1942 Love Story

Let’s put up a very interesting scenario. We have seen millions of lovers all over the world vow to each other that they would be together forever. In which, half of them getting divorced or go separate ways not so long after being in a relationship.

In our life, our ‘life’ is important. I mean we have to live, don’t we? You can sacrifice anything in your life except for your life. If my statement seems to be rather confusing to you, what I’m trying to say is; the most important thing for normal human beings is being alive and breathing. If you still do not understand, I’m wordless.

Now onwards with the subject in mind. When couples vow to each other, do they really mean it? I would give you a death and life situation. Let’s say you and your lover, walking happily back home after a movie. You’re walking on a dark street when all of a sudden; you saw this few guys rushing towards you with a long sword. They charged towards your partner. They slashed your partner and didn’t do anything towards you. What would you do? This could be the probable 3 things.

1. Run away
2. Help your partner
3. Die together with your partner

If you happen to say No.1, I would pretty much agree with you. Why because we’re normal beings and it is normal for us to save our own life first. Enough of all that shit Tamil movies where hero’s comes and saves the heroin’s by jumping through the window and so on. Be honest. Wouldn’t you run away? I’ve seen so many guys who said they would do anything for their partner running away when they encounter some problems. And hey, I’m not talking about someone coming and robbing you, I’m talking about normal circumstances and simple problems.

Above picture is just for entertainment.

Enough of guys saying he will die for the girl and so on. Enough of the girls saying she can’t live without him. Enough of your love craps .Oh no, now I would be labeled as ‘chap who failed in love’ and hates love. I do not have any of those syndromes. I mean enough of all the usual dramas and dialogues. Maybe 1 or 2 percentage of this so called honest relationship is there. These couples would be there to dodge bullet into their body rather than their partner. That is understandable. What about the rest?

For your information, I did fail in relationship but I’m not ranting here because I’m heartbroken. I do not share the same perception as some of the guys out there. I’ve seen too many shits out there who says they’ve broken off and thus writing some cheap poems of loves and so on. Come on , grow up. Look at the bigger picture. If you fail in love, fuck it off and move on. Enough of singing Kamal Hassan songs and drinking some cheap liquor. It’s not going to work.

Life is too short to be wasted thinking about who broke your heart. Best still, move on. A short rewind to the topic, I would applaud some of you who said they would run away. Maybe you would run away and call for backup. This is understandable too. Aiyo, but no, don’t say you will stay there and fight with 4 machete wielding guys and you’re totally weaponless. How are you going to fight them? Again I do not want to hear some stories you would defend your partner using your dick or whatever. It is just not possible.

Sentiments would be there. I mean a brave person would never leave her partner aside and run away. But I would put these type of person under the same umbrella in the 2 percentage relationship I mentioned earlier. I see girls having more sentiments towards their guys. A standing ovation for them because they always seem to be very protective towards their partner. Be it guy or lesbian partners.

Why did I bring this topic is because I’ve just finished reading one heartbreak poem on the net composed by an Indian guy. All the sentiments was put together in that poem and together with it was a very beautiful fucked up porn like story on how did their relationship started and ended. Aiyo,Tamila,very shame la.

Following up the poem was a few fans who I think fall under the same category of being hurt in a relationship perhaps. I tell you, with a very good command in English (sarcasm), their follow up comments that I saw was this:

“Your tears is expressed through the words”
“Heartbreak is normal, but normally cannot heartbreak”
“Please forget her. You’re my fren and I need u. There are thousands roses, you will get another one”

OH GOD…Help me through this ordeal. I know the poem was written by a very young guy perhaps. Look at the comments.

“Your tears is expressed through the words”
Through the words, what the fuck are you trying to say. I was looking and reading the poem so many times and I cant see any teardrops on my screen also. I even copy paste it in notepad file but still unable to see any water. Whatever sentiment shit you’re trying to advice; that got to be lame.

“Heartbreak is normal, but normally cannot heartbreak”
How about this? What on earth does above suppose to mean? I know you would have laughed when you first saw this sentence thus I do not want to elaborate.

“Please forget her. You’re my fren and I need u. There are thousands roses, you will get another one”
Although this last comment is not withdrawing my laughter, nevertheless, I knew there is still some guy out there who talks the same language with me. Minusing the fact that it contains some sad sentiment mixed together.

This topic is a combination of 2 things:

I would summarize it as our life is the most important thing rather than our partners in life. Please understand I said partner and lover, not your family members.

When you break off, fuck off and move on. Enough of crapping about how you lived together and so on. They’re too many girls out there, what are your chances not getting a better one? And for the girls, they’re too many guys out there, why do you think you won’t get a better one?

The moral of the story is, leave gone love, live your life.

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    actually ah bro , i have never met any guys who go DEVADASS when they fail in love. Mostly just continue with life :)

    Our generation is a bit different edi ;-)..

    Kadal le oru meena ? ;-)

    Valkai Valvatharke!! Valuvom, Velluvom!!!

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    Aaah I will blame it on our Tamil movies. And no, English movies don’t make people do all those things. Period.

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    Aaaah sac….can’t blame tamil movies 100%….i wil jus blame d individual dumbass only….don’t they have brain to think….

  • Kavita

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    “Heartbreak is normal, but normally cannot heartbreak”

    as u said.. i was laughing wen saw that..
    how bout tis,,
    “got a lot roses not one not two but many so y want 2 cry over a spoilt rose”
    saw that in one friendster shout out… :-D

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    @novinthen : banyak bro guys mcm ni. if u want to check online, just go through random profiles.angge pakelam

    @satcyr : Agreed brother

    @rubee : This individual dumbass gets their inspiration from?……. refer satcyr’s comment :D

    @kavtia : We have a lot of kannadasan’s among Malaysian Indians la Kav.

  • LB

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    Partner, I need to read the poem..why i have a strong feeling i know the person who wrote that crap..honestly i got my own share of friends who over react when their relationship comes to an end as for me..yes,who wouldn’t feel a bit upset but i can honestly say that all those who i went out with before as a couple(not so many la), i end up being friends with them the day we break up..how you expect to love and care for someone one day and when you break up..the person becomes their worst enemy??All my ex(again,i mention there’s not many but both genders la =p ) are my close friends now, as we speak im getting ready to go to my ex-gf’s hse for her engagement…isn’t it better this way rather than drinking and making a fool of yourself? Move on already…if the relationship ain’t going no where, take an action before you start insulting the word love…and stop giving your life for others unless it’s necessary!

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    Well the reason why I said Tamil movies was because, up to age 12, you don’t get much of a feel of the outside world other than what your parents tell you, and of course from movies and serials. When you reach secondary school.. friends become the major source of knowledge you should know (more especially if you don’t have any **elder** siblings).. and if you do have elder siblings, then probably they influence you more than parents.. but of course.. ultimately where does everyone get their “inspirations” from?? Tamil movies.

    And comparatively, ask anyone who doesn’t have siblings and close friends, they will tend to be more introvert and have a collected mind (and thus less interest in love and such things)

    Phew.. =)

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    huhu…..But it’s up to the individual aite wether wana get influenced with this damn tamil movie stories….alrite,I can say that this tamil movies playz their role in influencing n who got influenced are true dumbass…..Think think think..they don’t have thinking capability…..haizzz……screw those who follow tamil movies!!!!

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    Aaah yes they dunno how to think.. thats a better point than mine, i think its bcoz they dunno how to think so then they follow tamil movies!! :D

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    *grabs some popcorn while watching the rest argues……* :D

  • Lizard

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    bak kata Ilayaraja “Seetha ilathi , Geetha ilathi , Radha inggileya?
    *Bak kata pepatah Sentosa Indians ” Vandha Minachi , Ponna Mayirachi”
    *Bak kata pepatah kambe keras kaigel “Vandha Fatimah , Ponna Pukimak”

    Bak kata Lizard ” Dont forget to keep yaself alive. There is nothing more important than that”

  • devillicangel

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    i totally agree to the part u said that we should move on after a love failure.. but in my concern, what is your opinion on some people who had actually moved on from their past… but they remained to be single and never find another companion in their lives..(even after so many years!!) can we say this people are sincerely in love or another piece of drama?


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