Century for ragedindian.com

Greetings Readers and my dear friends. Today, I’ve got a good news and a bad news altogether.

‘Someone’ agreed to sponsor the cost of maintaining my site for the next few years. Which was like a huge relief since the cost of maintaining this site will be taken care of that ‘someone’.

But good things always comes with rules and regulations. The same goes here .In order to achieve this sponsorship, I’ll have to increase my email subscribers count to at least 100 .Aside from this, there are some other things that need to be done, but that can be done from my side.The only thing I need is the above help.

Please understand that I’m not asking for any money or any other type of things from you. Please show your support.

Looking at my blog current unique hits right now which is steadily growing more than 100 everyday and being consistent for the past few weeks, I believe the target set to me is reasonable.

Thus, I pledge all my readers here who have not subscribed for my mailing list to subscribe now. This small help would be a big thing from all of you.

Yes,Yes, I can actually open up some fake mail accounts and then use that . But then , it defeats the purpose of maintaining this site in a genuine way then.

If you have any of your friends who is a blog reader as well,please spread the word.I have exactly one month to achieve the target.

Once again, thanking in advance.

1. Look on the right column.
2. You can see something called as enter your email address. Just enter your mail address over there.
3. Once done, go to your mail inbox and confirm the subscription.

I’ll be displaying a count on the right sidebar to remind readers about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve the target.

Jun kulleh century adikenum.

Allah Malik.



 Update : I’ve been given extension until I reach at least 50. Please show your support..

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