Love. What a word it is and the only word that is most used in the world. A word that is commonly used and expressed that even animals have this feelings. Commonly interpreted in human language as the passion and care that human beings share towards their partner. Love can be the downfall or uprising of any human beings in the world. Yes, it can.

Let us talk about Indians and love. In particular, young Indians and love. Or shall i say young Indians and lust? Ladies and gentleman, the moment the word love rings in a 15 year old boy or girl eardrum, what would most probably the interpretation of love be for them? Let me state it clear cut. Pure lust and affection. How come our young brothers and sisters got involved in love at this young age? Let us analyze.

Indians cinemas and movies

The moment he sees Jayam Ravi knees down and propose his love in movies, there he goes down the next day in the school towards the girl he likes. The moment she sees Trisha writing a love letter for Vijay, there Kamachi goes writing a love letter for her classmate Muthu. See, typical Indian cinema stories being implemented in daily school life. See the influence that cinema plays in our life? It’s a major impact towards schooling children’s. Not to be denied that everyone would have had these feelings towards their school or classmates during these schooling years. But year by year, as the influence of cinema begins to play a good motivation material of love towards youngsters, they become more than ever daring to do anything for their love.

Let me tell you a true story. (Take note character names had been changed for fun)

So, this guy by the name of Siva started sending sms to a girl named Ayamma. Ayamma has two brothers in which both are elder. Although Ayamma is a very obedient girl at home, as usual love came knocking on the door on Ayamma’s mother’s handphone. These Siva started sending out sms to this girl, cutting the story short, all types of lovey-dovey stories sms. Since Ayamma do not own a handphone, Siva eventually found out a way to communicate. In which, her mother’s handphone. See, how strong love is. Then , one day, one of the brother, heard complains from her mother that she is receiving funny messages from anonymous sender. The brother, Mookan , was equally devastated seeing her mother receiving these type of messages. CSI findings revealed that it’s Ayamma’s classmate.

The conversation was in Tamil but anyhow I’ve translated it to English for those who might not understand Tamil.

Actual conversation:

Mookan : Hello, Yare Siva va?
(Hello, is this Siva)

Siva : Ama, Siva than. Yare peserethe?
(Yes, Siva here. Who’s on the line?)

Mookan : Nan ingge inthe hp owner peseren. Yanpa eneke inthe mathiri message anepereh?
(I’m the owner of this phone. Why are you sending this type of message?)

Siva: Hello, yar peserethe
(Hello, who’s on the line?)

Mookan : Nan ingge enah Astro comedy program ah pandren. Siva thanne ni?
(Do you think I’m doing Astro comedy program here. You’re Siva right?)

Siva : Ama. Siva than soldrele. Ningge yar peserethe?
(Yes, I’ve told you I’m Siva. Who are you?)

Mookan : Nanthanda Ayamma anne peseren. Yanda en thangachi ke inthe message ellam anepereh.
(I’m Ayamma’s brother here. Why are you sending this type of message to my sister?)

Siva : Oh, sollengeh ne. Enthe message ne. Nan onem anepeleyeh.
(Oh bro, tell bro. Which message bro? I didn’t send anything also)

Mookan : Thambi , en kithe seyathe. Nan kathe kuttithen.
(Brother, don’t play play with me lo. I’ve pierced my ears di)

Siva : Sathiyema ne. Enane peseringgeh?
(Promise bro. I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

Mookan : Dei Mayire , school payen ne pakeren, ilathi nee siap ah ayirepeh.
( Dei Hair *smile , I sympathize because you’re a student. If not, you will be gone.)

Siva : Helo,helo , konjem mariyatheya pesengge. Ama, anepeneh, kathalikiren. Atheke?
(Helo,helo, please watch your word. Yes, I did send, I love her. So? )

Mookan : Dei, yanda ipedi comedy pandrengge. Mineh pinneh adi vanggi irukiyah?
(Dei, why you doing this comedy all? Have you ever got whacked before this?)

Siva : Nan Ayamma unmaiyah kadhalikiren. Athevum eneh kathalikum. Time kudethe parenggeh.
(I love Ayamma sincerely. She will also love me soon. Give me time.)

Mookan : Dei, nee enah pesereh ne theriyetha?
(Dei, do you know what you’re talking?)

Siva : Theriyethe bang. Yare ethethalum seri, nan kathalipen. Ungge thangachi ethethalum seri.
(I know bro. Whoever against me also, I will love her. Even if she is against it.)

Mookan : Ore comedy da unodeh.Adi vanggenum ne mudive panithe. Cheri, nalaike school vareviyah pa?
(You’re a comedy la. You’ve decided to get whacked. All right, are you coming to school tomorrow?)

Siva : Vareven. Angge vangge pesikilan.
(Yes, come there, we can talk there.)

Mookan : Cheringge ne. Nan angge vanthe ‘peseren’.
(All right, anna, I will come there and ‘talk’)

Siva : Athe. Bye.
(Right. Bye.)

Mookan : Sethe da nee nalaike.
(You’re dead meat tomorrow)

Call dropped. See, what a conversation it was. And yes, this is an actual conversation which happened. How do I know so precisely? Well, I played the character of Mookan, and Ayamma was my sister. Why did I make it such a comical thing? That is how it is happening. Imagine this; a boy 16 years old dares to talk to me when he knows that I’m the brother.

Where we have gone now? My sister received her punishment although I see no fault from her side. But just to be proactive regarding this matter, I decided she needs some heavy slaps as well.


About the boy, immediately after that call, I received another call from Siva’s brother asking not to do anything. I told the brother how Siva talked to me, and the brother claims immediately after talking to me, he came crying to him. That’s when he came to know about the story and called me to apologize. I just gave up on this matter since this is just normal I guess.

See, throughout the conversation , you can see how cinemas had influenced the way he talked. Take note how he ended up the call. Athe,Bye. God, how raged I’m that time. Blaming him entirely is not going to help.

So, who’s to be blamed. At the end of the day, no one except for ourselves. How much we try to protect and take care of the little brothers and sisters, we will be actually provoking them to do things out of the norm. As crazy as it sound to be, this is the world that we’re currently living in. You might argue about this, that I’m judging all the Indians according to this one particular guy, but hell no, think about it- haven’t you heard any type of similar stories before?

When people say that Indian cinemas do not have an influence, I would strongly disagree. It does play it’s own part. Which sometimes carries a minor impact if you’re lucky, while it might be major if you’re not. In my case, it was certainly minor.

What I wanted to highlight again is, our sisters and brothers are sometimes too young to know anything. Keep an eye on them, as what they’re capable of doing might shock even you!

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    Athevum eneh kathalikum. Time kudethe parenggeh.
    (She will also love me soon. Give me time.)

    LOL that one line summarises what you wrote la. Typical Indian movie lines. But yes I do agree with you. Not only love, but just imagine 4 year olds saying Rajini’s one liners, or imitating Vijays lines. And how will the elder brothers react? They will cheer and pat their brothers. Sigh.

    ABC dunno, but know Ghilli, Tirupachi aruval, etc etc. It has got to a point where a 8 year old kid I know called himself Ipoh’s Vijay Rasigar Mandram President. Funny thing is that his parents think their 8 year old son is cool and they beam with pride whenever the kid says Vijay lines. Sigh.

  • Lizard

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    Luckily i got no sisters…Yahoo!!!!!

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    These type of boys all are desperate cases lar bro.

    And, as for the telephone conversation, the boys all would be talking as if they are a big paruppu but once we approach them face-to-face, they all would surenggeran like hell!

    “Sorry bang… manichirungge bang….”

    How lame! Bila lar budak-budak ini akan insaf…. Haihz…

  • brinda

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    my 6 year old niece asked fer a hp after few weeks in kindergarten. wen i asked her y she need one, her reply was “I want to talk wit my boyfriends”.I’m speechless at tat moment…

  • Asshole

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    Well if the parent’s have stupid indian cinema brains, I guess, they will be proud of their 5 year old saying rajni or vijay lines. A bunch of low IQ idiots!!!

  • kohila

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    Even though it was kinda funny, but there was an underlying true facts tat really reflects indian movies cinema’s role in our life, worst still school boys and gurls. As u mention it earlier they might no even know the meaning of love “Or shall i say young Indians and lust”o it could be even for past time i guess. i do agree to that statement strongly.

    p/S : too bad i got no younger sisters or brothers, but really feels good if got brother like you. real protective, could safe many sister’s life out ther..hehehehe.. adios amigo.

  • kohila

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    sorry typo error, supposed to be SAVE nt Safe. adios.

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    @Sactyr , I didn’t this kind of things does exist la bro. Haih, parents are proud of wrong things nowadays I believe.

    @Makkez, seriyah sonigeh bro. Imagine the crying part after talking to me .God.

    @brinda, Lol, you know what will people respond to that, “oh shes so cute…. ”

    @kohila , seafood jangan lupa.


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