Hindu Yes, Or Hindu Not?

Let me give you a short review of the above video:

“Aghori ascetics, while being devotees of the Hindu god Shiva, are monists who adhere to the common Hindu belief in liberation (moksha) from the cycle of reincarnation (samsara). This liberation is a realization of the self’s identity with the absolute. Because of this monistic doctrine, the Aghoris maintain that all opposites are identical and that the conventional Hindu distinctions between purity and impurity are ultimately illusory. The purpose of embracing pollution through various practices is the realization of non-duality through transcending social taboos, and seeing the illusory nature of all conventional categories.

In essence, Aghoris base their beliefs on two principles. First, that the Lord God Shiva is perfect. Second, that God is responsible for everything; every rock, tree, animal, and even every thought. Due to this, everything that exists must be perfect, and to deny the perfection of anything would be to deny the gods. For this reason, Aghoris are known to prove their faith by challenging pre-conceived notions of the grotesque, and find the beauty or perfection in such conventionally taboo notions as, for example, cannibalism.”

We’ve always had people practicing religion wrongly all over the world. Without an exception, Hinduism had always been one of the most misunderstood religions in the world because of its diversity and flexibility.

Tell me, the above act that is committed by the so called ‘aghoris’ believes that they’re true followers of Hinduism. Can we stop them? No. Is it a disgrace for our religion? Yes.

With this kind of people portraying Hinduism in such a ridiculous manner, wouldn’t you accept more negative reviews about Hinduism in general? Putting it from the above videos perspective, the Whites are clearly making fun of this aghoris and ridiculing our religion. Whether or not they meant to do that remains out of context.

But the facts is, when we practise such a thing and then proudly stand up and say proud to be Hindu, will it be ever worth it? Why I mentioned ‘we’ in the previous sentence although we’re no aghoris is because we’re also Hindu. And since someone said to me treat all Hindus as their own brothers and sisters, then I think using ‘we’ should be appropriate.

The same thing goes for Thaipusam Festival. Is it all necessary to have 100 fish hooks hooked behind your body and being dragged by another man? What is the purpose of all these? Are you trying to portray your level of faith to God? Being holy and divine is all good. Hurting yourself in order to show that you’re holy man is not anywhere written in any of our Hinduism books. So where does all this come from? You ask me. I have no clue. This method that is practiced in Thaipusam is another example on how violent our Gods are being portrayed. From when Kali Amman started coming into hundreds of body at the same time?

What I would believe is if there is indeed a possession by God, it will only last around 40 seconds to 2 minutes. Where the hell did I find out that? Go study your religious books. I’m trying to tell the fact that is extracted from our ancestor’s writings. We modified these things into something else and hence the outcome is how Thaipusam is celebrated today. I’ve segregated things that are being done in Thaipusam, and I find only the possession plus unnecessary piercing as act of wrong teachings in Hinduism.

You can see so many people dancing in front of these so called ‘Gods’. What is our respect to our God when we can dance ‘dapangkutte’ in front of our own God? Hey, you’re dancing on the street and people are cheering you on. Isn’t that a shame? The supporters will justify their claim by saying that they’re possessed. I do not give a fuck if they’re possessed by any spirits, but claiming that they’re being possessed by God is a definite no-no for me. You see, for an example, the following are the most common Gods that always posses this people. Muniswaran, Muniandy, Madurai Veeran and not forgetting Kaliamman. All the time, only these top 4 Gods is coming to posses. Why Pilayar or Murugan is not coming down into picture? Or Sivan? Or Parvathi? Or Brahman? Or Krishnan? Or and I can go on or for a long time. Are you trying to tell me that only the above 4 Gods got much free time?

If you think now I’m ridiculing my own religion, you should have a thought on what I’m talking about. All the while I do enjoy all this possession and shit when I was small, but once I learnt that I can dance hip-hop in front of our so called ‘Gods’ , I came to realize that the fact of the matter is much more serious. There is a serious point to be pondered. All these guys who is getting possessed are young guys usually in their early 20’s or 30′. While their hook piercing move is death defying and daring act should I say, but to claim that they’re true Hindu believers I would not hesitate to use the word fuck.

While some might agree that these people are being possessed by God, I would not agree so. And being the oldest religion on earth, we have so many different thoughts and beliefs in our own religion. How do we justify to others then when we ourselves do not talk the same language, I mean having the same set of mind of our religion belief?

I’m not at all putting down our religion by saying this but trying to highlight something that is bothering me after watching the above video. Let me show another video of God in action. And tell me, is this Hinduism is all about?

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  • Dev

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    Joe, wow.. That was deep and profound..
    Honestly, I was amazed with the Aghori tribe.. Din actually imagined such people existed.. Scary isn’t? And drinking your own pee? What next-f*cking an elephant? Just hope our peeps will change soon-God is one and he is there for us.. You dont need to impress God by mutilating yourselves.. And there is no need of drinking your pee in a wine glass either..

  • guest

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    Excellent post, Durai. I always expect this kind of an article from you instead abt you writing abt gurls all the time. Everyone should agree that not only hinduism but other religions as well doesn’t involve violence. Fine, than what about Hari Raya Korban? We hv our friends from different races which are also slaughtering cow, donating it to the poors. I guess all this is a misconception. Korban does not only means slaughtering cow and sitting together and eating it. It also means sacrifices. Sacrifices that need to be done in terms of attitude. It means more than that. Can a pig or cow say this? Why can’t we think? God doesn’t mention that they need goats and cows to be sacrificed to them? Where comes this mentality from? All we must know is prayers doesn’t involve any kind of violence. As such we does not need to potray ourselves as violent race by carrying weapons during festival’s like Thaipusam. I’ve seens many guys dancing shamelessly during walk with chariots, talking vulgar words and finally ending up with fight…. What are we trying to prove?

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    Radha,For your last question, What are we trying to prove? We’re trying to prove we’re Indian perhaps. That’s what these guys are at least trying to prove.

    I do not write religious articles because religion is not all about having God, it’s all about having faith.Since many of us lack that,I do not really concentrate on that lo.

    I don’t write articles about girls only la. Got so many categories ma. Check out your left hand side. Got category column. Enala ningge :D

  • heLLboY

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    nice topic,bro…sometimes i have thought about it..
    I’m speechless cos if u asking those person who get hooked behind them,they will give different definition about the rituals..
    So,which is true?
    Following the heart or the mind??

    Juz asking…=)

  • Lizard

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    The god never ever asked us to hurt ourselves . That is what my mum taught me.. He is the Supremacy. The creator.Why he want us to hurt ourselves?? Did the god asked you to pierce hook on your back or on your tongue?
    This people doin their own perception .If you ask them they will tell you that the god will grant their wish if they do so..Damn …

  • Asshole

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    What a bunch of freaks!!!

  • Asshole

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    These aghori’s should be put down to end their misery

  • inba

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    the lord does indeed like he’s devotees singing and dancing in spiritual ecstacy

  • Priya

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    to video: absolute craziness..to think he dances like that..i didnt Lord Muniswearan dances that way…its a shame and a joke on that guy…grow up ….

  • Ragen

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    Hi, There is something called ‘penance’ which is defined as ‘Penance is repentance of sins’. This is practised in every religion. Some take it to great extremes. State of the mind over the physiological state depends on their extent of devotion. The outside person cannot and will not appreciate this and looks ‘weird’. People who are hit by a tragedy, do things only they can justify.

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    First of all, all these “cannibalism” you all talkingf about in a place in INDIA. People after they die, their own family members will let thse “corpses” in to the river. They all know, what will happen next,once the “body” is floting on the river..They are dead, flesh and they really have their own meaning in eberything they do,so why bother.
    I have to admit, when I first watch the video, yes,disgusting ah..but read this first, you might understand

    If you a true Hindu believer, you have to believe Mahabahrata, rite? As you know it is one our important epics..

    According it,

    Siva and Rudra
    From The Mahabharata
    Anusasana Parva, Section CLXI
    Translated by Sri Kisari Mohan Ganguli

    Siva has two forms. One of these is terrible,
    and the other mild and auspicious.

    Vasudeva said: O mighty armed Yudhishthira, listen to me as I recite to thee the many names of Rudra as also the high blessedness of that high-souled one. The Rishis describe Mahadeva as Agni, and Sthanu, and Maheswara; as one-eyed, and three eyed, of universal form, and Siva or highly auspicious.

    Brahmanas conversant with the Vedas say that Siva has two forms. One of these is terrible, and the other mild and auspicious. Those two forms again, are subdivided into many forms. That form which is fierce and terrible is regarded as identical with Agni and Lightning and Surya (fire, lightning and sun). The other form which is mild and auspicious is identical with Righteousness and Water and Chandramas (moon).Then again, it is said that half his body is fire and half is Soma (or the moon). That form of his which is mild and auspicious is said to be engaged in the practice of the Brahmacharya (Celibacy) vow. The other form of his which is supremely terrible is engaged in all operations of destructions in the universe.

    Because he is great (Mahat) and the Supreme Lord of all (Iswara), therefore he is called Maheswara. And since he burns and oppresses, is keen and fierce, and endued with great energy, and is engaged in eating flesh and blood and marow, he is said to be Rudra. Since he is the foremost of all the deities, and since his dominion and acquisitions are very extensive, and since he protects the extensive universe, therefore he is called Mahadeva. Since he is of the form or colour of smoke, therefore he is called Dhurjati. Since by all his acts he performs sacrifices for all and seeks the good of every creature, therefore he is called Siva or the auspicious one.

    Staying above (in the sky) he burns the lives of all creatures and is, besides, fixed in a particular route from which he does not deviate. His emblem, again, is fixed and immovable for all time. He is, for these reasons, called Sthanu. He is also of multiform aspect. He is present, past and future. He is mobile and immobile. For this he is called Vahurupa (of multiform aspect). The deities called Viswedevas reside in his body. He is, for this, called Viswarupa (of universal form). He is thousand-eyed; or he is myriad-eyed; or, he has eyes on all sides and on every part of his body. His energy issues through his eyes. There is no end of his eyes. Since he nourishes all creatures and sports also with them, and since he is their lord and master, therefore he is called Pasupati (the lord of all creatures).

    If there is one who worships him by creating his image, another who worships his emblem, the latter it is that attains to great prosperity for ever.

    Since his emblem is always observant of the vow of Brahmacharya, all the wolds worship it accordingly. This act of worship is said to gratify him highly. If there is one who worships him by creating his image, another who worships his emblem, the latter it is that attains to great prosperity for ever. The Rishis, the deities, the Gandharvas, and the Apsaras, worship that emblem of his which is ever erect and upraised. If his emblem is worshipped, Mahadeva becomes highly gratified with the worshipper. Affectionate towards his devotees, he bestows happiness upon them with a cheerful soul.

    This great god loves to reside in crematoria and there he burns and consumes all corpses. Those persons that perform sacrifices on such grounds attain at the end to those regions which have been set apart for heroes. Employed in his legitimate function, he it is that is regarded as the Death that resides in the bodies of all creatures. He is again, those breaths called Prana and Apana in the bodies of all embodied beings. He has many blazing and terrible forms. All those forms are worshipped in the world and are known as Brahmanas possessed of knowledge. Amongst the gods he has many names all of which are fraught with grave import. Verily, the meanings of those names are derived from either his greatness or vastness, or his feats, or his conduct. The Brahmanas always recite the excellent Sata-rudriya in his honour, that occurs in the Vedas as also that which has been composed by Vyasa. Verily, the Brahmanas and Rishis call him the eldest of all beings. He is the first of all the deities, and it was from his mouth that he created Agni.

    That righteous-souled deity, ever willing to grant protection to all, never gives up his suppliants. He would much rather abandon his own life-breaths and incur all possible afflictions himself. Long life, health and freedom from disease, affluence, wealth, diverse kinds of pleasures and enjoyments, are conferred by him, and it is he also who snatches them away. The lordship and affluence that one sees in Sakra and the other deities are, verily his. It is he who is always engaged in all that is good and evil in the three worlds. In consequence of his fullest control over all objects of enjoyment he is called Iswara (the Supreme Lord or Master). Since, again, he is the master of the vast universe, he is called Maheswara. The whole universe is pervaded by him in diverse forms. It is that deity whose mouth roars and burns the waters of the sea in the form of the huge mare’s head.

    [Note:The allusion is to the fiery mare’s head which is supposed to wander through the ocean.]

    There is a simple explanation to this. Where this agori are changing their environment to become the ultimate. To attain supreme or Moksha! but this not all compulsory one to do so! You can change your inner self but maintain your outer self as a normal human being. This was taught by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi a great saint who is also a great devotee of Shivan. All this are the efforts to release ourself from human life cycle. There are no one who can question them! Only god can question them. There are agories who practice this for black magic. They do not belong as the Rudran devotee only those who poses true devotion can call them Self as Rudran.

    Take Care

  • indian

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    Durai bro..cun la bro..i respect wt u said n well done 4 wt u hav done nw..u made sum people realise da truth n hw stupid r dey,,i agree wit ur evry single point bro..as i left a comment in da muar kali’s post,,i wil blame da indian peoples 4 deir insane n stupid bilieves in prayin n wordshipping,,dey r doin dis jz 4 deir own satisfaction n money,,hope people lik u n da real God,,wil help dem out from dis idiocy,,i m kaliamma’s devotee oso,,although kaliamma is known 4 her fiercy luk n anger,,bt kaliamma is one of amman’s avatharam oni..basically she is vry beautiful n fantastic looking,,4 example menatchi,kamatchi,amman,,n etc..y wen thaipusam cums oni da people hu “so called gettin into trance”..wil oni get kaliamma in deir body,,n y dey hav 2 b fierce n scaring people al,,y dun kamatchi or menatchi amman,,cums into deir body n hav a calmed n nice thaipusam,,haizz,,i gt notin else 2 say,,

    GOD PLEASE HELP DEM…I rest my case…

    Take Care Durai Bro,,
    Reply dis comment,,
    Thank You

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    ,Ha.ha.ha very nice blog bro , bro u forget to tell tat how the stupid,s can stand on knife n even nail shoes , i dont give fuck ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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