Relationship starts with a lot of reasons nowadays. Be it logic or not,I hardly see anyone truly giving honest opinion on why did they fall in love in the first place. You see, if you get attracted perhaps because she has got big boobs or ass,then be honest.Maybe you can tell that you like her body shape. But people always ends up saying, we felt like we both made for each other.We both look so good together. Aiya, this old shitty dialogues.

Girls too is not an exception on this.What does really matter for girls before they start up a relationship?Again the reply would be the same with guys. They would say things he is very kind ,very caring and other shit. You see,at the beginning of any relationship,of course we would be like that . To impress you for sure.Give it 1 year time. That is if your relationship last that long.But one thing is for sure. Girls usually tend to look down on guys who is bad on appearance. It’s considered to be a major mood turndown.Potong stimla. But anyhow that is not the topic.

But then what does really matter to for a relationship or love to spark? Read on.

I see many times when a love article is submitted on the net or a love poem is dedicated to someone,the end sentence  usually end up with “only heart matters”.If only heart matters, then you don’t care about appearance ay? Or for a matter of fact anything else ay?Let me tell you honestly what really matters or would have started a relationship.

Either he or she must be pretty/handsome.
or must be good in jokes perhaps.
or he must be a big time playboy.
or he must be good in lying.
or good job and income/status

The above are the honest one.I do not want to hear some cock stories that only heart matters in a relationship and nothing else. Seen that too much lately. I believe around maybe few percentage of relationship is truly based on heart and understanding. For the rest, above five does the tricks.

You might be wondering why the hell am I talking about playboy here. It’s true that half of the girls usually end up with playboy most of the time and the guy who really loves her will be left in the lurch. We can call that stupid. But then girls claim that they got cheated. You see, talking about love honestly, it takes time for you to really build a relationship that will really end up in marriage.

You get to know a guy through chatting. That night itself you will be giving your number to him, and then the whole night you will be messaging him. A few days of instant messaging each other, you two will decide to meet. The bridegroom to be will be on Honda EX5 and the bride will be waiting in one of the shopping complex.First meeting , no touching. Second meeting, confirm got touches here and there and after that both will claim they’re in love. This would be circulated around friends and the other girlfriends will be cheering around for this girl because she got boyfriend. And she will be telling stories on how his boyfriend takes him around with his Honda :D, how happy they’re , and where they both sleep together. The last one perhaps not. Maybe few weeks later, you can see the girl crying and when we ask it will be as usual, end of the relationship. It’s all about lust ay. That is not love. You’ve heard that too many times, didn’t you?

I see in friendster many of the girls have all kind of things in their shout out. Ala, the small column where you can write a few sentence to make sure you don’t get lack of attention. One recent shout out that attracted me:

“Love had hurt me, not once, not twice, but the whole time”

I can’t blame the person who posted this shout out.

1. First of all,I know that you’re an Indian girl and one damn thing for sure is that you typed “love lines” or “love sentence” in Google search engine and then copied some text from a web site and then paste it over in your shout out. As though you created the sentence on your own, you’re showing off to the world.

2. The whole sentence is in clear cut describing that you got cheated too many times. Now, what does that show? You’ve got laid too many times la thangachi.Some of you might say if you’re in love doesn’t mean you have to have any sexual activities. Now,I tell you ,there will be sexual touches in any love relationship. Please ask yourself.And you’re telling the whole world that? Of course then we will look for you to find some opportunities too.  In fact you have failed loving so many person, how come you’re saying that you got cheated? You’re just no good in a relationship. That’s a simple fact. Just wait for your mother to see ‘jathagam’ for you and get married thangachi.

3. You posting it to the whole world so that people will sympathize you.What a cheap publicity. And you know what will happen immediately? Few guys will be giving comments on her page saying that they sympathize the situation and they will be telling dialogues like ‘it takes times to forget’, ‘ don’t cry for the one who made you cryla’,and few other things la. Yanda dei? I know what you’re up to. You’re just waiting for a time to get into her pants, right or not? You’re waiting for the moment the cave is empty, and you putting in some cheap baits. Cheap tactics la brothers.

However, guys are getting so worried these day that before they get married they are asking about the girls background. And sorry to say this, there is some case whereby the guy actually showed the photo of the girl he is going to marry to his friends just to find out if any of them had ‘used’ her. That cheap is some of the girls nowadays?

Before i get bombarded for this article, let me tell you that summarizing the whole point will bring this. Relationship do not start in a few days and fuck all those love at the first sight sentiment. Do not talk about Tamil cinema in real life. Even Vijayakanth can marry Simran there. Not in real life. Do not tell me that heart matters and else not. For me, the five that I suggested had been and will be the major things that had motivated girls into relationship.

If you have a different opinion, please state yours. You’re allowed to bomb me. :D


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  • lizard

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    Kelembithaya ,Kelembithaya !!

    First of all , would like to say that you are correct 100 % bro.
    If you asked me , i would tell that i dont believe in true love and stuff. It’s just the matter of money or the look.If you are fucking rich , then you can buy Ms Universe .
    And the most important substance in a relation is the look. Did you ever read about ‘triangular theory of love ‘ ?According to the triangular theory, love has three components which stands by intimacy ,passion and decision .Forget about the another two components.
    Lets talk about passion which encompasses the drives that lead to romance, physical attraction, and sexual consummation. Please dont tell me you get erected when you look at ugly faces.Im sorry to say this but this is the fact. When you look at pretty faces or handsome faces that is the time when you will start to let your wild fantasy go mad. Tru this passion , start the another 2 components .Intimacy which encompasses the feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness.
    Decision which encompasses, in the short term, the decision that one loves another, and in the long term, the commitment to maintain that love. Everyone knows and understand this fact but yet , they still deny it and tell that their love is based on true love or heart or some other silly things. You might ask how about me ?
    Same goes with me . I wouldn’t have couple up with my girl friend if she is not attractive enough. How can you live with some one not attractive for another 20 -40 years ? Im not a monk or a sage!!!

  • Dvya

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    hahaha this is nice….well i feel that looks do matter…we get attracted by ones look and then only we look at the heart…v obviously don c d heart b4 seein their looks rite…? duh!
    and girls and guys nowdays should really do alot of thinking before getting into a relationship…nowdays alot of peeps out there are miss using the word love ! and there is this common thing going on nowdays where a guy n a gul couple up..and after one month or so…either one of them would say “I DON’T THINK THAT IT WOULD WORK OUT BETWEEN BOTH OF OURS SO LET US B FRIENDS AND GIVE IT SOMETIME”…and im like wtf??? then why d hell do you ppl…say I LOVE U??? there is no meaning for d word love nowdays…..and there’s another common thing going on in our society is that a guy n gul r in luv..mayb just a month or so..and d guy would ask d gul to have sexs with him…and her reply would b…no da not now..only after marriage…and d next thing u know is he will start d usual dialog saying…YOU DONT TRUST ME IS IT?? I WONT FORCE U TO DO BUT IF U LOVE ME U WOULD….and there are alot of blady stupid girls there who would fall for this and have sexs wit the guy and d next minute is…d guy would disappear…batang hidung pun tak nampak..and what happeds to the girl??? she would hv 3 options..she either hangs herself..drinks clorex…or slits her wrist….and just because of this kinda low mentality guls other girls names r also damaged..not only that…guys names also get damaged as girls would say nowdays dont know which guy to trust…but they dont realize that its their stupidity to fall 4 it…now u would b wondering if im a gul or a guy rite..hehe im a gul ;)
    but i believe that guls guys all r d same…not all are good not all are bad….nowdays v should b smart enough to be in a relationship….have u guys watched the movie aandal?? there a very good moral in the movie…should watch it!

    sai ram

  • Asshole

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    sai ram? what the fuck is that

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    I was not surprised because your name describes you.

  • Asshole

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    You didn’t answer my question……

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    I hope you know what’s google.

  • Asshole

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    Sai what? Another religious freak!!

  • Lizard

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    My dear asshole , dont you know how to respect other religion and believing or your fucking mum and faggot fucking dad never taught you about it?Just wondering what kind of bastard you are?

  • Asshole

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    I’ve seen enough of this religious bullshit. The moment u see any pussy out there, u just wanna fuck it and that moment all your god, religion and ethics goes down the drain. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!! Stop this cock and bull u lizard motherfucker!!

  • Ramesh

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    Pls dont bring racism attack here.. True LOVE still have among the indian makkal, but at the same time, 1st attraction is very important too.. Chill!


  • Guna

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    oru alagaana ponnu mele varuvadhum, chiller-le irundhu eduttha carlsberg Tin-nu mele varuvadhum peyre kadhal ille…adhu verum aasaithaan…

    post relationship-a girl sings: song 1: yedho mogam…yenoo thaagam
    netthu varre neneikeleye
    kadhal vandha virikenumnu…
    sedhi yenna? k@#bu kalambaleye…..

    song 2: kaadhal vandhaaley kaalu rendum thannaale, virichi kudukuthey, undhan munnaley… :P

  • Kasvini

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    1. clean money
    2. family
    3. no smoking, no drinking, no wild sex life. (this is only on 3rd cause it’s slightly hard to find them, but hahaha… only if you’re clueless on where to find ‘em)

    That’s one idea of a relationship.


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