Let’s talk about something very interesting indeed. Ever heard the phrase “Virginity is not dignity; it is just a lack of opportunity”? Approaching it from a humorous way, it contains half a truth. At least I do think so. But if we look at it in a more serious manner, it’s just utterly rubbish. Virginity is dignity! For both guys and girls. Yes, I mean it! All right, maybe for girls only. We guys don’t really care if we’re virgin or not.

See, in this modern world today, virgin or not had always played a good table subject for anyone who has nothing to talk about. It’s quite a serious matter. For the Indians, it’s life. Indian movies would have given you an overall view of how serious virginity plays a part in our life. Yes, just take a look at a few rape scenes in the movies and you should get an idea of what I’m talking about. I mean they don’t actually rape there. I mean a guy fully dressed will jump over on top of the heroin and the only thing he will be able to pull out is her sari. Next, he will pull her to bed and all the time he will be attempting to kiss her while she tries to avoid left and right. And poof, few minutes later, the rape is over. She will be without sari and the guy will feel satisfied. One month later, she will be pregnant. How did the fucking sperm got through anyway ay? I mean, you just bounced on her fully dressed, didn’t you? This girl’s whole family will be cursing on her asking who did that to her. She lost the virginity. The whole family will be crying. And she hangs herself. That’s Indian movies.

All right, leave Indian cinemas aside. Virgin from human’s perspective explained in layman term is you’ve not had sex at all and thus you have not lost your virginity. I believe all of us are aware of this fact and if you don’t, then I say you’re a gay. Next, virginity in Indian culture plays a very big role. I’m not denying the fact that it plays good part in other culture too, but as I said earlier virginity is regarded as life in Indian culture. In this modern age where everyone screw’s anyone like nobody’s business, does it really matter?

Again, I would be a centrist and thus I do not want to say it is wrong or right. For me, it is all up to the individual. But you know there are some guys in this world who thinks they should only get virgin girlfriends. The girl he is going to marry must be a virgin. But the question is, are the guys virgin them self? If you yourself not virgin in the first place, how do you expect your girlfriend to be virgin then?

You’ll be hurling thousands of points that she is a bitch and so on and had slept with other guys. But you have forgotten a simple point; she loves you at that moment. She loved someone else previously. Somehow, she had sacrificed her virginity. If you say you love her, then love her heart. Why do you care what’s inside the **ssy? There might be thousands of reasons why she had lost her virginity. I would say most probably because of the previous relationship. Behold guys; I’m talking about the good girls here. I’ve known and seen a lot of good girls who had been in a serious relationship before this and they’ve got cheated. It happens, but that’s life, isn’t it?

You can’t blame the girl or bring back the virginity. You’ve screwed so many girls in your life yet you claim that you want a virgin girl when you marry? I say fuck you. Lucky you if you got one virgin. But if you do not, then live with it. Love is not at all about virginity. There is a zero percentage of similarities. Love and virginity do not relate at all with each other.

Once this guys finds out that the girl they love is no longer virgin, there goes their relationship down the drain. When asked why, she is not virgin. See, when you start out a relationship, do you drop down her pants and check out if she is virgin or not? No. Or do you bring her for medical check up and see if she is virgin. No either. After you’ve fucked her, then you leave her claiming that she is not a virgin. Why that way?

Being open in a relationship will help to solve this kind of problem. Usually couples do not open up to each other and talk. But then, it depends on the persons understanding level if she or he can take it to listen to their past. Everyone would have had breakups and bad relationship in their life. But that is past. Once they come to you, do not act up like someone haven’t touched your dick and had locked it up with a chastity belt ever since you’re born. Past is past. And talking about it is not going to help. So why so much fuss?

Hardly there are people in passionate and loving relationship nowadays with all kind of cheatings going on. And now another one, he wants her to bleed. What the hell guys? Buck up. Let me give you a scenario. You’ve got a girl who is sexually arousing you. She happens to be your neighbor. You’re not very much interested with her other than sexually. Wouldn’t you fuck her? Please don’t tell me that you will be advising your little john to calm down and hold on till you get married, would you? No, you won’t. You’ll be in her bed the next minute. Because we’re humans. And the moment you have done that, you’ve lost your virginity, my brothers. So, stop bothering your girlfriends or being choosy with your girlfriends if she is virgin or not.

The problem for girls is they can’t find out if a guy is a virgin or not. That had worked as an advantage for us. We can always say that we’re still virgin after having sex. But, if you’ve got guilty conscience, that will help you to judge yourself my dear brothers. Blaming the opposite sex that they’re not virgin and thus rejecting them is old Indian movies.

Again this post is not meant to encourage us to have premarital sex or lose your virginity as soon as possible and it will be all fine. That is not the point. It is about guys who do reject woman because of their virginity status. As much as possible, woman should anyhow try to protect their virginity, because it’s just once in a lifetime. For guys, we’re virgin all the time.

The moral of the story is virgin or not should not play a part in your love life. Go for her heart, not the bleeding part.

Allah Malik.

P.S : Please forgive me for the writings in this article which might be sensitive to some girls. It’s just the way I convey my points. I have no evil intention and therefore read the article for entertainment and take the message behind it seriously. I do not entertain personal insult to me thus save your time by not typing anything with that intention.

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    it is a gud post admin… i just wanna share my opinions on virginity… a lot of us esp indians have wrong interpretation on losing virginity. scientifically or medically, losing virginity is more to tearing of hymen layer which is very thin and soft layer… in old times, tearing of hymen layer is not possible without an intercourse activity because girls that time are not really allowed to do any vigorous activities such as exercising, cycling & so on… but, in current modernized world, girls are getting more advanced and involving in alot of activities not only sex which can lead them to lose their hymen layer… even by being an atheletic some girls can lose their virginity too (here im talking about the tearing of hymen)… so, some girls do lost their hymen layer unintentionally. if u think its unbelieveable, u always can consult a doctor… In our puranas, it says that a girl loses her virginity JUST by thinking about a guy. if we imply that in our current life, i think there would be no girls who are virgin in this world coz a lot of us are crazy on actors, sportsman and so on… Virginity has a very broad definition and its depends to a person’s mentality in defining it. AND for me, virginity is more about self-respect, confident and determination of a person and its apply for both girls ang guys… and never judge a girl by a single layer of hymen(im not talking bout b****es here)…

  • guest

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    Excellent article either…. Just wanna share this out. This happenned number of years ago. I can’t remember and doesn’t want to. I had a date with this guy. Well, he’s in a good job, good pay, good background, good education. He’s also a part time lecturer in one of the private college. It was just the first day and we had our lunch together and after am back home, he called me to ask whether am virgin or not. I am shocked. Why the hell must he question abt my virginity? I got mad…….. And without me asking him the same question, he claims that he’s been with number of gurls. So what? Why shud i bother abt this, anyway.. There comes his catch… He said he wanna be in bed with me. So this is his overall intention. I wasn’t in touch with him for some time when he called me and said that his mom is looking someone for him. Fine, why shud i bother myself with it? He also mentioned that he’ll only marry a virgin gurl. What the heck??? He did told me that virginity is not an issue for him as his willing to marry anybody by accepting them as how they and now look at what he’s saying. Such an idiot, hypocrite ****er. He, who was ****king all the gurls that he saw, now claims that WILL only marry a virgin gurl. How arrogant he is… Just because he happenned to be a guy and nobody will be able to find out. As what u’ve mentioned, in case if he have little bit of guilty conscience in him, perhaps he’ll realize it. All what happenned created a dark spot in me towards guys. For gurls who lose their virginity in the name of love, dun feel offended. There are broad minded guys around. And for guys, i hv nothing to say. Perhaps i didn’t happened to meet a nice guy to tell some nice word abt u guys. Anyway as a human, be kind enough and responsible to those gurls. I am not referring to b****es here.

    I wud like to be anonymous. Please do not produce my name here, Durai. Thanks.

  • heLLboY

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    Yeehaaw…At last there is topic about the guys. This what I’m waiting for, dude..

    Firstly, I would like to support what our Malar said.. “The sportswomen and athlete gals even the acrobatic, gymnastic and dancers also will easily get their hymen shred..”
    but gals out there ,don’t use this reason to bluffing to guys that last time you was involving in sports and this kind of activities and that’s why you no longer virgin..’Lu ingat lelaki punya telinga ada bunga ka??’

    Back to topic, in my assumption, when a marriage is going to take place, some men feel that it is important for their future wife to be a virgin. Partly, this is because of an insecurity complex that men may have. If the woman is not a virgin, the man may fear that he will be compared to previous partners of his wife, and he may not live up to the woman’s expectations. If she has been with no one else though, the man can be more confident, since his wife will have no one to compare him to. His wife is pure and untouched, and since he will be the first man she has ever known, the husband can feel secure heading into the marriage.

    Besides the jealousy and insecurity factors though, I think many men also want their wife to be a virgin because it is a way of the woman proving that she will be faithful to her husband once they are married. If a woman has been with other men before she is married, a man might see that as meaning that since she could not wait up to that point, she may be unfaithful to him in the future. But if a woman has remained a virgin up until her wedding, it shows that she was willing to wait for her husband, and is much more likely to remain a faithful wife throughout the rest of her life. By remaining a virgin until marriage, the marriage is made to seem more meaningful for the woman. The husband is then reassured that he is the only one his wife desires to be with.

    Today, if a woman in not a virgin before marriage, it is not seen as a disgrace, but rather, is accepted and common. Still, some men today still are very adamant about marrying a woman who is a virgin.
    Although it would not lead to murder today if a bride-to-be was not a virgin, many men would still desire his wife to be pure until the marriage.

    Sorry if I did some mistakes statement.. Adiose..

  • Kavita

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    aahh…tis is more like it admin.. smtimes guys oso need kutuk-ing to realize certain thngs mah…
    hehe.. great work..

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    Superb!!!Guys should change their mindset of excpecting their future wife to be virgin when the guy itself is not virgin…N stop thinking that since u r a guy,u can fuck around n it doesnt matter to ur gf/wife…Gals do expect d same things that u guys expect from a girl..SO,if u r not virgin,dun expect ur wife to be virgin too if u cant get one….What goes around,comes around…

  • Max

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    Admin u been having problem with both gender ha ? Anyway who is the guy who asked for ur virginity :)

    The only reason why our admin have to dig the hell out about guys presumptions on gals due to all female commenter’s started to bark about what is true about them.

    Truth about this front-bottom-hole species been there for centuries.

    Dear Malar Arasi for your info all the extreme hyperactivities which our female dogs involve is not sports but getting fucked by more guys.Tell me if there is any sport ladies gonna read this or not.We are not talking about known-how hymen can tore but who tore them.

    Tell me this Malar, is it wrong to ask a sport women “how tore ur hymen” or “how u lost ur virginty” ? Let say the guy who dated “guest” asked her “are u virgin” is wrong ? She can go like,”yes im not virgin” because i always bench press with my leg spread…why always have the typical thoughts dat the guy is asking “who fucked ur upside down before this” ?? This statement due to Malar’s stupid fucking no brain info..

    To dear “guest” who doesnt want her details to be revealed. Why scared, ppl gonna know how many guys utilized ur front-bottom-hole
    So dear guest are u active in sports? dats how u tore ur hymen ? LOL..comeone la..asking a gal if she is virgin or not is not anyone else fucking business.Yes, we mens wanna know who we gonna sleep with..if we dont care about that we can sleep with street dogs aka thevidiyah.

    So please la..if ur not fucking virgin tell dat ur future wateva before its too late..

  • Lizard

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    It doesnt matter if you are still virgin or not !!!
    How you lose it defines you beyatch !!

  • Rohit

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    shit..diz friendster brought me here..
    whever we go nowdays..can see indians r acting lik stupid n love to mind other ppl’s bsns.
    n da same thing here..but u al named diz blogs..
    dun talk cock la.. duno hw many of u telling the truth in diz blogs..
    but sure da1 talk cock..seriously got a big dirty story behind..
    if u failed to find a better girl or better guy for u..
    y u r showing ur frustration here..
    calling everyone bitch n bastard..
    like dat go n call ur family members first n find about themselves.
    luckily in my countries dun hav stupid things lik diz..
    good indians only noe how to earn good names for indians..not lik you all..
    talking nonsense here..
    n givin opinions summr..
    go n learn how to take care of ur future n teach your kids to behave properly n tell dem dun lose virginity to any1 ..dun wear tight skirt..dun smoke .dun drink..
    nalle tamilans..
    sure i won cum bac to diz shit things n see all diz..
    headache wif all the indians..

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    Lol.We don’t usually encourage kids to come out reading blogs about matured people Rohit.I will suggest to you website like or .Please redirect yourself there.
    Dun wear tight skirt,dun smoke and dun drink and you’re nalle tamilans.Stay at home kiddo.

    No personal attacks kid.Please.

    P.S: I did not delete your comment although I can. Even when you said you wont be coming back,I know lamers like you would be back anyway. So ,I decided my fellow bloggers here should know and bombard you a little.Friends,take your turn.

  • guest

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    Max, u ar an idiot. Am not scared but i wish to hv my privacy protected which i think it shouldn’t be questioned by anyone. As each day pass by, we get more matured in life but u ar turning the other way round. Behaving like a kid who doesn’t even hv sense why identities are being protected, i guess. I dun think i am obligated to clarify abt myself to peoples like you.

    Thanks admin for taking my request by not revealing my identity.

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    Rohit… ur back 1st b4 commenting bout others…since u commented bout others,u too minding ppl’s bsns…1st of all do u what is a blog for dude?? Find it in wikipedia…n y da hell u get angry as tho dis post is refering to u?? Wonder frm wic part of world u r frm..totally lame guy la u…and..what does the tight skirt,smoking n drinking got to do with with virginity??? Only gals who wear tight skirt,smoke n drink lose their virginity eh???What a lame thinking..Gals,Dun wear tight skirt,dun smoke and dun drink and u r a good tamilan…it doesnt matter if u cheat guys,dun respect ppl all,u r stil good tamilan coz u dun wear tight skirt,dun drink n smoke..tamilan2..Indian la..duhhh…headache with lamer like u la!!

  • HeLLbOy

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    Bro Durai,why you let underage/Down Syndrome kids playing around while adults doing job here? Ya.. we need some entertainment also,rite.. ok, lets start..

    Rohit..Rohit..Rohit…are you immature asshole?? Monkey didn’t get d banana, rite? Why can’t understand the concept or topic? For your info,what you’re doing consider as involving in other ppl business,la moron!!
    Which country are you from, dude? i really would like to come over and check whether are people in your country that good? duh…
    You’re asking us to call our family members and find the truth?? This shows that you willing to check your siblings and parents whether they are bitch or bastards..
    another thing, I dunno whether you’re failed product from your parents or your family is totally moron,yar?How they taught you?
    Dun wear tight skirt,dun smoke,dun drink but can fuck anyone,rite??
    Such a dumbass…

    However I hope u didn’t come over again in this website and pollute with your stupid comments.. okie..
    Fuhh,its makes me Headache when deal with uneducated f**cker!!

    -Sorry, guys for being harsh-

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    _/\_ Vanakam 2 all Tamil ppl

    Dear Durai,

    I’ve been in login in the web site few time’s as just a viewer. It’s really impressing me on the post and topic that had been discus’s.
    You’ve done a GOOD job by creating this web site, whereby all the ppl can add and comment on the current issue, which is very serious.

    Well done !!!!!!!

    Ok, I think now its time for me 2 adds sum comment on this hot topic….

    Firstly, I would like to highlight to all off you guy’s to go through again the topic carefully. Since I’m noticing some of you ppl taking to personal.
    I think Durai had post this topic equally for both ( Guy’s and Girl’s ).
    Hence, it’s a check and balance, which mean Guy’s also have their part and it goes to girls as well.

    Rohit : –
    I would like suggesting sum thing for you…can u just read it again this topic, since you have a different percept. First of all why are you taking things so personal?
    Why are you one of the virginity looser is it? I guess you not a Malaysian.
    Fren what is so FUCKIN great about your country ppl…you thinks all of them are so good ha. Come on la. These are what really happening. I think sum of you guy’s are rite…
    This crook guy are really KIDS la..wonder la.
    Firstly can I ask you sum thing Rohit. Why the fuck are you talking about whole family over here…is you and your family involved. Does meant that those Indian guy’s or girl’s who drink, smoke, have sex or what ever fuck they doing, is not a good Indian.
    You know sum thing, those fucker who is pretending like you are the Fucking Bastard Indian who spoiled the whole image. Pretending to be a good Indian, but fucking around with the entire girl’s out there….
    If you think this blog is not suitable for you mean you can log in to
    I hope you’ll have wonderful time. Next time watch you fucking mouth before saying anything you asshole. You’re not an Indian, then shut the fuck up and if you’re an Indian mean fuck off from this blog.
    Hence, In this century all of us ( Guy’s and Girl’s ) can’t really expect for virginity. Sorry to say this but that is the fact. I’m not telling this all the guy’s and girl’s out there. There’re sum of you ppl are really good and its doe’s mean others as well. Come on ppl, take it as open minded person.
    Don’t always think that non-virgin girls are bad. LOVE is just not sex but the love and trust you’ll with the love one. Its same goes to girls as well, don’t make used of ppl for your own benefits. You know what I meant. What’s the point if you have a virgin guy or girl who don’t understand each other? That’s why ppl say, experience make perfect J
    However, for those ppl out there, this is a open topic and everyone will have different thought.
    Kindly give your support for this blog, rather than fuck each other.
    Durai keep up ur good work and update regularly.

    Jai Hind

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    @rubeenee – Syabas ,nala thupeningge

    @hellboy – Cantik Macam bunga la

    @blackstallion – Thank you very much brother. I’ll do my best to keep you guys entertained and at the sime make the article informative. It is ppl like you who can actively comment and accept things basing on the fact and not more on emotional perseptive that I need on this site. But then, all my readers here had always been like that,except for kids who thinks this is playground.Take care and happy debating


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    The article was so true..Nowadays,peoples are still blaming the girls and claim that they do not have dignity if they didnt have virginity. but they didnt want to blame the guys who force the girls to give their virginty for the sake of their relationship..

    stupid la..
    the one who’ll be pregnant is perempuan..
    blah camtu je la eh?

  • Lizard

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    @las!! Black stallion has give a comment !! Bravo bro!!! Rohit harame!!

  • Thana

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    Sawadi Durai Nice Work… Topics are cool Whoop It Keep UP

  • Asshole

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    Girls are bitches!!!!


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  • Sri Kambarasan Swamigal 69am sect

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    There are some good gals around but hard to find. “Vidhi” or fate that make us meet ” THE LOLAYEES”. Yellam avan seyal. ” Virunthu kupittu parimarinal nalla vayir neriya sapittu kai kalivittu poite eru”

  • x-gen. x-men.

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    @max… good one, bro…!!!
    hehehehe… eppidi…???

  • skygirl

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    sri kambarasan swamigal ==========> nalle thathuvam at las…
    = Virunthu kupittu parimarinal nalla vayir neriya sapittu kai kalivittu poite eru”…LIKE IT…(=

  • deevagar

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    First and foremost , would unceasingly like to admit that I am a female under a man’s identity possession . Alright now that you must be thinking I don’t have the balls ( not literally though ) for shadowing the appeal , but let me say this . I have pure and gritty reasons for doing this so quit that hesitating thoughts and listen up to what I’ve got here .

    Alright basically the points I am about to construct is shunned to all girls out there , be it an ugly Indian chick , or a family’s kuthu vilakku , or why not even a hot gaga . Almost 20 I am and I’ve had two hook-ups by major means yet I still am a virgin . I may sound proud and oriental surreally but note my point , major means . By which I almost indulged into sex but self claimed restraint fortunately .

    My first relationship by which I aged 18 was an odd occurence with this Punjabi freak with Indian mentality . Guessed as much , we hooked up through FB and by first glance he was seemingly good and fairly educated . We chatted by a pretty repeatency of times spanning one week and later with clean intention ( we didn’t even flirt ) , we met for real . A thoughtful conversation we had as we shared past buzz ups and later as he proposed I agreebly said a “Yes” . A motherfucking yes that changed my life for in a month . Now this is where it gets much interesting .

    His vibes before the relationship ( inofficially ) :
    – innocent and intellectual ( claimed he knew not much about porn )
    – passionate and caring ( mentioned he loved his mum fuck much )
    – patient , adopts to non-violent principles

    His vibes after the relationship ( officially ) :
    – horny and irrational ( he watches porn for hours everyday )
    – rude and offensive by foul language ( he don’t fucking even know when is Mother’s Day )
    – goddamn fucking violent , a natural-born-whacker ( the rempit kind )

    See the massive force of changes ? The transformation transpired within only one fucking week . Briefed out , he asked me to strip off during webcam momentos and we made out violently in our second meeting . However much to his conscience he was only dumbfucked because I simply did not entertain his thirst for lust and did not exceed that particular shield beyond making out . In other words , I gave a big no-no when he asked for sex . Weeks later , I eventually broke up with him as he still forced me to . Well the shit here is , I was able to obstruct my virginity from receding away simply because I was aware of his dirty intentions of fucking me . But agreebly , I was dumbfucked majorly because for once I thought he was as good as fuck before we hooked up .

    My second relationship ( same age ) was relatively much of the same shit as he wanted to fuck me good . And you bet , I gave him the same damned shit dump . Note that :
    1. I am much older now , single yet still a virgin
    2. I am sexually attractive ( by no means of exaggeration )
    3. both relationships cropped out in the same year , consequently after long pauses
    4. I am also an industrious nerd

    The friggin point I’m trying to make is , losing virginity is not easy as drinking Cendol . Really am serious about this , as during the relationships I found it extragavantly difficult to resist my lust . Somewhat I did , because the fuck wouldn’t have worth it , and the consequences would have been priorly destructible . It was love on the basing of sex , they did not long for my heart they longed for my body . I knew it all too well and halted it immediately . Because to me , virginity is somewhat too exclusive for a loss . I could only think of my parents and my future by the idea of getting fucked . Lust would only drive you down through the Hell , if only you know how to control your lust life would be much blissed . Save it for the good time , think twice before coupling up with a guy because he could be a bigtime faker . No offense intended to guys , but speaking by sincerely that is the fact and knowingly young girls still fall for it .

    A girl don’t need to suck a cock to prove her love for a guy . Evidently , it’s not love either . I may sound like a lame ass but just regard this remark . Study hard , get a good job , establish yourself in the society , get married and fuck everyday . Or if you plan not to get married , finger yourself . Remember virginity is your price . As long as you lose your price , you no longer do good in the market .

    Get what I mean ? At these petty ages , everything may seem love-like to you but it’s not close to a pure-love and it all bases on affection and lust . Trust me , I’ve gone through a whole lot by experience and thank God , saved myself from physical indulgence . Remember girls , don’t lose your price tag . Your time might just come soon , just not now .

    Durai@deevagar : Brilliant ..brilliant comment!

  • Gunabathy

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    Dats a solid comment Ms “Deevagar”.

  • Kasvini

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    aiyar… so many cultures are obsessed with virginity. One end of the continuum has people dying to lose it, the other end has people dying for losing it, even if they were victimised. Kaliyug.

  • Reena

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    Kudos for writing this openly.

  • reka

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    Love is not at all about virginity.this is my favourite line in ur article durai..for sure thats true enough..let me share my experience with u all..around 2 years back i was in love with one was goin well for about 1 year plus..forget to mention about my fren here.his name is simon(not real name).he is my good fren.he will always said that me n my bf is a really good couples..and the time day i catch my bf with another chick..and both of us break up..can u guys guest wat was the first queation that simon ask me?..(U virgin or wat?if not meanz can i try once with u?)i was really shocked aft that.i was like errrgggghhh like that..and max its one person privacy u noe..u cant go and simply ask about their virginity like that..can u go and ask ur sister whether she virgin or not?its cant

  • Angel

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    well, i like a share a story here. i hv changed da name for privacy purpose. at da age of 18, kavitha was raped by her own bf and his frens. she didnt realise wat hapen to her until da next morning wen she found herself at a hotel room. afta that incident, she was traumatized and didnt tok well to anyone even to her own family member. she distanced herself from evryone for 2 years… even in tat trauma, she manage to finish her STPM (she dropped out frm da college afta tat incident) and joined an uni. there, she met a guy, whom said he loved her… at first da gal refused… this went on for few months, n da gal eventually accepted da guy….. at first da guy was loving and caring… this made da gal to tell da truth tat she wasnt a virgin cz she didnt want him to get hurt knowing it later… she just wantd to b honest to her… he said its was all past and he dun mind… one day they had argumencz she found him msging wit anoda gal( it wasnt normal msgs…. its was more like lovey dovey msgs) and she confronted him… wen she asked for explanation, he said he wasnt happy with her cz she wasnt a virgin….. tis was told by a gud fren of mine(i didnt wan to spoil her name) but i reli want to highlite tis incident… tat guy said he dun mind at first and ended up telling her off like tat…..

    so bro, wat u tink bout tis type of guy… as for me, she didnt have intention to slip wt guys all da time… she js wantd to b honest to her bf?? is it her fault????

    • A-style

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      well said angel.agree with u..sum times we dun kwn lar either in wht intensive a guy and a gurl tinks in relationships…end of the day,its all depends in our hand as how we make the choice for our life…sumtimes there is a gurl who will fall for a guy when she knw he is not a gud tipe one..when we ask,she will say NO I KNOW I CAN CHANGE HIM BY MY LOVE…WTF is it?d best part is,she will tell it to the guy who truly love her…in d end all buta giri giri….wow man this blog makes me addicted….


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