Teenage Mutant Friendster Indians

I’m receiving too many hatred message from teenage immature kids who happens to stumble upon my blog.Best of all, it is send directly to my email address. Thus, as a tribute, I present this post to them.May your hatred email escalates to a higher level.

Yet another Friendster story by me.

Categorize me in the loop of people who will not stop criticizing Malaysian Indians when comes to profile creativity. Day by day, love seems to be more linked to Friendster rather than anything else.

The topic today is our brothers and sisters who have Friendster account and in the age group below 18. Oh yes, they ‘rawwkkk’. You see, when you open up social network for bunch of school kids, automatically Friendster would become ‘Fiancester’.

Sometimes when I accidentally browse through this teenage girls and boys profile, you would see all kind of love message scattered all over their profile. The purpose of this remains unknown but the things that always seem to be gurgling in my mind would be this love sentence and poems on their shout out.

I mean, thangachi’s , what do you know about love anyway at the age of 14? And you’re telling me this-

“<lOv€ Ha$ nOtHiNG 2 d0 wIT WaT U Ar€ €xP€cTiNg 2 G€T bUt 0nLi WaT U aR€ €xP€cTiNg 2 GiV€>…….”

Where do you scrap these lines from ay? I can’t stand out the factor that these girls who are not even supposed to be in Friendster talks about love and how genuine it could be. At this age, you would usually be in affection ay. Inter-relating both doesn’t make sense. 14 and I bet you might have not even reached your puberty yet, and you talk about love? Love is lust at this age. The moment you say you love him; he will screw you and then dump you. There goes your love. And then you would put another shout out that you hate love. Few days down the road another guy sends you a message and there you go again opening up your pants for him.

Now, when I read the story of the RM 5 sex sluts in the papers few days ago, I wouldn’t be surprised because of the amount of love that is going on in Friendster ay. Even adult girls get cheated in Friendster, tell me about you, what are the chances you’re not screwed if you post up this kind of lovey dovey messages.

Guys hunt on type of girls who post up shit like these. I do not know if you’re trying to be a center of attraction, but you’re really captivating many with the combination of cam whoring and slut like dressing pictures.

To talk about these teenage school girls in Friendster, there is sometimes too much so I would not want to dedicate this post on the above matter alone. Let us see some other laughable matters too.

This guy’s name:

He is on his school uniform posing up with few friends. The name would be DJ *****. And he’s 16. I doubt the probability he even know what is the abbreviation of DJ .And to put further doubt in mind would be if he knows what DJ’s do or where do they work. From his Favorite Music, I picked out this: Urumi Melam. Thambi, where got DJ turn-table using Urumi Melam music?

Just to give you a glimpse: Look at the picture below.

Above picture was edited just for laughs.

Next comes, Miss Dumb from Muar, Johor. Her name had been changed due to privacy issue. Anyway, I believe that’s the name that suits her best. Her shout out was like this “Hi friends, add me in. I LOVE TO MAKE WITH FRIENDS. Plz live a message yar.”

Please pay attention to I love making friends. I don’t really know if what she meant was love to make ‘out’ with friends or what. Put aside her grammar mistakes as we know that’s common among them. Ah yes, just like the bunch of Sun TV jokers. Well, what makes her dumb then?

Private Profile [Restricted to Miss Dumb’s friends]
Messaging Off Messaging Off [Restricted to Miss Dumb’s friends]

Ah, yes we can’t send any message .If this is the case, then how do we ‘live’ a message then? So, just for the sake of testing I tried to add her. And sure enough, it’s asking for email address. Thangachi, enama achi

I’ll add on this one as just an additional joke. I saw another profile with a shout out such as this –

“Life is short, so enjoy your life”

All right, that’s reasonable. And when I look at her picture, she was indeed short like dwarf la ay.I couldn’t stop laughing .What? I didn’t know her life was that short anyway. Oh poor her, that’s explains the reasons she put that shout out maybe.

One simple message, readers, if you have brothers and sisters, please check if they have Friendster. Fucking online had been made easier by some. Remember, RM 5.

Begitulah sedikit sebanyak kes-kes dalam Friendster yang dapat dianalisis pada hari ini.Sehingga kita berjumpa lagi, di hari dan masa yang berlainan,salam sejahtera.

If you have anything to say, please ‘live’ me a message. :D

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14 comments to Teenage Mutant Friendster Indians

  • LB

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    Ha..Ha…Ha..I’m still laughing…my my…the entertainment we get through friendster just doesn’t fail me day by day….partner,do ‘live’ me a message when you free…ha..ha..ha….

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    s@v@d! @rT!cL3 bR0!

    *trying my level best to type like those… well… you know who!*


    *Oh and thanks for the backlink! ;)

    DJ Makkez

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    the secret of getting hits in frenster is tat u must write shoutout using 0 (zero) instead of O (o) ahahaha and also a combination of big and small letters…

    aNyOn3 0uT tHeR3 Wh0 g0t iT??@~!

    frenster rocksss nyway =p its where u can find free cuci mata service

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    hello stupid. you dont like, you dont read. ur grandma never tell you ah? stupid. no wonder indians are all a bunch of crabs. bodoh.

  • russ cohen

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i know exactly what u mean, man…
    i hate people like that. they are easily influenced by those romantic comedies. but not to these people, do they realize that theyre too ugly to be drawn by love that dont even exist?! they’re really sickenning.

  • russ cohen

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    wait3x. WHAT’S UP WITH THIS STUPID PERSON?! he’s even stupid enough to name himself stupid. did his grandma ever taught him that?! and indians are a bunch of CRABS?! WTF?! surely he’s a f’in malay one..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Mr/Mrs Stupid,
    Anything that is shown or displayed directly to the public is considered open to all and should be ready for the consequences of the act.

    My grandma do not have friendster thus she couldn’t teach me this.

    Indians are bunch of ‘crabs’? It’s crap, Mr/Mrs. Stupid. Racial statement I would consider your last line. Considering your parents named you stupid, I was not surprised you made such a remark.

    As an additional reading, I would suggest dictionaries for you.Thank you.

    P.S : Be profesional with your remarks next time, Mr/Mrs Stupid.

  • Lizard

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    Your parents should name you Stupid muthafucka or alternatively Stupid bastard!!

  • Sarah

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    hmm found ur link tru anotha article..anyway good job there!! i cudnt stop laughing:P…a better suggestion would be for u to actually post a buletin on friendster and let those immature brats read ur post and realise the consequences to their silly actions..cuz small brats usually dont read or take notice of articles out of friendster!!tc and keep blogging!!

  • Asshole

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    “I LOVE TO MAKE WITH FRIENDS. Plz live a message yar.” what a stupid bitch. LOL

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    paavam that gal lah weyyy. anyway i wonder too nowadays kids below 12 also got friendster. alaaamakkk no betta work fer them la tu.

  • V-RocK

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    HAHAHA.. THIS IS FUN.. You know, I had friends who preyed on those kinda gals. i had friendster too, and my oh my.. u guys wont believe the type of immature people you meet.. from thug wannabez to babe wannabez.. its countless.. i added this guy named [CENSORED], wic wasnt his real name.. and guess what? i found out that this guy was a kid in my school.. like form 2! and i was form 5! but the kid has got gang signs and all the I’M A THUG, WORSHIP MY POWER kinda crap..

    and the gals.. i dont know why but theses gals will message guys. its alright if the dudes are seeking frenship, but.. u know la.. its a rare case..
    some makkehz i noe used to sweet talk those kinfda girls and hook up with them in about 2 weeks! one of them had about 5 girls at the same time..

    So my advice to the upcoming generation is: little ones, is good to be social.. but pls take care of your image.. palli paruvatthil varum aasaigal Kaadhal all, verum Hormones and Sexual Attraction.. so pls.. BE CAREFUL!
    and the thambis, dont try to be a thug, u dont know and will never understand it.. imagine if the police are monitoring your profiles.. kantoi saja la thambi..

    study and come up inlife.. thats y u go to school.. =)


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