The Friendly Indians

Selamat petang dan salam sejahtera kawan kawan. It’s been some time, I’m back . Short talk. Few years back, me and Grandmaster was walking along with few friends when we saw this young white guy walking towards us. He gave a warm smile and so one of my friend said this to him : “Yo, […]


“I will be going to Tioman for 3 days. Apologies , there will be no updates. Till then, enjoy debating about this post.” Yet another love story by me. You see, the reason I love to write about love because I watch porn as well. Confused? You should not be, let me clear out your […]


This is just for fun: I received this email like a year back, for those who haven’t read this: This are movies that are expected to come : In a humorous approach of course: Vijaykanth: Dharmapuri, Masala poori, Chola poori , Pani poori…. Arya: Nan Kadavul,Nan Yeman, Nan PundaMavan… Vijay: Pokkiri, Mollamari, Kepmari,Kamnatti Surya: 6, […]

I am also know Technology

Forget about the title. Purposely wrote it that way for a direct attack towards someone. Prequel: I will try as much as possible to eliminate profanities. God help me. I’ve always wanted to write something related to technology and computers. In fact when I first started out this blog, I wanted to write about tech […]

Tamil Militants…

From those days, I’ve always hated people who don’t walk the talk. Preach what you’re not going to do. Talking about the thing that you never going to implement. A person who impersonates this kind of things and say they will set an example end up being part of the rubbish. People who said will […]

Ayo Tuhan,black cat crossed!

Superstitious in Hinduism. Two things that can’t be separated and plays a very big role in our daily life. I’m sure many of us would have heard it before. Most probably the person who always nags about this things in your home might be your mother. Woman and superstitious sentiments have a very strong relationship […]


Just a quick question, see if you can answer this correctly. Just for fun, remember. Computer mouseĀ  – What do you think most probably would the gender be if it has one? Please give your reasons. See how many can answer correctly. P.S : While waiting for my next post….


Love. What a word it is and the only word that is most used in the world. A word that is commonly used and expressed that even animals have this feelings. Commonly interpreted in human language as the passion and care that human beings share towards their partner. Love can be the downfall or uprising […]

Indians are Cra’p’b La…

Looking at the sudden uprising of Indians today in Malaysia who had become more alert than ever, I think it is high time for me to write this article. I have long noticed a bad habit among us. We, Indians had always been linked to crabs. Crabs? Yes, I can hear you’re saying ‘What the […]

Petrol Lagi

If there is any dissatisfaction that you have against the petrol prise which had increased, perhaps you should sign the petition. Although I doubt the outcome in which I think it will be totally useless, I did just to see how many Malaysian’s would spend time to at least sign this petition. Go Sign guys […]