We’re the real Animals.

Please do not continue to watch this due to the excessive violence in this video. According to unverified sources, it seems this lady was actually a Minah Rempit Peragut. Means she is a snatch thief. She together with her boyfriend had gone hunting for victims and while snatching, was caught by the by passers or public.

Her boyfriend managed to run away leaving her girlfriend to take all the beatings. If you watch this video clip , you will realize that real animals is hidden deep within our own society. Whatever happens to value of life nowadays?

As much as she would have been a bad person, nobody has the rights to take law in their own hand. Yes, indeed she deserves some beatings for the things she would have done.But not this way. I believe she is dead in the end. How would anyone for that matter lift a concrete rock and throw on a ladies head?

Half of you would conclude this as saying , she deserves it. A clear example of law of Karma. Things she would have done in the past may have come back to haunt her. She got back what she would have done in the past. But how on earth would you beat a women that bad without mercy?

Another half of you would be too shocked to say anything. How bad a person is, it is not for us to judge. What on earth is going on with people nowadays?My sense of shock is too high to be explained by words. Watch the video for yourself.

One thing that remains unknown is what had the woman really done do deserve such a beating? For me, whatever it might be, this is not definitely what she deserves. God bless her soul.Rest in peace.

Due to the excessive nature of this video clip, i suggest you prepare yourself or do not watch this.

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