1 little,2 little ,3 little Indian girls…..

To fully understand the level of maturity Indians have achieved today, we’ll have to look by all the angles. Having said that, you have to look into a lot of places as well. Now, to fully understand the level of achievement of Indian girls today, I suggest we visit nearby pubs and see how Indians are achieving there.

Please do not misunderstand this post as my usual statement on how bad Indian girls are doing nowadays. Let me start off by saying that this messages are only meant for few percentage of Indian girls in Malaysia who is growing out from their cultural fence and ripping off the shield that had been built by hundreds of years of Indian culture to protect Indian girls.

Going to night clubs and discotheques will reveal the sad state of Indian girl’s nowadays. Hot dance, few guys, liquor, smoke, and unusual eye-catching fashionable clothes are what Indian girls had majored in. Not blaming them, but the evolution and flexibility in our culture had allowed such diversity in the implementation of rules for Indian girls now days. Enough about Oxford languages ,let me explain it in layman term.

At the time where people are moving at the speed of the light, it is not an ideal thing to implement rules for girls and bound them to it. But then again, Indian girls get corrupted, don’t they?

You see the choice of who you want to be and how you want to be is up to you. Much like how I think, a person at a matured age should be given the freedom to think on his own regarding any decision in his/her life. They are free to lead their life and should not be bound be any rules.

But such a thing if it becomes overwhelming will not only tarnish the image of Indian girls but also our culture as well. But who am I to talk about all this? You might ask. No, I do not hold Masters in Divinity and Cultural Studies. If indeed there is such a Masters. And I’m not guys who go to temple 3 times a week and walk head down all the time too. But since the freedom of speech had always motivated me, you know I will bring this topic someday.

Walk in, inside the thick smoke of nicotine, you can see Indian girls rubbing shoulders with multiple guys and many of them become so obsessed with liquors that the amount they consume will be enough to last me for a month. This is what they call as a dance. They even know how to hot dance. Wow. A few other guys will be dancing with another and should I say where their hands will be when they’re dancing with a girl who is high on alcohol.

Yes guys, you might rate these girls as bitches. They are the one who is spoiling the rest of the Indian girl’s name. But then, why guys are not blamed at the same time? You see, the reason why they’ve become a bitch is because you and your friends had a chance to put your hands behind their clothes. You are the one who made them like that. Putting it from another side, if you’ve never touched them, would they be called with such a name? Logically speaking, no.

Enough defending the girls. Now, if girls drink alcohol and smoke. Is there anything wrong with it? For me, no. But for the majority of us, yes. Why? Because we’re not used to see that. Girls have demanded for equal opportunities between guys and girls. Indeed, agreed.

But bear in mind, equality in gender opportunities sometimes comes with a price. And the price might be too much to pay for. You can have all the fun you want, but then one day as long as you’re not going to regret about it, you can carry on with it.

Another thing that these girls usually say is if we don’t drink now, when would we drink, after marriage? Reasonable question. Yes, as long as you stop with your drinks. But majority of you are also being used for a free fuck amongst the guys after your drinking session. Are you going to question me that if we didn’t get fucked now, when would we? If you’re a person who thinks that sex is just a matter of fun, then I will give an exemption for you girls.

Girls, if you can control yourself all the way and make back home without having to drop by to 7-eleven for condoms with any guys, then it’s all good and fine. You’re a person with high level of control of yourself. I will leave you girl’s aside. Cheers.

But you should understand that no matter what, we have a lot of master tricks in our sleeves that are waiting to be revealed. Beware, as stalking a prey had become such an obsession for a guy in a clubbing session nowadays. I’m not going to give you any fucked up and lame advice such as:

1. Do not go out late at night
2. Do not drink what other guy buys you
3. Stick your hands into another friend’s pussy so that you won’t be lost anywhere

And some other shit advice that you usually receive on your mail. That should be anyway followed by you. I’m trying a different advice. What I’m talking is from a guy’s angle. What we will do to get you.  Either you pay attention to this or no, I’m not bothered.

Please control yourself when you’re clubbing girls. And underage girls, do not try to act slut and wear up some slut look-alike skirts and show your self up in clubbing. You have all the time if you plan to be one. Put me into the category of pessimist, hypokrit, old fashioned thinker and such a bastard for saying this. But this is how my eyes see it.

And pretending not to say how I see it is not a thing that best describes me.

P.S: LB, oh please, this is not meant for you. We belong to the same category. :P

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    Thats odd , no comments here…

    i believe saying “anything” below these lines with my “archy” finger not gonna help…

  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    Cheers =)

  • deevagar

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    Well I personally think it’s fine for a girl to bitch the fuck around in a club , as in dancing like there ain’t a dance floor shit in the world while getting drunk over their pussy . Simply because needless to say , we’re living in this massively-westernized marvel of entertainment and self-leisure . Like who in the fuck wouldn’t wanna enjoy themselves given time and opportunity to ? Even still , royal issues such as the dressing code and their behaviour to the shielded extend matters fuck much . Tube dress yes ? Fine , as long your melons don’t drop outta your tube bag . And some dicks may just start jerking if they do . Well why not a plainfully-sexy dress without exposing your skin much ? Remember seductivity lies within your body language and overall appeal . Ain’t just a hell-exposing attire for you might be called a free-pussy-slut . Anywho reading this , a girl might viably question me if not this is the way you act around in a club , how else do you make the deal ? Fine . Do the fuck ahead if you wanna dance like a rockstar ( note that dicks around might be watching your bouncing boobs ) . Drink the shit ahead if you wanna get drunk like Bruce Lee . Estatic much , practical for 2011 . But stop right there you girl . You gotta really stop that shit right there before you start fucking like a pornstar .

    I’ve personally went to the club once or twice . Well apparently not all would to be called bitches or sluts . Minorly , that is . Some group of girls tend to be estatic and overstatingly-jovial around their male mates . Some behave , while they get drunk and roll the fuck around in their personal circle of friends . Much better , ain’t it ? And speaking of being a random guy in the club , all I would think when I watch a chick dancing is to fuck her over the washroom while sucking out her lips and rubbing her pussy . Nature it is , guys not to be blamed .

    So I would say , go ahead with partying if you want to , but pretty make sure that you are aware of the consequences and as long as you behave your best , shit could just be prevented .

  • Tyagu

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    Emm.. really..? How many pub you can name that indian girls behave like bitches..

  • key sen

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    hats off man!! well said


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