Indians are Cra’p’b La…

Looking at the sudden uprising of Indians today in Malaysia who had become more alert than ever, I think it is high time for me to write this article. I have long noticed a bad habit among us. We, Indians had always been linked to crabs. Crabs? Yes, I can hear you’re saying ‘What the Fuck”? You heard it right, its crabs.

Why? For those who are naive about this, let me elaborate this further. If you put up fellow friends of crabs inside a pail, they would of course be trying to climb out. What do the other crabs do? They would not let their friend to come out instead they would pull their friends leg and make them fall down again to the pale. There goes the cycle. All around they would be grabbing each other legs who is trying to climb up and till the end none of the crabs would be coming out from the pale.

Why do I sound like Steve Irwin today? Now, implement this into human beings.

Let us take Indians and Chinese, the other two majority ethnics in Malaysia. Chinese work their way up, and then pushes another one up. The cycle goes on and on until they’re on the top. Opposing it, whenever an Indian climbs up, the other majority Indians would do their best to pull him down. Why on earth?

Then, we proudly say because we’re Indian.

By now, you would have guessed it right. I know that you know. You’ve probably heard it before too. Probably when someone curse you, “Indians are crap la!”, what he really meant must be ” Indians are crabs la”.

Indians mentality=Crabs mentality

Setting jokes aside, think about this. Why do we, Indians always have to fight and be the downfall of another Indian? Ah, no, do not say that we Indians are united and so on. I would disagree because there are still few minority groups who would still prefer to be crabs in our society.

Makkal Sakthi you say . But you can’t even get along with your own race, how do you expect Makkal Sakthi power to unveil then? Shouting and talking about Makkal Sakthi is not a big thing, it’s the spirit. I’ve long before told that Makkal Sakthi is not any politically based word thus spare at least these two words for people like me . Still, it is being linked with politics.

Now again with the topic in mind. Consider the following:

1. Whenever something is done by any Indian,
2. Whenever one Indian achieves something,
3. Whenever one Indian is helping another,
4. Whenever one Indian is showing his talent,
5. Whenever there is one Indian standing up for your rights,
6. Whenever there is one Indian holding your hand to the right path,

Give your support. Why the fuck do you always have to bash up? You see, I do not point my arrows to someone to bring them down in my articles. I do not raise my hand just because the majority of us raise our hand. Why because I have my own brain. I have my own brain to think what is right and what is wrong. Whenever one person starts criticizing about something, do not jump onto the river without knowing its depth. You have your own brain, use that. Analyze. Please do not talk about constructive criticism when you do not even understand what is the meaning of it.

Judge something using your senses. God gave us that ability, didn’t he?

My dear Indians, roaring the word of unity is not enough. Start living like ants. They set a better example for us. If you can spare some time to look back where you’ve gone wrong, please also spend time monitoring how these ants work.

I’ll give you a simple example.

Whenever I see local Indian talents wanting to perform something on National TV for an example, everyone starts criticizing and demoralizing him. Watch, see where he goes wrong, if there is any way you can let him know how to improve, do it. Enough of sitting in front of your television and cursing him.

Whenever I see one Indian tries to do something to bring up the life quality of another Indian, immediately we’ll be cursing and critisizing him until he drops dead where he actually started.

The above is just for an example.

I’ve seen the same in working environment, schooling, college, and not to be left out even in the blogging world. I do not want to get too personal when I intended this message for the general public. Enough of cutting each other’s dick, let us grow together.

United we should be, not only by words, by action.

Tamilan endre solleda, Thalai nimenthe nee nilleda!

Let me declare again that I’m not politically active. I’m a blogger of my own style and I have my own stand. Do not be fucking dumb not to even understand this simple thing. Unity, preaching it is fucking easy, doing it is fucking hard. Especially when you have some fucking idiots accusing me something which I’m fucking not.

20 comments to Indians are Cra’p’b La…

  • aravind

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    ha..ha..ha.. well said bro.

  • kavita

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    yep..true… very very true..

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    Savadi bro! Gotta agree with you 101%!
    To whom it may concern, fikirlah untuk kebaikan kita bersama……

    “Balu boleh maju!”
    Who is Balu lar bro? :D

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    Makkez, I made it like chinese talking la bro. They always swallow the ‘r’ letter wat. It’s baru actually. hehe

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    This crab thing happen because , we Indians since our historical age have very strong eager for self pride , fame and most important status.

  • Lizard

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    A chinese man had a money printing machine. Once he printed enough money that he wanted, he sell the machine to another chinese man. At the same time , a indian man also had the machine. He made tons of money with it. But once he made enough money , he passed the machine to a chinese. Thats the exact scenario which is happening among indians….
    India samudayam ethe nokki poikithe irekene teriyile…

  • Asshole

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    Indians only got the guts to challenge another indian, but when it come to another race their balls seems to shrink, that why indians got no face in this country. This also applies with their pride, fame and status. Fucking cowards and indian movie brains!!!

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    Simple explanation.

    A Chinese always looks at another Chinese with pride.
    An Indian always looks at another Indian with jealousy.
    Malay, sorry no comments.


  • aravind

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    very true sactyr. jealously and indians cannot be separated. :p

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    nandu mathri vaalatheda, erumbu pole vaale paruda…
    nandu kathey kathey…nandu kathey kathey…

    -kashmir stone-

  • Sarah

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    well i had a conversation bout dis topic witha frend before n dis is exactly what we both had in mind…how much more true can it get??…esp. among families, i realise there is no support for a child to develop watsoeva except for backstabbing and criticism!!this will eventually pull dat person down instead of succeeding!!

  • aravind

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    u mean this happens in families as well? hmmm…hard to belif.:-(

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    as per inba2004k statement,this topic reminds me Kashmir Stone songs ” Nande Katte”…
    nice n meaningful songs..

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    nice example bro…
    keep post such articles..
    we Indians still lack of unity..

  • maya

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    i agree 100%. we indians are lack of unity. we should learn from the chinese. at any situation, they give priority to their own race unlike indians.

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    WOW what a article…

    vijay style le oru dialog solanum na…
    “peche kuraicithu, seyal le kanbingada” :P

    I’ve strong tot’s that the word “makkal shakti” united all the “INDIANS” in malaysia. as appreciate the 5 ‘heroes’ we must help each others and success in our life.

    a truely ANT-ins. :)

  • chelvi ganesan kandan

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    Durai.. I noticed you wrote this article back in 2008. In a few months it will be exactly 3 years. Personally, we Indians are still there, lagging behind, at the same place we were 3 years ago. Our teenagers are still involved in gangsterism, there are still Indians without Basic necessesities and the list obviously continues.
    Those people who are supposed to be the Voices of Makkal, are busy saving as much as they can before they will be kicked off from their posts.
    Even talking to each other in Tamizh, seems degradotary to some, how many are going to support the other Indian in any field they are involved in?
    May this change soon!

  • Foreigner

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    Thanks. It’s a nice article.
    As a foreigner, I’m living in Malaysia and I’ve visited India twice before.
    I’m very interested in India, their culture, religion and people.
    I guess I know the reason for this cultural problem.
    First of all, I don’t mean to be provocative or degrade your culture and your people. I just want to share my thoughts here that I feel and think about this problem.
    I think it is kind of a servile spirit. As far as I know, they were oppressed for a long time before coming to Malaysia. They knew their destiny and that made something like a servile spirit culture and it is still survived even though there’s no more caste system in Malaysia. So, they don’t want someone who is similar themselves(class, race, economic status..) to be prosperous or successful. Because it was impossible when they lived in India.

    Actually my country had a similar history and we still have some similar symptom in our culture. But fortunatelly, the problem is disappearing little by little. A merit system is a dominative culture in my country and it has been wiping out the servile spirit. The merit system is also creating many social problem though. I hope Indian Malaysian and Indian also overcome the bad legacy of their history.


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