It’s been a while and I think this is one of the most hot-in-the-pot topics that deserve attention. Astro. Everyone has their own say about this Measet powered home entertainment system. Being the pioneer paid TV service providers in Malaysia and the dominant force in the entertainment industry; we can’t deny the fact that everyone, almost everyone has Astro in their house.

You see, whenever I touch this type of topics, my page views per topic start to decrease. Why on earth? I don’t know. Probably this type of topic is far less interesting. Perhaps I should start talking about Indian aunties. These are the most famous keywords that is used to get to my site. God help me. So, as usual my objective will be to set this as entertaining as it should be. Yes, yes, just like Astro.

Astro had been blamed of late that they’re gambling using racial cards in Malaysia. How true it is or not, it depends on you. But I believe by this time, you would have received few mails informing you to unsubscribe Astro and to boycott them. Now, don’t be foolish. The sender of the mail itself wouldn’t have terminated Astro. Why, well, we just can’t leave without it. Be honest. If you consider RTM 1 and RTM 2 as one of your entertainment portal, then I’ve got no say. Please stop reading here then.

But how did the racial claim actually made through? Well, simple. According to some unverified statistics, Indians are the major subscribers of Astro. So, be it. We have 6 Indian channels. 3 comes with the package and for the remaining 3, we should pay around RM 10+. The same goes for the Chinese channels. Most of the packages should be subscribed separately with additional charges. Only Malay channels come with the package and are given free and there are no additional charges involved. I believe you should know this.

Just because of the above, it seems Astro is playing around with Indians money and making them pay for a mere 3 channels. I couldn’t agree more that you’ve got a point there.

But let me tell you this. You might be totally wrong about it. We have Vellithirai, Vanavil and the-never-in-my-life-will-i-watch-again Makkal TV. The first two is produced locally. So, the airing charges would be borne by Astro. Correct? Makkal TV might be dirt cheap to get the airtime rights so it’s included together. Whilst the remaining 3 is aired live from India. Correct me if I’m wrong. No, no, Sun Music is not local. The chatting channel is just an additional widget that is added on the Sun Music channel. To cheat some stupid ass-holes out there who talks badly broken English and still want to try out for some girls out there on TV. Where do you get so much credit ay?

All the Malay channels are produced locally here. That makes them free. Come on guys, these are business. It’s not that easy as per your say that everything should come free for Indians too. Now, I would not at all say that Astro had played with the racial cards.

It’s just another misuse of people’s power to gain support against a matter which had not been completely given a thorough research. Astro is not a mamak stall. It’s multi-million dollar business. If you do not like their service, stop paying and watch TV2 instead. In 2 hours, you would have spent time watching uncountable advertisements.

The person who started these rumors is the one who is trying to spark the racism .It’s not at all about race for gods sake. Why do we Indians have to mix everything with racial claims? When we only had 1 Tamil channel for free, did you complaint? No. Where were you then? We have 4-5 free National (RTM, TV3, NTV7) channels. None of it airs Tamil programs on regular basis. Were you complaining then?

Indeed you should complaint. If you’re not happy with their services.  Poor services. But stop stirring some hot race powder into this and trying to spark something else. We’ve got lots other racial discriminations to look through. I’m not given a chance to play with Astro lady boss so please stop telling that I’m an Astro staff or sort of it. I’m not advertising anything. I’m just asking some of you lamer to think out of the box. Think the real reason behind it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw this sentence written by the self claimed Makkal Sakthi volunteer.

‘Unleash your Makkal Sakthi power, we should teach Astro a lesson for playing with us. Astro is racist’

What the fuck? Unleash my ass brother. Please do not misuse Makkal Sakthi for things that are unrelated. How preserved the word should be. And see how it is treated.

Whatever I’ve written above might not be true or inaccurate. I do not have any data to support my statements. Nevertheless, the message is not to see what is right or wrong. It’s to clear the misconception.

The choice is yours. I’ve not subscribed for the additional packages. And it’s not because I’m boycotting them. It’s just something that I feel unnecessary. I hardly have time for even porn now days. If you think you need those channel, start paying and stop crying. Period.

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    I talk more about the reasons why government and other media (controlled by government through yearly license renewal) are going against Astro here.Please check it out !

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    Haha. Gotta agree with that Sun Music channel, a channel dedicated to all those useless morons who have no other better work to do rather than sitting in front of the TV and sending some lame text messages!

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    You got it right Makkez :D

  • SataN

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    I know after 4 year I writing something, but just to want to let you guys know, i just got to know abt ur (Durai) blog only 2 days back… While they air the songs in Sun Music, 80% text or message are from the Astro staff it self… They have a software I forget the name (of the software), the staff just have to type the message and press enter… ha ha ha that is how some stupid ppl think some one is sending text/messgae and they waste RM 1 for per message… Guys please dont be a looser…


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