Forward or bad fuck!

Listen carefully. The picture below is the picture of my 2 balls and it is very rare and exclusive. Only chosen and lucky people around this world have got this picture. To make everyone lucky and happy, forward this picture of my balls to at least 10 people and you will get to fuck 10 people in the next 10 days.

If you forward it to 20 people, you will get to fuck 20 people. However, if you don’t forward this to anyone, your balls might get cut off in the next 24 hours.

The President of Argentina opened this chain letter and decided to ignore it. The next day, his balls got blown up by a suicide bomber.

Mehraj Mehendi opened this news letter and forwarded it just to give it a try, during the next 10 days he had been lucky enough to screw 11 beautiful Brickfield girls for free.

Panthe Pandi decided to forward this letter to only 3 people. The next day when he woke up to piss, he has got 3 balls!

Do not ignore this chain letter or bad fuck might strike! Forward it to as many people as possible.

Sounds similar? . The contents of the chain letter had been modified to be a bit entertaining. We call this sort of mails or letters as chain letters.

Where does all this come from? Why does anyone want to forward this?

You see, I’m getting sick and tired of all this chain letters that I’m getting via all sort of communication. It all began over here through letters. First it was traditional postman type way, next it was through email, and now sms. Every method of communication had been used to increase the popularity of this chain letters.

Even Friendster is getting pretty much popular with this. My dear people, how can you be so lame on this? I mean, it’s just dumb isn’t it? You just post up a picture of some God, and then you forward it to as many as people as possible, and then you will receive good luck? From when God started communicating via Email ay?

Why do we believe in such things? It’s phobia. And it’s common among Indians. We tend to believe so much in good luck that every single bit of method that will bring us luck is used. Or rather i would say that we are so scared that we might be struck by bad luck that we decided to forward it.

I opened this chain letter in Friendster the other day, the title was seemingly interesting. ’15 year old got raped in Midvalley-horrible pictures’. You see, the title is too captivating to ignore. When I opened it, surprise! Since you opened this letter, you must repost this within 2 minutes or your father would die. It’s been 2 weeks since that, and my father just came home drunk today. And who posted this; you guessed it right, typical Indian girl. Perhaps she’s scared that her father might pass out, you know, sometimes sentiment works. Let’s say your father had already passed away before you read the chain letter? What happens then?

Scaring our self in things that is not relevant had been part of our society since we grow up. We’ve grown up getting accustomed with lots of things. It plays a good role on how we lead our normal life. If we do this, bad luck will strike. It’s much like superstitious.

I’ve received tons of pictures of God’s pictures saying this is a rare piece and so on. Agreed, it might be a rare piece. You share it, still agreed. But why do you have to add up this bad luck thing? If it is just to scare out people so that they forward it , then it defeats the purpose of sending that rare piece, isn’t it?

Another similar email that i received is a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba and again asked to be forwarded to 10 people or bad luck might strike. The funniest part in this email would be this:

The President of Brazil opened this chain letter and ignores it. He got thrown out of politics in 1 week.

You see:
1. You can’t blame President of Brazil for not knowing Shirdi Sai Baba. I mean how the hell would he?
2. He wouldn’t have that much time to check his spam email’s.
3. There is no President of Brazil that had been thrown out of politics in 1 week

Proves so much how fake it is. Why are people misusing the name of our Gods and Guru’s for this kind of unrelated things? We tend to blame other religion for belittling our religion. But aren’t this kind of activities shows that we our self are ridiculing our religion?

But then, I’m not the one who created all this shit. Why do I have to be blamed? This you might ask. Yes, indeed you’re not the one who created it. But you’re being part of this by forwarding this. Chain letters spread through forwarding. If you don’t forward, it’s dead. It’s so clear cut the role you’re playing in this chain letters, agreed?

The moral of the story is, the next time you receive this kind of chain letters, ignore it for once. Do not forward your sms to 10 people and waste up your credit. Do not repost in Friendster with eye-catching headlines. I mean the word rape attracts many, don’t they?

And for those dumb people, who had been forwarding all this shit, please share with me your stories of good luck so that we can know how true this chain letters can be. Luck is a course of events or series of events regarded as occurring by chance, and remember, believing in the wrong things would not bring good luck, but rather a bad one instead.

We simply do not want another Shah Kirit to come and talk down our religion just like how it happened before. And if you still feel like forwarding something, please forward this article to as many people as possible and you will save the statement from someone ridiculing on how our people trust on something that is deemed stupid.

Sekian Sahaja Hujah Saya.Terima Kasih.
Allah Malik.

13 comments to Forward or bad fuck!

  • LB

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    partner,i was about to blog on this topic…guess u “curi” my idea =p
    you know what’s the most annoying one and i can’t believe some people are some dumb and they will decide to forward it…
    ever came across bulletin in friendster that says if you opened a mail your mum or someone you love will die?
    Power of internet ah?GOD blackmailing ke?stupid people….i hate forwarded message especially the ones which is so stupid..think about it…all forwarded mails are stupid…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Woooh..Partner sudah marah. Aiseh. You write your own view la partner.
    Blame Indians who is using Friendster and decide to post this shit…:D

  • HeLLboY

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    damn good topic,la bro…110% true…
    i’m oredi sick with Frensta bulletin board survey and with this chain letters…
    i dunno why there are still got a lot dumb ass who believing this kind of shit thingy…most of them are educated person..
    are they really moron or they acting like a moron?? however,thy still look like a big dumb..

    Dear Admin,
    Pass this thing to another 10 person and you will “BJ” by Rajan…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Lol. By Rajan ah? Ena kodemeh saravan ithe

  • lizard

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    Harame ! why involving me in your comments?

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    heya there….good topic…..m sick of dis stupid chain letters especially in frenster bulletin board n fdw msges…wonder y dis dumbass fwd dis crapz to me….sickening ppl…..

  • kavita

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    yeah durai i agree with u.. fowarding nonsense mails with stupid msges.. but smtimes these mails contain beautiful n mesmerizing pictures.. n below it witl b d lame stupid foward tis or not bla bla bla.. one advice, if u do want 2 share those PICTURES(not d words below it ah) then add a msg of ur own asking ur readers to ignore d forward msg but jz enjoy d beautiful pictures..boleh ha durai..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Kavitha, ithe ore nalleh idea.

    Ningge enggeyoh poirevinggeee……hheehehehe

  • Gaya3

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    oh ya reading this post reminded me of some email i received from my fellow frens….its bout Bill Gates giving u money if u forward the mail…i m sure sum of u have received it…well i dun believe in such things…but its really funny when ppl forward me these mails….Bill Gates enna avlo maremandeya to simply give u money for juz forwarding a lame email…doesnt these ppl think logically before forwarding these kinda mails….haiz…manusia beragam-ragam la

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Gaya3, I’ve seen that too. Bill Gates, and few other millionaires wanted to share their fortunes with me. I declined however.


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    Cantik macam bunga lar bro! Now, this article should really be chain-mailED! :D

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    hahahah.. baru read article ini.. hahahah same kepala.. aku pun geram. entah la zaman bila nanti ppl will sedar the reality.


    vel vel..!

  • reka

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    hahaha really funny…mostly in the end of the message ah they will wrote ther u vill lost ur love..haha y on earth people creating messages like idea at all..durai u r really creative la…love ur blog!!!


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