weed. While you can practice all the above and still say you follow Hinduism, I would not retract my statement.

Even being a vegetarian would not help you. They say you’re still killing the plants. All right, back to the topic. I really hate it when you see some Indian girls trying to gossip about you when you try to gulp that mouthful of beef burger onto your mouth. So what bitch? You’re wearing a tube top and you’re saying I’m not following Hinduism? I would like to see if there is any part of Bhagavad-Gita that suggests tube’s as secondary clothing.

Cow is said to be innocent animals and gives everything in their life and will not ask anything for a return. So, fair enough, they’re not meant to be eaten. But then, what about other animals? Chicken laid eggs too. You eat their egg, don’t you? Do they ask anything in return for providing their egg or meat to you? As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never seen any of the chickens coming up to me and asking me to play with their asses either. So, coherently, all the animals do not ask anything in return, do they? This point is busted.
Hindu gods have used many animals as their mode of transportation. Lord Muruga had used peacock, Brahma used deer and many others. Why can these animals be tortured or the meats be eaten?

Yes, indeed. Cows had helped in farms and had been used during the old days when we do not have heavy machinery’s. Not denying the fact. Thus, it is regarded a very precious animal. But that is at least 50 years ago. We even celebrate a festival for cows. Ponggal. See, respects die hard for Indians. This is good in a way. But, that respect should be spread equally to other living things as well. They breathe too, don’t they?
I’m not at all challenging our cultural beliefs and so on. Evolution of society has changed hundreds of things in our religion. Now, if you say, you’re Hindu, can you answer me one simple question? What is Hinduism? If you ask ten Hindu guys about Hinduism, each has a different perspective, everyone has different explanation. Everyone does not speak the same language. While you might believe in committing something is a sin, I would not believe so. That is by far my opinion. Ah, forget about asking ten Indian girls. “What is Hinduism”? .They might throw you a shocking look and say “What, what hotel?” Forgive me as I I’m talking about the earlier girls in my article.:D

Only if you’re pure vegetarian and you follow everything that Hinduism says strictly should you argue with me regarding this article. Other than that, your own guilty conscience should win me when it versus your thoughts.

Now, whatever points that I might bust here today is not going to help me win an argument that eating cow meat is all right and acceptable. For centuries, Hindu’s had followed a strict rule regarding this. The thing is, people had changed. Or is it just me?

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  • amit kalia

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  • amitkalia

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    • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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      Show me the God who said eating beef is a sin and I’ll admit that you are right.

      Nothing wrong in eating beef. I don’t eat beef either. But I don’t call Indians who eat beef as bastards. Respect other people’s rights in choice of food.

      We lose self-respect for eating Beef? Why is that so? Because people are eating an animal that was meant as food?
      People don’t have ethics and principles because they eat beef? People who don’t eat beef have high principles, is it? Having principles and ethics are part of our mind and discipline, not from what we eat.

      Nobody got arrested in India for eating beef, did they? How do you label eating beef as a crime? Cows are not exotic or extinct animals, that we can get arrested for eating. You don’t like people eating beef, no problem. When you voice it out, do it with regards to the sensitivity of others. Don’t bring in or compare other religions. It’s a bad move.


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      “i seriously believe , those hindus who eat beef , are bastards , those who cant respect their mother ,worthless…” are you trying to label mothers, or perhaps your mother a cow??? You worthless piece of dung!

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    My brother/sister amitkalia, label me as a person who is not following Hinduism.

    1.I drink and smoke
    2.I talk vulgar words
    3.I eat beef
    4.and many more

    On the opposite:
    I do charity and help people whenever it is neccessary.Please understand that religion is not all about God, it’s about faith.

    You called me bastard in a way. Are you Hindu yourself? If you’re going according to Hinduism, it’s wrong.So, whatever you’ve suggested should be followed by you first of all .

    And no,I respect my mother very much and she’s happy with me. I would dare to put out a video interview for you if neccessary.

  • LB

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    And may i ask why christianity being pulled into this? Dear amitkalia, do you really think just by going to church on sundays(just for ur info, we go other days too or won’t even go and what ever not) but that doesn’t mean we’ll straight go to heaven just because we confessed our sins..and even if we do,i’ll remember to spit on you from heaven to hell…now ofcourse i can say whatever i want,after all tomorrow is sunday,i’ll go to church..confess my sins and i get passport to heaven again!!!and how can you say that u a righteous Hindu if u kind of called my partner a bastard,condemn about other religion?and how can you suggest people should convert just because you are against something?small reminder…your human….and so are we..lets not act like we created the world!

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    “!and how can you say that u a righteous Hindu if u kind of called my partner a bastard,”

    Nampak tak amitkalia,back up I kuat tu…cable besar..hehe

    Cantik macam bunga la partner.


  • anon

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    there is a book by dwijendra narayan jha which talks about the widespread consumption of beef and various other animal meats as part of the ritual sacrifices of the ancient Vedic people in India and these are well documented in most of the ancient Vedic texts. However it seemed that as the people switched from being nomads to more advanced farmers and developed new civilisation, social systems, the sacrifice of animals for any occasion became increasingly unpopular and shunned upon partly because for the average Indian farmer, the cow or bull were indispensible in carrying out agricultural labour for them and so it would logically not have been wise to indiscriminately slaughter them as there would then be a shortage of labour and milk. Personally, I am not a vegetarian but I still think it is the noblest diet around as we are not killing concious beings that we can somehow emotionally relate to because of their nature as opposed to plant life forms.If you think about it we are getting the equivalent of all the nutrition from beef indirectly in consuming dairy products and so even if nutrition folks say we need to get some of the proteins from animal sources, milk is the perfect substitute for that.

    • Rahul

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      While your point is right, a vegetarian diet isn’t a sustainable diet once you reach a certain age, and while you say its a noble diet, you are only taking into account animal life that will be directly lost when you are a omnivore, what about animals and basically ecosystem that are wiped clean to accommodate our vast human population in an urbanized environment, even farming requires wiping clean vast lands and using the fertile soil for crops, so vegetarian or not the demand for our urban life or farmer life we are responsible for killing animals (actually ecosystems). Unless a vegetarian abandons his urban ways, lives in a jungle and just feeds on fruits and nuts and vegetable that grow on trees and plants, he has no right to be called noble just because he is a vegetarian.

  • andy

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    Actually many people have an allergic reaction to dairy products. I would like to be a vegetarian, but I have tried before from time to time and it gave me some gastric and digestive problems. There may be some vegetarian dishes that are more tolerable to my stomach, unfortunately as a working layman I don’t have the time and effort to research on it.

    But what I can do is the next best thing, which is to be conscious of how the food we eat arrived on our table and give silent thanks to God. And I try to make up by doing good like helping people and praying, and of course to avoid vices.

  • Vishakha

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    I agree with the guy who originally left the post. I consider myself a hindu and althought i don’t eat beef regularly, i do eat it. I believe if you are going to eat meat then you should eat everything or you completely swear off it and become veggie. I also choose to eat meat on a tuesday which also follows the same belief of if ur gonna do it, do it everyday. I still don’t think i’m a bad hindu, i don’t go out and hurt people, i work for a charity, i volunteer on farm once a month. My parents love me and I love them and i respect all my friends. I make sure the meat I eat has been reared properly and has been respected prior to it’s slaughter and was slaughtered in as humane way as possible, this includes beef. I don’t consider myself a sinner at all and i think that people should stop judging others on their choices and how they choose to follow their religion. Religion is a very personal and intimate matter and although worship is often conducted within groups, different things go through different people’s minds during that worship and they are all their for different, but valid reasons. This being the cast Amitkalia is also right to believe what he believes, i just urge you not to put ur beliefs onto someone else.

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    I am from england both of my parents are hindus, to be honest i find the whole religion annoying to the point that i felt like divorcing my parents. All Hindus are oppressive all they ever want to do is talk to brown people. If my parents see brown ppl in the street its like christmas for them. My mum in particular is like a serial head nodder, we have so called pictures of god in every room and she goes round for hours mumbling and nodding at these pictures. Oh yeh has anybody seen god? know what god looks like? These are just pieces of art and am desperately trying to remove the one from my room, I can’t even pleasure myself for fear of someone entering my room uninvited to pray. I was taught to bow down to people. Pranam this and that to others, why should i lower myself to other people. We are all equal in this world i dont want anybody to bow down to me nor do i want to other people its ridiculous. WE talk about blessings and curses, now just because I want the person who scratched my car to die and i curse him doesn’t mean something bad is gonna happen. And if somebody blesses me doesn’t mean that Im gonna win the lottery. For 20 years of my life I was forced to follow this silly way of life. Going to temples and believing that people come back to life and that there are infact many god’s in my reincarnations yeh right, once you are dead you are dead end of ur life is over and ur still like a stone nothing else happens. I get so fustrated by all this you can’t drink alcohol its evil, gambling is bad, smoking is bad, weed is bad, yeh its bad but its not a sin. What is a sin, is there really a god? who is judging you. There is no heaven and hell. There is nothing up there. Who am i not to choose my own wife, choose what I eat who dictates what. Its such a backward society and religion. I really must say I hate it. They brainwash each other. To just pray non stop and think about God. Im from england there are a lot of non religious folk and a lot of christians too, they just go to church once a week and have done with it a little bit of faith, but all this preaching and talk of sinning. I can’t even bring jaffa cakes in the house coz they contain egg powder and in case a speck of this powder blows in the air into the kitchen and contaminates the offerings to god, the whole world will end, yeah right. Hindus eat simple digusting food too, no meat? I went 20 years without meat and now I am the happiest I have ever been, I have been eating it for 2 years now everything including beef, Why is a cow holy? Coz Lord Krishna liked cows? who the hell is he? I don’t know him. He defeated demons? yeh right thats almost as bad as my dungeons and dragons computer game. I eat anything that moves, smoke and drink. I did a lot of it quietly but now its open and nobody can stop me. I mean I would rather eat happily and be deemed ignorant than chop pieces of fruit up into tiny pieces with sugar and put them infront of a picture of some weird being and put my hands together and claim to be religous. How was the world created, no Brahma, go to university study natural science and it has the answers.

    • DANIEL

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      Akosh all the thing you mentioned still happening in my life.But I never follow it out of my house.Now I’m free from them because I married and I can eat beef,pork,chicken etc .I hope you,Durai and some people reply such as about porn and some bad words in my blog before 27.12.2010

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    on the same note having a good heart is not about religion, helping the needy. I think i have a blurred thinking about hating hinduism as well as the indian culture way of life, because I consider myself British even tho i am brown. I didn’t want to be a doctor or own a corner shop so what? does that make me a bad person. I think less of us should feel opressed by our parent’s beliefs and speak out. THe way my mother pushed religion onto me borders mental abuse. For somebody to wake up nod around the house with their hands togethr, eat, pray, bath, pray, feed god. I mean this feeding God bit who else doesn’t get it, if everybody is doing this then god must be so fat we can see him, or we expect a piece of art to eat something, i tried it with the mona lisa and it didnt work. Oh yeh pray eat, pray sleep pray……. Just non stop i dont get it, its such a depressing environment the whole house, Are all hindus like that, in our house god has a separate spoon,I was never allowed a cat growing up ffs coz it would contaminate a holy environment. I feel so peed off coz its endless even tho i have distanced myself completely from my family life it is still a nightmare.

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    @akosh chop the bra

    I can see that you’re seeking attention with all your comments in my chat box.

    You were giving out your points and it was well said . I’ve got to say that you’ve got your point there.But then you behaved like any other kids out there on the Internet by polluting my chat box when no one responded to your comments.

    I’ll just finish off simple. Yes, Hinduism is not for you, go join any religion you wish to.Isn’t that simple rather than barking here that no one allowed you to pet a pussy in your house?

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    Kai, natchene naale vartheyileh sonninge..

  • mohammed

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  • Shiv Sharma

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    I agree well with the original posting. these are individual perceptions. If any one wants to practice kindness and love to all including animals then we do not have to kill an animal or prson for our selfish purpose. in my view a simple way of living is without causing any harm to self and at the same time never harm others this may include by not harmig any others by thoughts words and by action. If every one of us could take up this stand the entire world can live in peace and harmony.

  • Vaiju

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    Oh dear. Touche.

    Looks like there’s nothing more I can say that hasn’t already been said here. Interesting responses though.

    I always wondered why Hindu’s were not ‘allowed’ to eat beef, so I did some research to see if I can find any such dogma in the scriptures. I haven’t yet, but yes your original post makes the most sense. As in Hindu’s being mainly a vegetarian society, depended on cows to plough their field, and used their milk to make various essential food items like ghee, curd, buttermilk, cream and cheese (paneer). My guess would be that beef eating was forbidden because the cow was such a valuble animal back then, and of course to show it some respect: it did, after all provide for the livelihood of villagers. And there’s a symbolic aspect to it. Milk is the first food every human being lives on, and a cow is looked upon with the reverence of a mother in that sense. But in this modern age, when everyone is eating everything else, is doens’t make sense to refrain from beef alone as if it’s a taboo. ALL Hindus should be vegetarian by right to practise ahimsa (nonviolence) that the religion teaches. To say eating everything else is fine, but beef is a sin, is pure hypocrisy.

    Having said all that, I do refrain from beef, because I consume a lot of milk and milk products. I am also a devotee of Krishna, so for both reasons I don’t consume it. But I will not judge those who do consume it. I believe an animal is an animal, a living being, so eating a cow or any other living creature is a sin nevertheless.

    Plant a seed in the ground and it grows. Bury a dead animal and it rots. When we have stomachs like graves, what does it matter if you consume beef or any other meat for that matter?

  • HMMM

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    Its mentioned in holy books of Hindusim to eat cow…SO Hindu EAT it come on.

    for more info vist.


  • roahn

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  • sanjay

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    haan, saale mulle(mohammad), u guys will eat beef forever, god knows it before u birth, that y he punish you guys? now u might be wondering how? saale tum sab ka lund to kata hua hi hota hai na thats a punishment from god. lol!
    Saying bad about any religions will not help u guys, beliefs will remains unchanged, truth wont change, then y u all guys are fighting over such a tinie tinny thing.

  • tera baap

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    sanjay tu pakistan aa teri gand katain gey kali khanzerni ki aulad

  • AKS

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    Hope all will take it positively. I rarely comment on others words as it conflicts and hurts but sometimes it will help if you take it by mind, heart and soul (if you agree). The author article looks very disturbing as for me it feels that he lacks so many simple things but good that he is living happly with it (it remembers me that sometimes ignorance is a bliss). But his replies and article also creates a hope that he is not bound to some perceptions and can understand. So i try to give a shot.

    All are talking about religion but barely from the comments I concludes that anyone is nowhere near to understand it. I try my best to make you as close as possible, if you are with me. First about my self, I am vegetarian (for western, i correct it as strict vegetarian, as in west people called themself vegetarian even if they eat eggs and fish – I am witness of this).

    Calling ourself to belong to some religion, say if I say I am Hindu, will not mean I follow the Hinduism. That is if i say i am a President will not make me president (will it?)
    Neither others words will really make any sense like if you are walking and all starts saying you are swimming doesnt make you to swim.

    So the debate whethere I or you are Hindu or Muslim is irrevelent. (neither of us are contractor to say so).

    Now question is not even of life, as author suggest that people/veggies eat the plant. The question is about closeness/faith/emotions and feelings. If you have feelings for yourself or not but your body is with you. What I mean is that even if you didnt with you (body/soul+) it still with you. Can you live without air, water etc. even if you wanna to live without it ?
    Who told you to take water or air? it is your body(mind/soul) that is with you. What happen to a died person who die a second ago? (that is why soul).

    Yes i firmly feel that
    The same society which believes

    1. Eating chicken is a sin
    2. Eating mutton is a sin
    3. Eating crab is a sin
    4. Eating deer is a sin
    5. Eating fish is a sin BUT
    6. Eating ‘anything other than beef’ is not a sin or not depends what you eat. (It is not my depiciton as i am not a contractor, then who? – can you guess?)

    So lets find and decide. I hope you are with me that our body is with us, as someone hit us it hurts. So the one that belongs to us, we prefer not to hurt/destroy it. So we didnt destroy ourself like pick up a spike and put in our eyes or cut our hand. (I am talking about normal person that i hope we are, who atleast are reading this and getting communication).
    So is there any gap left that we should not hurt ourself or there should be debate still on?

    Yes this is the basis and foundation. The feelings we get with our family , so we are with them and will not kill them for our own hunger. Can you kill you mother and eat her in case you are hungry? It depends, people can prefer to die themself or others can kill as well. (same analogy you can put with your hand as well – hey I already extended from body to family).
    Now for friends, can you kill them? – no why, because you know they are ur frineds.
    Then society , can you kill your society for your hunger ? (I hope for a person of self respect , he prefer to die for others survial, the ulimate Hero. – Are we not ulimate hero in ourself?)
    Then how long and far we go??? How can i decide which is with us? That is why most are fused and such a huge debate and misunderstanding is there.
    Take some help of science that life is divied in two parts mainly, animals and plants (both are living – right. Some are in between that are border line like fungi etc and for safe i give them benefit of doubt , for myself, to move them to animals as this is question of life and death and I should not take a chance to do wrong). That is why i even not eat the mushrooms (the fungi family).
    So you are debating whether eating beef is good or cow ? – how far you are now legging behind…

    Animlas – can synthesise their food from sunlight.. depends upon plants.
    Plants – can make their food from sunlight.

    I prefer and try to obey not to hurt and kill any animal(s) whether it is cow, pig , beef or egg of any animals. (i am happy to see a child of animal to come this world to see and enjoy life as did we do).
    We can live with plants there are so many dish that even if you eat a dish at a time the whole life you cant eat all dish that can be made from plant and plant products.

    Hope it creates some positive enery and understanding.

  • guna

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    hi guys,

    I think everybody knows about Muslim.They do not eat pork.Why they do not eat pork?.Because they follow Muslim.If you are following Hinduism you should follow that rules.You dont ask any questions about it.

  • earnie

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    Hi friends,

    Every religion has its own set of restrictions and believes. As a human being we should respect those restrictions and believes. I believe that is the ideal way of living as a human being. There must be reasons for those restrictions and believes to be followed and needed to be followed by those followers of the religion.Only God knows the reasons. So, just be respectful and be understanding towards those restrictions and believes. That would be much appreciated. Just be harmonious.

  • jsyam

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    Why such a fracas about beef eating? It is fairly well established that the people of India did consume beef but a tradition arose some time in the past that a cow was to valuable to be eaten. Till very recently many Hindus did not eat chicken or meat of a castrated goat as they were mainly reared by Muslims. There are many very devout people mainly in the east and south of India who eat beef and still consider themselves to be perfectly good Hindus. While I have nothing sgainst people who avoid beef as a relegious belief, one should not impose these beliefs on others. Dairy farming in India is a trade predominatly run by Hindus, but once the cow becomes barren, it is promptly sold off to the butcher. And what happens to the male calves? Utter hypocrisy! Anyway has anyone defined who is a Hindu.

  • Neash Mc

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    Dear Brother,
    its not wrong eating beef,but we as Hindu should have the same faith like other race in our country,why we do eat beef cuz our ancestor dont consume beef,its our culture.Hindus respect cow like a mother,Indians thinks cow as their pet,like how westerner cant eat their dog’s and cat’s meat.whether u wants to follow the faith or not its ur wish my brother but don’t condemn abt hindusm,i really appreciate ur charity work towards to community,continue doing it.

  • Patrick

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    Hindus do not eat cows for the same reason alot of cultures don’t they are just more well known for it. Cows provide milk, that may not seem like a big deal but believe me if your not in America it is a very big deal, the difference between good health and starvation. Also the cows dung is used as stove fuel, so thats pretty damn important. Cows and bulls plow fields, I am not Indian at all but my Grandmother who grew up on a farm doesn’t touch Beef, when she grew up old school farming the cow did alot of hard work and because of it pulling the plow the people were able to get crops and people didn’t starve to death. So you see it’s really a respect issue, kind of the same reason we Americans don’t eat dogs. But hell if your Indian descent and live in America it’s just a whole new world, those of the old traditions will not understand the new generation, but when has that ever happened ?

  • Jesse

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    Simply when the animal is about to be slaughtered it is traumatized by the thought that it will die and the fear of death, it realeses a large amount of toxin – adrenalin that it would like to flee but it is tied up in place but it can not do so. Just as it is about to be slaugthered it further realeses unwanted toxins into the bloodstreams of the body. Ceratinly according to Muslim and Jewish animal slaughtering rights the blood of the animal and its neck (the place where they cut) but you must remember the flesh of the animal must stay fresh and these can be only induced by the blood of animal. The cutting of the animal at the neck does release all the blood in the body. The body is full of toxins generated of its fear and need to escape or flee.
    Secondly, now days animals are genetically modified to generate into maturity and quicker pace and thus certain type drugs are used or fed to the cow and hasten the process of growth and thus they attain maturity at a quicker age.
    These are incidental factors that would discourage any sensible not to eat beef or for the matter even chicken or any meat is so called ” factory produced”. The impact to our health is harmful and dangerous and have prolonged repercussion to offsprings and new generation that is coming.

  • roob

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    This is my take at the topic!

    Firstly, very sensitive and i acknowledge the risk taken in writing this piece.

    People have evolved, evolutions is taking place as we speak. We have to embrace this that regardless what religious belief’s we stand up for evolution.

    “Beef eating is not a sin”. I say this very daringly, because it is neither written in any sort of scripture or artifact relating to Hinduism. When i say this, please don’t come back at me and relate to lines that carry restrictions or “choice involving sentences”.

    When something is prohibited, it shall be and must be explained as we have evolved. We are no longer dumb nor are we incompetent to read between the lines when it comes to true “agenda’s” revolving religion. Take the Quran for an example, it is a very good book and note with an open mind that the Quran has only one version and that one version only, and in It has been stated that consuming swine/pig is prohibited mainly due to cleanliness(a creature that has the most limited ability to deal with internal toxins). No need to argue nor present my case further on this matter of the swine, as i believe anyone that would have seen the creature knows how “clean” it is.

    On another note, yes many would argue that eating other animals also carry toxins etc. Men since the early days have been omnivorous(simple term, eat both vegetation and meat). Coming back to the topic, its a choice that we have and how do we decide or how have we been deciding, through one’s very own mental and spiritual stand.

    My fellow brother’s and sister’s, what is a sin and what is a deed? Take a deep though in this question, who taught u this question? who planted this idea in your head? Compare yourself to the “Borneo head hunter’s”. What differentiates us? My take on this, Evolution! We are all human’s and some would say children of God. Its how evolution has a taken a toll on us is that differentiates us spiritually and mentally.

    Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam teaching, Christianity and all the other religion’s belief’s out there is a teaching to a sacred path. “Sometimes we see flaws in religion, because all men are flawed!” quote from Dan Brown’s angels and demons.

  • roob

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    Oh yeah, that is my true name, and i am a proud Hindu.

    Who believes that all religion no matter how small is very respectable and special in their very own way.

    My take on alcohol consumption! Go figure! Tell the one time u consumed alcohol in excessiveness and felt good about it the next day? How did the guilty conscious guy take it sitting on your shoulder’s?

  • nr

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    bro u may need to read back ur hindu origin.Cow are sacred to Hindu’s because according to legend a hungry child was feed by a cow and raised by it like a mother raise a child.So we hindu’s consider cow as mother .So the question is do u eat ur own mother??


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      Firtly, it’s just a “legend’. Secondly, people also survived by drinking milk from other animals such as goat, camel, etc. Besides milk, people also survived by eating eggs from birds. Hence, Are you going to relate you momma to all these animals? No stupid, I wont eat my mother or any person’s (human) mother…i’m no cannibal. Shallow brains you have though.

  • Dias Flac

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    As mentioned above, religion can be looked at as ‘a way of living life’. It’s clear from what some have described that they’re not particularly content with their current religion/way of living. So, join me and choose not to belong to a religion at all? Have your own personal way of living life so that you can do the things that you want to do while still appreciating and also respecting the chosen religions of others. Simply put, It’s not necessary to have restrictions on our lifestyles if we don’t want them. Everyone has free will.

  • steve

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    Its not in what goes in your body&mind…but what comes out from it…Chill Durai…you can talk sense to ppl who are sensible. But if they block their minds to what they want to hear only than there’s no point educating or being educated. Thats my take

  • Melor89

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    @slice of thoughts

    We, humans are terribly flawed. One rule for cows and another for entire animal species?! Please la kawan, by doing this you’re practicing speciesism where we treat other species in world like shit while we take all the credits and call oursellves PROTECTOR OF EARTH and shit. Vegetarians do have a higher rank in my point of view because they can settle on less-tasty diet but shitt, they still kill living beings. ..replacing meat with non-blood containing living things are still called killing, plants are fucking organisms too(nop, no orgasms).

    So, please look at yourself first how HINDU you’re before bashing up other people…Ask yourself what is your relationship with God and the worldly things? Don’t make direct comparison with Christians, Muslims, Buddhism and other religions because it ain’t a fair comparison. If you’re think you’re damn good Hindu, I surely believe an almighty guy somewhere in the cosmos will bless you..klau condemn otha people everyday, whack mutton every week, drink alcohol then whack people, pandang females one kind and slalu duk melancap tengok Lisa Ann(google it!!), the almighty guy will bless you too since you’re his/her damn kid(I guess).

    Speak for the Earth as an individual first before getting tickets to huu-haa reincarnation, glorified damn heaven and bloody hell. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • R3DDY

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    @ mohammed All pork eaters in the world *****. If my statement hurt your beliefs, it is the same for others too.

    Do not go down to their level bro. It might put me into trouble.:)

  • Merijaan

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    Well I think it takes a lot to be a good Hindu and there are not many that are able to follow all rules. It is tough to become a good Hindu…don’t worry yaar if you cannot follow the rules just eat whatever you want, do whatever you want, but do not scold the Hindus or Hinduism. It is not their fault, you cannot resist all the pleasures of the world……If born in a Hindu home…you cannot change that. If you cannot respect the rules of your parents it is of course sad and painful for them, but you can change your lifestyle…have your choice yaar..djawo ghub gaay ghawo..it is red meat so do not overdo… :-))
    We envy people that are close to their roots…we are uprooted and so many generations further born in a country very far from India…still trying to be and become a better Hindu….it is tough yaar…but gratefull I have the strenght to at least be able to stay away from meat.

  • Hemanand

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    Simple as that people who eat beef in INDIA are commonly referred to as outcast.. first understand INDIA to understand hinduism.. I am a hindu I can’t eat beef.. but I pray a god to whom we present meat (keda vettu). Its our culture.. no one can question us or say what to and what not to do.. hope you know what is outcast.. no one who has a cast will eat beef in INDIA..


      Thumb up Thumb down 0

      If you are a begger in India and you dont eat beef, does that mean you have a cast? I bet you people with the so called ‘cast’ will sell you butt holes to those beef eaters who are the rich land owners who pays your wages which you label them as outcasts! Shallow thinking though…

  • danel

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    god is love….love is god


    Thumb up Thumb down -2

    eating beef is definitely a huge sin but if it’s compared to being a total b**** like those girls mentioned in the article…i would rather take on the beef eaters side!! come on….not in any part of bhagavath geeta it is mentioned that people can expose themselves to the max n act like wannabes…..just because ur in the 21 century doesn’t mean that u’ve to adopt the westerners live style……for tht matter non of the religions allow us to use vulgar words n do nonsense like some people so called western indians do!! ridiculous to call ur self and indian and spit at beef eaters when ur doing some other more miserable sick sins!! i would say acting like total crap western indians is equally wrong as to eating beef!!!!!

    • dissapointed hindu

      Thumb up Thumb down +4

      Hello Tharshinee. I just want to point out that it is wrong, so wrong to call other girls or women b****. I’m surprised actually. What is wrong in wearing tube tops?

      In your comment, you have stated that “not in any part of bhagavath geeta it is mentioned that people can expose themselves to the max n act like wannabes”

      Since you are being harsh or judging other girls like this, then allow me to ask you some questions. I’m not attacking you. I just want to understand you. Lets have mature discussion, not childish arguments.

      1) Which part of the Veda or any Hindu scriptures allows people to be rude and judge other people?

      – Allow me to share some phrases in the Veda…

      a)”One should be cautions not to speak anything that hurts others. Such kind of speech never helps but always brings destruction.” -Rig Veda-

      b) “We should avoid speaking unpleasant things which our heart and mind do not approve of. This means to say that one should think twice before speaking”
      -Yajur Veda-

      c)”One who talks sweet does not have an enemy and is blessed with plentiful of wealth and good fortune.” -Rig Veda-

      2) Why is it wrong to wear tube tops? I mean, is it really exposing too much of skin, that you want to call women who wear tube top b****?

      – If I’m not mistaken, I thought it is okay for a hindu women to wear tube tops. During the vedic period (before invasion of other culture), some women do wear clothes that is quite similar to tube tops. At that time, dressing wasn’t an issue at all. Mostly because no one makes an issue out of it at that time.

      As we all know, there are many ways of wearing saree. I have seen a woman wears her saree like a tube dress (ankle length saree skirt), and she looks beautiful. If you have seen Hindu arts and drawings, then you might be able to understand more about what I’m saying.

      Maybe you would like to watch this Sanskrit movie? Here’s the link:


      Personally, I believe that we can’t judge a person by his or her looks. Human appearances are actually illusions (maya). How to know if a person is good or not? Well, it’s simple actually. Just say hello and get to know the person first. Don’t just look at the person and assume his/her behaviour. People who look religious and good can be criminals too. Hopefully, I dont offend anyone.

      Lastly, I just want to say that women’s right is not just a right. Women’s right is also a major part of Hinduism. In Hinduism, we have goddess like Amman, Saraswathi, Lakshmi, Bahuchara Mata, Kaliamman and more. How do you think Durga Maa would feel if women are oppressed and not treated with respect and dignity?

      In Mahabharata, there is this following statement:

      gods are delighted only when women are worshiped or honoured, otherwise all spiritual actions become futile.

      Who would be better to advocate women’s right if not women themselves. I hope that, as a Hindu woman, you would educate your friends to respect other women regardless of their appearances and choices. I hope you will not be one of those women who would justify and “supply” excuses for men to be disrespectful towards women.

      Just so you know, I’m a man who is a Shaktism-Hindu. I believe that if a man can respect women, then I’m sure a woman can most definitely respect other women.

      So Miss Tharshinee, I hope you understand my intention. I hope that you are not angry with me :) But if you do disagree with me, then we can always discuss here. I do enjoy mature discussion.

      I would love to share this link. Maybe you can check it out?


  • aranthevallu janu

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    i would select to die then eating a beef if thr is no option!! its like u asking me to kill my mother if i have to life!! i select the option die!! i strongly blv eating beef is sin as ur eating ur own mother — she is kamathennu :)

  • mrs praba

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    Just eat whatever that is edible and be happy. It is o.k if you want to eat beef. It is your choice and the rest have to respect that. I am a vegetarian because I want to be one. No religion is going to force anything down my throat. Hinduism is the only religion that says o.k to everything men does BECAUSE you cannot change any single thing in the world without his knowledge or approval.

    So it is o.k if you take beef or any non-veg food you can always remain hindu. I accept you as one. Don’t change for the world. The universe loves you equally.

    Bon apetite

  • Dead Goat.

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +6

    All you non beef eating hypocrites out there, salam!

    You invent a part of Hinduism and conveniently insult your own mothers by equating her with a cow. Your the only sad sod in the world that equates your mom to a bovine.

    Sentimental bullshit that cow gives milk so we dont eat it. So what does a goat give? Alcohol? Dont see you averse to eating a goat.

    What is this?? Caste system in the animal kingdom?? Killing a brahmin ( cow ) is an unforgivable sin? But the live of an untouchable ( goat ) is fair? Dung beetles have better IQs that you guys.

    So typical of Malaysian Tamils. Amma sentiments pichikitte adikithe.

    For those who not only invented this entire beef eating is haram bullshit, I have another heads up for you guys. There is no concept of Forbidden in Hinduism like the abrahamic religions. In Hinduism there is only good deeds( virtuous acts, pahala ), bad deeds (sin, dosa) and your account ledger called karma. Where did you guys invent forbidden ( haram ) concept in Hinduism??

    Dont talk about being a hindu when all your people are practicing various versions of Paganism.

    Dumb arse trolls. Just because your parents did it by following your grandparents and your grandparents did it because they followed your great grandparents does not make the school of thought valid.

    Wake up and start following true Hinduism. Stop accepting and mixing paganism with it and be proud of your own ignorance.

  • Polite

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    You are not qualified to talk about this at all. Eventhough there are so much truth in what you had said bout drinking, smoking, weed and blah blah…..i have no idea why you need to communicate this in sarcastic way….. Learn some polite if you need to send out some truth messages. In the end its everybodys personal need on what they want and dont want to eat.
    Just like u prefer no one commenting bout you eating beef, you have no rights to condemned those who are still following to not eat beef.
    Also learn some respect to respect ladies….

    @ Polite : I know who you’re, so STFU. I respect ladies, not cheap sluts. If you feel not respected, then know where you stand .


      Thumb up Thumb down -1

      Polite…this is the writters blog, duh! He can say or write whatever he wants. Didn’t you read his warning messsage before even reading? Thanks for validating stupidity.

  • kounder

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  • just-saying

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    instead of asking another 10 girls or another 10 guys what is hindhuism, please try asking yourself. im sorry but please don’t get offended. from what i’ve read above there, you don’t exactly know what is hindhuism. it is a beautiful religion which you fail to understand well. writing an article about it is not going to help you much. try consulting someone experienced if you really are seeking for an answer. any mature, religious adult can help with you that. but if all you really want is to prove us that eating beef is nothing wrong, go ahead then. i truly respect your decision.

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    wow! nowadays, eating also can spark controversies eh… i mean look at ya’ll ppl…some of you don’t even know what you guys are talking but still have the guts to post comments here. haish…enna kodumai sir ithu…do good, be good, live good(quote: myself) do whatever ya’ll wanna do as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others. spread love..not just to humans but to every other living things as well. treat everyone and everything, the way you wanna be treated. if you can’t(don’t want to) eat beef, then don’t eat it. if you can(want to) eat beef, then eat it la…it is as simple as that…don’t go bashing others who eat/don’t eat beef in the name of religion…that’s not right..everyone is entitled of their own set of beliefs…choose what you believe in, live by it….enjai :D

  • Kasvini

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    this kinda just reminds me of Comedian Ahmed Ahmed. Do everything but don’t eat the prohibited.

    Well, I just shut up if a real vegetarian scolds someone for eating beef. Nothing I can say about that.

  • ambiga

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    Hi, I have come acrossed your article while searching about Hinduism.. In Malaysia, it is an unforgiveable sin to consume meat amomg Indians. Like u said, we can have sexual relationship before marriage or curse someone with vulgar words, or even worse kill a human being, but eating beef is a sin. Those people are only following what have been taught throughout generations without even thinking. Yes I agree that cows are sacred animal but no one can deny that all the other animals are innocent and sacred like the cows. From my point of view, eating beef is your personal choice and if u will be punished in hell for that, that is your problem, no one should be commenting or bad mouth about ur food choice.After all,every one does something which brings bad karma. I totally agree with ur staements. I beleive that if someone dares wants to point ur wekness/sins/bad habits, they must makesure that they’re 100 percent pure, if not they should not bother. Therefore you should do what you prefer and always shut your ears when someone bad mouth about it.

  • ambiga

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    Hi, I have come acrossed your article while searching about Hinduism.. In Malaysia, it is an unforgiveable sin to consume meat amomg Indians. Like u said, we can have sexual relationship before marriage or curse someone with vulgar words, or even worse kill a human being, but eating beef is a sin. Those people are only following what have been taught throughout generations without even thinking. Yes I agree that cows are sacred animal but no one can deny that all the other animals are innocent and sacred like the cows. From my point of view, eating beef is your personal choice and if u will be punished in hell for that, that is your problem, no one should be commenting or bad mouth about ur food choice.After all,every one does something which brings bad karma. I totally agree with ur staements. I beleive that if someone dares wants to point ur weakness/sins/bad habits, they must makesure that they’re 100 percent pure, if not they should not bother. Therefore you should do what you prefer and always shut your ears when someone bad mouth about it.

  • Sathyan

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    Dear All,

    I read the article, impressive indeed. I see everyone here bluntly quotes from the religion and never analyse why the religion has suggested particular diets for us.

    Hinduism has suggested consuming vegetarian diet and to keep away from meat and any intoxicating substance. Beef and pork are restricted.

    Let us first look at the history, most Siddars, Yogis or Rishis that we identify as holy people were actually well versed scientist of ancient time. They played an important role in Hinduism, suggesting many things appropriate for mankind in the Vedas and Upanisads.

    Whereas now in the modern era, we know that red meat contains LDL or Bad Cholesterol which harms our body. Whereas plants contain HDL or good cholesterol which is good for the body.

    Lets get back to the topic, Hinduism actually have suggested these diet for the good of our health and nothing else. Beef is prohibited, yes… because the only milk replaceable to human milk is cow milk. Cows are also used in farming and worshipped. This is strictly prohibited due to the sentimental attachment. Pork meat on the other hand is prohibited due to its nature of consuming faeces.

    These are the main reason why certain meat is ‘suggested’ not to consume in Hinduism. There is no harm consuming and you are not going to be damned if you consume them. I hope my brief explanation has helped.
    Thank you.

  • RAY

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    i wonder how would the cow would react to this blog and the comment ,frankly nowdays every ppl have their own way to worship , now days god may only seem as form of well wisher or wishing place (atha give 4 digit number i will build temple tat etc ,) ..just because some ppl intend to eat beef it does nt meant they are nt hindu in anyway
    hinduism is not all abt respect cow n etc ,its beyond tat ,is hw we see thing around us and acknowledge god ..before we worship god let us be human first

  • Mad Doc

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    I am sure enough is said, so let me (try to) be brief.
    I am a practising Hindu, came from an orthodox Hindu family – we are veg every Fridays. We fast from sunrise to sunset on Fridays, sustaining with only plain water (no juice etc, and after our temple prayers in the evening only then we would break our fast. The point I am trying to get across here is that when we are vegetarians, we follow the aachaaram style (even diff pots,pans, cutleries are used) I used to frown upon my hindu friends for eating beef – I thought they were fake Hindus, This is bcos my parents, uncles/aunts all brought us up saying the bovine family is sacred (nandi is shiva’s bull, yama rides buffalo, lakshmi i Ko-mata etc). When I was in my late teens/early twneties I started to read books on Hinduism, and found how wroing we were. Firstly enough has been said abt cows, bull, buffaloes as beasts of burden, transport and agriculture – so no need to explore. The ORIGINAL Ramayana and Mahabharatha (not the edited versions that are available in most bookstores) clearly state the the kings of Ishvakhu (rama’s clan) and the Pandavas/Kauravas performed bull sacrifice and the meat were distributed among them for consumption. Yajur veda states that “do not harm animals for sport but only for sustenance” – basically kill them to eat them, not for enjoyment.
    Pure Hindus are vegetarians – why? Because rishis and mahaans deduce that one can achieve a state of spirituality is one is free from desire. Anything that enhances desire is a hindrance – meat (cos of blood and blood products, spices that make food tastier – onions and garlic (thats why Brahmins and Jains omit this, alcohol and other intoxicants and other bodily pleasures. That is the sole reason why Hindus practise vegetarianism on our holy festivals – to free ourselves from desire.
    For sake of argument, (Hindu purists pls take note)…ok, lets say eating beef is sin cos nandi, lakshmi etc…
    1. Bhagavan Vishnu 1st avatar was Macha (Fish avatar)- read story at your own time. So we dont eat beef cos its shiva’s vaahanam, yama’s vaahanam but you can eat your mother’s meen kolumbu, or ikan bakar or sweet and sour fish when it is supposed to be Vishnu’s avatar. Masuk akal ke?

    2. Parvati was cursed to be born as fisherwoman by Shiva (you know the story or watched Shivaji’s Thiruvilaiyaadal). What is the staple diet of fishermen? FISH LA, doi!!! So its safe to say that our Mother Goddess ate ‘meat’.

    3. Krishna was brought up in the cowherd clan – they are basically Vaishar – a meat eating clan.

    So, from here we know that even Gods ate meat, so why this hoo-ha abt us eating meat/beef? Even if you dont agree with this, can you justify your fish consumption with reference to Matcha avatar?

    Something to ponder.

    PS Those of you who claim to be vegetarian but eat egg, you are hypocrites. Pls dont say that egg has no ‘life’, therefore it is not meat. Firstly, egg is the precursor of life if its fertilised. Secondly, even if its not, its still a body part of a chicken – that meants its meat. OK?

    • siva

      Thumb up Thumb down +1

      I am not sure of your religious references. Please go an read on Khamadhenu and how cows are to be its avatar. It will shed some light.

      Pardon me for having to make this reference. Food

      • siva

        Thumb up Thumb down +2

        To cast some light to your argument about eating fish/meat. A man who goes around fucking. On the same logic would approve if he fucks his own mother or sister on the same argument that he is fucking so it ok to fuck them also. Like-wise, eating meat does not maount to you can eat any meat including beef.

  • Bergedorfer

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    Prejudices and hypocrisy has no cure,Abolish Fake Brainwashed Ideas of religion and politics.Be yourself free like you were born.Eat what you want to eat to survive.Do not lead or Follow Ignorance just stay out of the way and be yourself and not what your,Country,Society,Parents tries to propagate in you,Made Believe illusions is not Logical conclusion,never was and never will.


  • siva

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    This is evidence:

    The cow is a representation of “Khamadhenu” please see the underlined.

    Some temples and houses have images of Kamadhenu, which are worshipped.[29] However, she has never had a worship cult dedicated to her and does not have any temples where she is worshipped as the chief deity.[29][30] In Monier-Williams’s words: “It is rather the living animal [the cow] which is the perpetual object of the object”.[29] Cows are often fed outside temples and worshipped regularly on all Fridays and on special occasions. Every cow to “a pious Hindu” is regarded as an Avatar (earthly embodiment) of the divine Kamadhenu.[31]

    This is reason enough for not eating beef. However, if you eat you pay for it under the law of karma. Therefore, don’t eat beef and go to temples and pray for salvation and liberation. As for commenting on the others who drink, screw around and wear tubes (indian girls) it is again a choice – we shall not judge let the judgement be by god. I will finish with “you reap what that you sow” God Bless and that does not make me perfect.

  • dissapointed hindu

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    Hello everyone. I just want to say that Hinduism is one of the most open-minded religion. Hinduism is even known to be a scientific religion. Personally, I am so happy and proud to be a Hindu.

    For some of you who might not know, Hindu uses symbolism to preach good values. Let me use the rule, “hindus shouldn’t eat beef” as an example. To say in a simplest way, cows represents the value of “giving/contributing to others without expectation”. In reality, especially during Vedic period, cows do contribute to humans in agricultural sector, as a mode of transportation, and as a source of milk, (milk is one of the main ingredients of many foods and sweets in hindu culture). In fact, some Hindus would treat cows as pet/animal companion (like how pet dogs/cats/rabbits etc are treated in todays world) There is also an occasion where cows are decorated in colourful decoration. It’s like how some people in today’s world send their pet dogs/cats for grooming. Hence, it is clear that cows have contributed so much to humans. So my fellow friends, the value of “giving/contributing to others without expectation” (that is clearly shown in the nature of cows) are very much respected in hinduism, that is is wrong for a hindu to eat beef. That being said, absteining from eating beef isn’t enough. Hindus should also follow the very respected value. If not, the rule “hindus should not eat beef”, will not be fully efficient for humanity.

    To my Hindu friends who do not eat beef, it’s awesome that you follow the rule. However, just because you follow that rule (or even all the rules in Vedas), that NEVER give any of you the right to degrade or look down on others who don’t follow Hinduism so religiously. If you don’t feel comfortable seeing other Hindus eat beef, you can tell them respectfully OR if you don’t feel comfortable telling them to their face, you can always set a good example, not just by not eating beef, but also by being a good, loving and understanding human being.

    To my Hindu friends who do eat beef, personally, I still do respect you as a human and I still do look at you as a Hindu. Who am I to point at someone and claim that Hindu is not truly a Hindu? To be honest, I myself am not a perfect Hindu. But one thing for sure, I really do love being a hindu. I’m proud to be a Hindu and I will always be!

    For those who wish to reply my comment, please do reply with respect. I always welcome mature discussion, not childish arguments.


  • dissapointed hindu

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    Hello again, some Hindus might have this question, is it ok to be a non-vegetarian or must I be a vegetarian? Well, you might be able to get the answer in this website:



    Just to make it clear for everybody, I’m not a perfect Hindu. I’m just someone who really love Hinduism.

  • theebs

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    so funny la you indians.. embarassing..

  • Kaviarasan Anbe Sivam

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    Well said, My brother. My support will be always there for you! Hats off!! Write more!! we need people like you.

  • Our Community

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    I am a Roman Catholic and I pray To ayya “Madurai Veeran” and Vinayagar. I respect them and I have stopped eating beef and pork. Of course Wan Ton Mee and Bak Kut Teh would not be the same again (Chik-Kut-Teh not that nice), I still prohibit from eating as a sign of respect. If you Belief in something do it quietly, we do not need to critisize everyone who does not belief wat you belief. Simple.


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