Super Models?

Girls, i believe you should certainly start to put on more makeup to defeat this below ladyboys. The below pictures shows 15 of the most beautiful ladyboy’s a.k.a ‘9’ , ‘bapuk’ , pondan , transexual, or anything else that you might have named them. They can be be ranked with some of the beautiful girls […]

No attacks please!

Thursday April 10, 2008 Samy wants everyone to stop attacking Abdullah MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu called on all parties to refrain from making uncalled-for remarks about the country’s leadership, particularly against the Prime Minister, reported Malaysia Nanban. He said the voters’ mandate should be respected and supported by all quarters. In a […]

80 Million?

Thursday April 10, 2008 Siva: I was offered RM80mil to cross over IPOH: Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam has lodged a police report, claiming that he was offered RM80mil to switch to Barisan Nasional. The Perak assemblyman, who hit the headlines for resigning from DAP and then withdrawing his resignation six hours later, lodged the report […]

Thaipusam defeated by Thailand festival!

Readers: If you have been to Thaipusam festival, i believe most of you would have watched the ritual of piercing and so on. Now, if you think that was frightening. Check out this : This is not for those who have weak heart. Anyhow, i know you would continue to see the pictures Feast your […]


One of my all time favourite possession of supernatural beings video clips has to be this one. I believe most of you would have watched this. But for those who haven’t, enjoy.  The sources of this video clip remains unknown but from what i believe it should be either from Malaysia or Indonesia. Please turn […]

Indian Gangs In Malaysia -Deep Down

Secret society in Malaysia. Anywhere we go, secret society exist. Who actually started all this and the history of it remains unknown. What does it all mean?Today, with a limited time we have, i will explain the history of Indian Gangs in Malaysia and how it all starts. A few Indian guys will be gathering […]

Girl Fight

As crazy as it might sound to be , 99 % of school fights nowadays starts because of girls. Now , please do not question the data of 99 % because that is the scale that i can see . Trying to swim myself deep under the cause of school problems and fights nowadays reveals […]


If you’ve read my previous entry, you can clearly recall my judgement regarding the issue of making fun of another religion. It is a definite no-no to condemn anything or to play fun with another religion. Everyone has faith in something and their believe shouldn’t be redirected anytime throughout their life unless it is on their […]