Satisfaction by Durai Benassi

I would post this as a personal opinion and please do not take this too personally. I find people these days had never been satisfied with whatever being given to them. Why? It’s because at the end of the day we’re all human beings.

Before the election:

Indians never get this; never get that, Hindraf, No to MIC, Samy Vellu down down, Indians poor etc.

After the election:

Indians had some, Indians were promised for improvement, Indians voices being heard

You see, the point I’m trying to highlight here is PEOPLE, especially we Indians had never been satisfied with anything we’ve got. True and fair enough we had been discriminated. But don’t you think many of us are using that as an excuse into not working hard?

Before the election, when nobody wants to help us, people complained. And when people want to help for the betterment of Indian community, still complain. Whatever hell the reason you’re trying to give; do you think you’ve done enough for the Indians?

Do not give reasons that you can’t help them because you’re not in positions and so on. If you indeed have the initiative and heart to help, you can do your part for your society. Reverting back the question to me, I would answer honestly, yes, I’ve not done that much for the improvement. So, why stop others who are trying to do something?

Enough of politics here and there. Enough of MIC no and Hindraf Yes, Take a break. Do your part for the betterment of the society.

When Indians were not provided opportunity, we were told that no one wants to help us. When some wanted to, you condemn them of being racist.

Take it up from political parties, which party had helped us Indians? MCA, PKR, PAS etc? What? Which one? None. Only the racially based parties would be helping our community. So, why label them of being racist? That’s a wrong concept, isn’t it? The sad fact is other parties help their own race. True, and that is why they’re called as such.

I recently read Putera MIC blog which stated that they’re having some plans for the Indians. They’re being bombarded all over without any proper reason. Why so? If you’re not sure of something, please construct your points and give it to them. Please ask them .Question them. There is nothing wrong. But do not de-motivate these guys. What had been done in the past must be forgotten. Justifications without data are invalid. Ask them what their plans are.

I’m not claiming myself pro-MIC or Hindraf supporter. I would rather be someone neutral. Being centrist would be a better option for me to judge something. Although my thoughts will contradict with yours, but that is what we call as debatable argument.

100’s of reasons that we can’t improve this and so on. Why do we always need the support of political based parties alone to help the Indian community? Let them play their part in improving our society. Let us do something else as our part.

‘Makkal Sakhti’ means people power. Why can’t we use this people’s power to help each other? Simple things that you can do like teaching tuitions for the Indians poor students, donate, charity, help highlight other’s pledge and so on. Why Makkal Sakthi is solely focused on politics?

A fine example who earned my utmost respect would be Mr.Mahendran( ,where he does his part of charity in a unique way of his own. Is he basing his charity work basing on politics? As far as I know, it’s a no. And another no, I ‘tak sapu butter’ and I don’t have to. He do not have a banner of my blog on his site. It’s just my honest opinion and he certainly deserves that. I know there are some other bloggers too doing their own part.Also check out He is a well known ‘Machan'(Sorry Makkez for using Machan).He got his own way too. Well, it’s all good.

Let’s wake up and each of us let’s do our part. Even how small it is, it would certainly be something big for the person we’re going to help. Enough of barking here and there that we’re not getting attention. We’ve got the attention. Let the attention continues while we work our way up.

Wake up my brothers. Enough of political masalas as a reason for you not helping others. My standing ovation for those who helps the Indians. No matter who you are.

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    on a serious note; thank you. am honored.
    Agree with you fully. ppl tend to go to the wrong path when they are all over excited and filled with emotions.
    There is a distinct difference between HINDRAF and Makkal Sakthi. MS was a renaissance of sort among Malaysians, its an awakening. While Hindraf was the group responsible for it, but not all wat to b part of Hindraf.

    hence came MSakthi.

    MS is not for political alone. it superceeds that. its bout awakening. as i have said in my previous article, its the..THE malaysian renaissance.

    thkx :)

    on a lighter jovial mood :P eh no banner of urs in my blog aa? pottaaa pochi :P my blog also not in ur blogroll :( hahahaha lol
    neway its thkx duraaai saaar!!!

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    Lol. Yours also done brotherrrrr..:D

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    Oh my god, I can’t believe you listed my blog bro! You should include your blog as well in that list! ;)

    Makkez = machan = no problem! =D

    Valge machansss!….

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    @Makkez, You deserve it. :D


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