We’re Pariah’s!

What is it when a guy talks sex to woman?
Sexual harassment.

What is it when a woman talks sex to a guy?
3.99 sen a minute.

I will start out today’s topic with a small joke. And for that reason, dirty joke. For those who don’t know what’s the meaning of the above joke, then I suggest you to refer to some of your friends for the meaning. I like to listen to fairytale stories and I consider some of the stories that girls tell sometimes is much related to fairytale.

My rifle this time is pointed towards one person but anyhow there is a hidden message that is intended for the general public.

Let me tell you a story:

A guy and a girl is in love. It happens to be that this is a long distance relationship. Now, I wouldn’t say that long distance relationship doesn’t work. A very strong pillar of trust is very important in this kind of relationship. So then, while at the same time loving this guy, she is hanging around with another guy back home. I believe you should know what’s the meaning of hanging around in the previous sentence. So, she claims she wants to break up with that guy. Because their status didn’t match it seems. And because his relatives are uneducated and not equal in status.

End of story. Duh, you might say. What follows might amuse you.

A typical girl cheating guy kind of story. But what’s the difference here? You see, can you say that you don’t love a guy and don’t need him anymore and at the same time you’re not leaving him and going away but instead using him up for your daily needs? It’s either you love him or not. If you don’t, then screw and fuck off. We’ve been around for more than 20 years with him. Parents had loved him more than you do. Where the hell did you come from in the middle to suddenly say you’re the only person who cares about him?

Putting a guy in debt all over and then telling you did not cheat his money and so on is bullshit. Maybe worst than that. This guy who you do not intend to have a relationship with has to spend so much money to buy things for you. And instead you will be sending some cheap T-Shirts which maybe you bought in bundle back there. What the hell? Who cares about a fucking teddy bear nowadays? A teddy bear is RM 2000? Fuck the world if it is.

What’s so much about status? Just because the English you’re talking is bombastic doesn’t mean you’re one step higher than us. Just because you’re born in a family where your sisters studies overseas doesn’t mean that we’re screwed up. Let me stress to you this point, studying medicine is just money today. IF you have the money, anyone can go and study medicine. I can prove you that. If you think studying medicine puts you high in the cloud, then indeed you’re an arrogant ‘toot’. You see, just because we hang around in Mamak’s everyday and enjoy ourselves doesn’t mean we’re uneducated bastards. We’re professional’s too. The only difference between you and us is ego. We can talk English better than you too. Just that we do not like to show off our fucking dick in the public and tell everyone that we have a long one. We don’t have to because we are very down to earth. Educations do not describe your morality. No matter if you got double degree, triple degree or for that matter any fucked up degree. When a guy looks for a girl, he goes for morality for god’s sake. And since you do not have one, I suggest you get at least a certificate for that first. And since you can say some of us are uneducated, let me throw our fucking certificates around your face and see if you can answer that.

We can smell bitches a mile away. The smell is too great to ignore. God gave us the sixth sense for this perhaps. A thief would not admit he is a thief anyway, that’s how this story is too. You said you never cheated anyone when you did. You do not intend to be part of us? Well, same to you too. We’re typical ‘Machans’. Whether you like it or not. If you intend to say that we’re pariahs, then so be it. Let me describe it to you. We are flexible. We can be anyone at anytime and adapt to the situation. We do not have to eat with pork and spoon the whole time .Instead we can fuck the spoon away and eat. That’s how much different we’re.

We do not need you to improve anyone for god’s sake. After all, who are you to say that we do not care about him? What’s so much with education level? If you’re slut and you have Masters in hand, does that make you superior than others? You’re still considered a disgrace to the community. At least for me.

Cheap sympathy is what you’re looking for. Perhaps that explains your recent shout out which had so much lame sentiments on it. Why so childish ay? This shows your education level. And you’re telling we’re uneducated?

Listen, if you spend so much time thinking about your future, then you will lose everything in the present. Simple question. What if we were to die tomorrow? Will you be able to take your education with you and go to hell and apply for job vacancy there? Hey, we do not have jobinhell.com over there, do we? Live life to the fullest, no matter how much you go, Indian girls have their own limits. IF you do not know that, please do not tell us that we were not brought up properly. Take a lesson with your mother and see if she can help you out. And yes, make sure you have a double degree on that too!

When you do not meet so many requirements to be a normal Indian girl, how the hell do you describe us as being in a lower status? We earn much more than you. And once you start killing people with your job, we would be earning even more. Love and status is two different thing altogether. Mixing it up and saying that you’re improving the person is stupidity to the max.

What you might know might be unknown to us. But what we know might be unknown to you too. Everyone have their own advantage and disadvantage. They might be able to achieve something and might not be able to achieve other part. So what, that’s life. And if you can’t understand that simple fact too, take a lesson again.

With so much for you to learn in this world, you say that we’re lower in status and uneducated? All the degree’s you have is a mere justification of what you studied. How do you apply it in your real life is real value behind what you studied. There is not point studying so much if you can’t put that to play in real life. Education is merely a scale meter in life to justify your knowledge in something. IT IS NOT LIFE!

For me to have wasted so much time typing about this kind of girl, is part of pleasure. Girls, what is so much about status that you will intend to lose the guy who loves you? Hoping you to change is like waiting for the world to start spinning the other way around. Think about these girls, hope you consider whatever I said to exclude status and education when you choose to love a guy next time.

I can write even worse than this. Don’t trust me? Read my other articles. But since I do not want my site to be contaminated writing about girls like you, I rest my case for today. I also do not want to be disgraced because I might be part of your shout out next time. Cry baby cry, we die hard.

Olleh,olleh,parrah olleh.:D

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  • lizard

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    ou wonder why they call U bitch

    Look here Miss Thang
    hate to salt your game
    but yous a money hungry woman
    and you need to change.

    In tha locker room
    all the male do is laugh.
    High five’s cuz anotha male
    played your ass.

    It was said you were sleeezy
    even easy
    sleepin around for what
    you need

    See it’s your thang
    and you can shake it how you wanna.
    Give it up free
    or make your money on the corner.

    But don’t be bad and play the game
    get mad and change.
    Then you wonda why these muthafuckas
    call you names.

    But you ain’t tryin’ to hear me
    cuz you are a bitch,
    you’re headin’ for the bathroom
    ’bout to get tossed up.

    Still lookin’ for a rich man
    you dug a ditch,
    got your legs up
    tryin’ to get rich.

    You leave your dignity to die ,
    cuz your headin’ for the club
    in a skin tight miniskirt
    lookin’ for some money.

    Got them legs wide open
    while you’re sittin’ at the bar
    Talkin’ to some male
    ’bout his car.

    I guess he said he
    had a Lexxxus, what’s next?
    You headin’ to his car for some sex

    I pass by
    can’t hold back tears inside
    cuz, lord knows
    for years I tried.

    And all the other people
    on my block hate your guts
    Then you wonda why they stare
    and call you slut.

    It’s like your mind don’t understand
    you don’t have to kill your
    dreams ploten’
    schemes on a man

    Keep your head up, legs closed, eyes open
    either a male wear a rubber or he die smokin’
    I’m hearin’ rumors so you need to switch
    and male wouldn’t call you bitch, I betcha.

    I guess times gettin’ hard
    even harder for you
    cuz, hey now, got a baby
    on the way now

    More money from the county
    and thanks to the welfare
    you’re about to
    get your hair done.

    Got a dinner date
    can’t be late
    trick or treat, sweet thang
    got anotha dick to meet.

    The way he did it
    it was smooth
    plottin’ while he gamin’ you
    So baby, peep the rules.

    I shoulda seen it in the first case
    the worst case
    I shoulda never called you back
    in the first place.

    I remember back in high school
    baby you was fast
    straight sex
    and barely move your ass.

    But now things change
    cuz you don’t look the same
    let the money get the best of you
    baby, that’s a shame

    Caught HIV and now you ’bout to be deceased
    and finally be in peace.

    So where your money at now
    cuz everybody left
    they stepped
    and left you on your own

    See I loved you like a sista
    but you died to quick
    And that’s why we called U bitch, I betcha.

    Dear ,
    keep stressen me
    fuckin’ with a muthafucken mind
    I figured you wanted to know
    you know
    why we call them hos bitches
    and maybe this might help you understand
    it ain’t personal
    strictly business baby
    strictly business.

    So If you wonder why we call U bitch
    You wonder why we call U bitch

  • Dev

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    Joe, I so angry with bitches and studying medicine..
    I mean it is like so f*cking easy to get an MBBS degree these days..
    Just cry to mummy and daddy, get a loan/get dad to spend his lifetime savings on you and there you in Russia/Ukraine/Indonesia/wherever-that-studing-medicine-is-insanely-easy, sending thousands of photographs of yourselves with some white guys throwing snowballs or making snow angels..Geez, puh leeze.. Get a life..

    No one values the true difficulty of doing medicine these days..

    Get your ass in the public uni, then I’ll salute you bitches..

  • prada

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    study medicine u think easy ar…
    money ok -..hw bout da brain…
    can u save a life juz cut n throw lik dat…
    sum girls lik me r working part time n studying full time..at d age of 17, im suffering ..
    need to tkcr of parents..after skul…sumtimes work..
    no frenz…no shopping malls…
    sum girls r suffering..sum girls r playing..
    ustand dat…for sum girls study medicine is their dream..
    y dun u forgt about girls lik dem(as u said)n talk bout girls wif confident , courage n wif a kind heart..
    dun evytime call a girl is a bitch..
    when u found da good one..u will regret..
    the more u talk bout dem…da more…the worst things will hapen ok…medicine not high class…a carrier…datz it..okay? tq

  • Lizard

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    Eppedi okkera parre!!

  • HeLLbOy

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    as i mention in other comment,we didn’t said all gals is useless or biatch..
    some gals oni playing with their dads money and showin off..
    why u all gals simply making own assumption and hit back??
    but prada,so far i didn’t saw any guls working and studyin(i mean for medicine student)..
    in current society,medicine consider as high class not carrier,la..
    even after thy became doctor,thy will sell MC and “ubat batuk oni”..
    Moron still be a moron..okie dokie..

  • M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +7

    prada , That article for certain type of audience.Not meant as direct attack towards you. Do not bother if you’re not of them.I’ve said thousands of times do not direct insult me instead argue with the points.But since you did, let me highlight to you,

    1.You’re suffering? Don’t have time for anything? No entertainment? How come you’re online at 3.34 am in the morning ?

    2.Carrier ille, it’s career. Ningge doctor padiche enna paneh poringgelo..

  • prada

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    alamak…ppl online 334am..maybe spelling gt error..
    erm..yea ur rgt..
    i gt off for this 3days only..so i saw diz website..
    sum things r kinda true..nw oso da time is 130am..duno when i wil cum to read al diz again..but dun la.kutuk al girls..my classes r at evening.n sorry Durai still new…to diz website..i m not insulting any1..
    coz i see most girls r studying hard..okay..
    n thankz hellboy for ur nice comment..d other one duno wat da hell..

  • Thumb up Thumb down +2

    I have no personal attacks on you either my dear prada. Enjoy your stay and study hard. Prove ppl like us there are still deserving students in medicine.

  • Sarah

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    errr durai why is ur main title pariah eh?hehe anyway PRADA must be one hard working gurl:)…dont worry gurl, ur not wrong at expressing ur thoughts here but i guess dats juz d way durai expresses his anger(durai dont bombard her with ur ‘missile’ lah)..my best wishes for u in studying, working and serving for ur fmly!!but did u juz say ur 17 n doing medic??well sumthing musta gone wrong sumwhere…as for me, i realise dat parents are part to be blamed for their childs wrong doings..always in the process of pressuring their children to do medic,law or engineering n eventually when they cant cope, they become rotten!!however medic seems to have lost its real value and purpose…cuz every otha retared freak seems to be doing it, probably bribery is involved in making the students pass and what we get most often are docs who cant diagnose the illness!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I didn’t gun down anyone la Sarah. Hanya memberikan kata kata nasihat. Hehe.

  • uc

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    ‘whats love got to do with it’ eh…i am sensing a litlle personal pinch of ur life here.well regardless a good write up!

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    “Hoping you to change is like waiting for the world to start spinning the other way around.” Now thats true stuff

  • Kasvini

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    apa-apa jer lar…. asalkan bahagia at the end of the day. Quote from Mayakkam Yenna’s daddy “Anyone can like or desire someone but marriage must be between the right people”. terima kasih for realising a divorce in the making before going on to release it to the theatres.

  • ramesh naidu

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    superb post bro..

  • Priya

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    I totally agree on this. Nice


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