Just a quick question, see if you can answer this correctly.

Just for fun, remember.

Computer mouseĀ  – What do you think most probably would the gender be if it has one?

Please give your reasons. See how many can answer correctly.


P.S : While waiting for my next post….

13 comments to Male/Female

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    It has various inputs, but only one output. So female.

    On the other hand, never vocal, never fails, fills the hand; so male.

    LMAO, that was a trick question wasn’t it?

  • LB

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    depends on it’s birth certificate, maybe it can change gender as it likes..maybe it’s a confused and lost mouse…ok, this what happens when you ask me question that tend to be in my mind for hours…in conclusion, i think got both genders la because..erm…just because i think scientific answer for it..what ever happened to my creative mind that i had once..

  • pithan@mogan

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    hahaha…a tricky question it is..
    think its a female..
    cz u always hold it:)

  • aravind

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    its a male coz it has a ball :-)

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    Aravind, those infra-red mouse then must be female.. kekeke..

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    Mouse with balls – Male, because they have balls as aravind has mentioned. :D

    Optical mouse – They don’t have any balls, but they are still connected to the PC. Therefore, I would say they are females, even though the connection to the PC doesn’t make any sense. :p

    Wireless mouse – 9 *no idea*…. :D

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    Male coz got balls,

    Females coz they use pad

    Ena kodumai saar ithu

  • aravind

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    yo novin,

    we are talking abt mouse here.

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    Lol.Novinthen answer was close.

    For me, it’s a female because it uses pad. I mean mouse pad.Why it cannot be male is because, if it is a male because it got balls, then it only has one. While guys have two.

    The moral of the story, every answer that you’ve given here might be true. The fact is the answer can vary from each person judging from their own perspective.

    Ultimately, I want to say that no one is correct in this world, everyone is learning. Everyone has their own opinion.And that is the purpose of my writings, contradiction.

  • Lizard

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    Me too think mouse is a female because using a pad. Mouse ant be considered as a male because it only have one ball. Not two. People could about the mouse which not using a pad. Can be said that it not yet reach its puberty or mouse on menopause!!!Adiozz

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    if the mouse has ball under it, It’s Male Mouse,
    If it a hole,and red light showing, it’s female :) So easy question :P

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    the mouse im using in my office is a bapok.lolz…cuz it doesnt use pad and it doesnt have ball. just a tiny openignwith some red lite flashing..hahaha

  • maya

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    ade loosungela.. :-)


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