Ayo Tuhan,black cat crossed!

Superstitious in Hinduism. Two things that can’t be separated and plays a very big role in our daily life. I’m sure many of us would have heard it before. Most probably the person who always nags about this things in your home might be your mother. Woman and superstitious sentiments have a very strong relationship and I dare say it dates back to few centuries;the time this things was practiced.

Not only our mother, but some of the so-called highly religious people would also fall into the same category when they’re linked with superstitious. What they believe sometimes might be unbelievable to some of us. What they say to us and advice us sometimes might be utterly illogical.

It seems that the person who ignores this superstitious and carry on with life might be struck with bad luck. See, another link created by Indians without proper justifications. So, let’s put the equation as this :

Superstitious = Indian sentiments

Indian sentiments – Ignorance = Bad luck

So,in order for us to achieve good luck in life, we have to practice and follow this superstitious. But what exactly are Indian believing in for that matter?
Let us analyze few things:

Please understand that this findings was compiled through information from the old timers including my grandmother and Hindu preachers.

Do not cut your nail at night :

It is said and believed that if you cut your nail at night ,a major bad luck will struck you or ghost might be coming after you. Why on earth this ‘cutting nail at night’ was banned is very much unknown. However, if you cut your balls at night, nothing will happen. So, you can cut anything at night except for your nails. For me, that’s too ridiculous. I further probed questions like this:

Grandma, why only nails? So, does that mean we can cut other things?
Ayya, always listen to the elders.Do not question them.

Pathi, yan negem mathum vethe kudathe? Mathethe ellam vettelama?
Ayya, periyevengge soldrethe kekenum.Ethethe pesathe.

So, my mood for probing more questions was like struck by lightning and I made no further attempt on prolonging that question.

Next, black cat crossing in front of you.

It is believed that while you’re going out,for an example walking out of your house or driving , or about to leave your house for the matter, a black cat shouldn’t cross in front of you. However, other color’s are acceptable. Blue,pink,red,indigo, or any other color for that matter is rightfully accepted except for black. Black ,if you missed earlier. So, if you happen to go out from your house and the cat crosses in front of you, you are doomed the whole day with bad luck it seems. See, first of all,it is not your fault neither it is the cat’s fault.All the cat wanted to do might be just cross and accidentally crossed in front of you. Come on man, cats are adorable animals and completely harmless. If a tiger is crossing in front of you, that is definitely a bad luck for you. But cat? Oh come on man,we love pussies. Immediately you might believe that is a bad karma and you might stay in your house the whole day.

Believe me, I know people who do that.

So, what did highly religious people told about this? It seems this bad luck can be cured by drinking a glass of water before leaving. Fine,now there is a remedy for ‘black cat crossing’. How true it is, I doubt it. And why it is only black cat bringing bad luck? The answer is because black is deemed to be dark and spooky color . Also further described as a very unlucky color. Come on la macha, black is classic . Enough living in the stone age. Hitam itu Gaya,mutu, dan keunggulan, ingat tu. If that is the case, then even our hair is dark. Does that mean we have to dye it to another? We live with darkness on top of our head for all our life, are we striking bad all the time? We’re not living well enough ay? Where is the co-relation between black and bad luck? None, there is none.

Above are two fine examples of most famous superstitious that is believed until today. I would not deny the fact that there are hundreds more this kind of things that is still being practiced in this modern era. You see, practicing this things is up to an individual belief. It is not my right to question what others believe and so on. Much like the freedom of religion.But then, believing on illogical things sometimes brings down the quality of our life.

The example that I’ve explained might be just plain simple one. But there are some other things that has major impacts in our life. Our elders takes this things really seriously sometimes .For an instance, after going to a funeral, it is said that we should always follow the back door and go straight to take bath. If that is not done, the soul of the dead might be following us it seems. Oh come on, why the ghost is not interested in the back door? How do you justify it won’t be coming from the back door?

See ,seriously talking, anyone would rather do as per said rather than stop and think about it. I was following this, but lately I ignored this one too. So, the last few funerals that I went, I did enter through the front door and sat straight watching porn sometimes. None of my dead friends came back haunting me.

I’m not at all bringing down what had been preserved and followed for centuries neither am I challenging my intellectual ability with those experts in this field. A lot of things can’t be explained through justifications or proof.Which is true;without denying that just because justifications or proof don’t exist, things don’t happen out of the norm. Things does.

That is the sole reason I believe in God, and I know he don’t mind me cutting my nails at night.

P.S : Not to forget if you lie, God will be coming after you at night and stab you on your eyes. So, don’t tell lies.

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    Good one bro!

    My mother and I would always argue about all these ‘weird’ beliefs and would end up fighting in the middle of the house! lol.

    Another thing that I would love to seek clarification would be “Do not cut your hair on Fridays”. Come on, what does cutting hair has to do with the day “Friday” and how it could be related to gods/lucks?

    Nambe allu mathiri cerita build up panurethu varathu bro!

  • Lizard

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    People also used to tell that if a black cat crossed , you have to spit 3 times in order to save yourself from disaster. Kesian sama itu kucing… Apa dia bikin?Bazir sama air liur jugak!!!

  • brinda

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    well said bro!!
    Let me justify y cannot cut nails at nite.Those days there wasn’t light source using electricity like now and kerosene lamp wud be the light source in most of the houses.
    When sum1 were to cut his/her nail at nite,they might accidentally cut the skin o wateva u may call it so tatz the reason y our grandma says do not cut your nail at nite during tat time.
    Since we use electric lamp as the main light source at home and it’s bright enough,its no harm of cuttin nails at nite.
    Could think wats the reason behind the cat crossing…shud hav deeper thoughts.Now everyone can start cuttin nails at nite :)

  • brinda

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    sorry some correction..
    Could NOT think wats the reason behind the cat crossin..must hav deeper thoughts in tat.

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    Hey, nice post you have here. I do not think the superstitions are limited only to Hinduism. Most Christians believe that the kind of person you see in the morning determines the fate for you that day. And it works for them.

    I think superstition, like religion, has come to thrive and must exist for all I care.

    Take care and keep blogging! Check mine as well.

  • aravind

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    “Most Christians believe that the kind of person you see in the morning determines the fate for you that day. And it works for them”

    neva heard abt it. from what i know, most christians believe in god, not ppl, animal or whatsoever.

  • kavita

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    yes i agree with brindha bout tha nail cutting thng.. bout d cat cat..i hv no idea,,, then d cming home through back door..i wonder..how would ppl living in condominiums, flats, and apartments going to enter if they came bc frm a funeral.. superstitions should not b followed blindly lar.. should c d current situation oso…

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    the black crossing sentiment also got direction . my grandma say it the cat cross left to rite its bad luck , if right to left than ok , haha .

    About cutting hair , we indian , most of us will be veg on that day . Reason ? to keep save as many life as can on tha special day , you see even chicken and fish count as a life (we tend to forget about this in on other days,lol). But nambe allungge , go more deeper , even take hair as a life , thats why old people not allow us to cut hair on the friday.

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    POI SONNA SAAMY KANNE KUTHUM~~ its my favourite dialog. CHEY WAH. :D

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    haha..pavumla anthe karuppu punai…
    how many years kena tupperan frm us just because of crossing the road…
    athe enna avesera vellaiya cross panuchu..
    imagine the cat thinking the same bout us, the only different that we are not black:)

    Small CAT : ade cheh, manushan kurakalle vanthuthan..miaw
    BIG CAT : grr..its ok maa, 3 thadeva eechi tuppu..seriya poirum..miaw


  • Bahma

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    Its very true…but kalau tak ikut feels guilty pulak…
    so might as well ikut sajalah…no harm done..

  • dude

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    it can be superstitious but there are proven scientific reason behind some of the laws we were brought up… I was once ignorant till recently I bought a book in India on all that reason why things were not allowed, and sadly our parents didn’t explain it to us. The reasons in the book are of scientific and also explains that some of the things you don’t have to follow in moderns days. Everything in Hinduism, it’s secret and magic beyond our imagination. God bless you my friend . no I don’t follow many things and I don’t go to temple too…

  • mel

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    about the ‘you cant nails in the night’ stuff, i was practiced in such a way because, those days there was no mean of electricity , so to avoid any injuries in the darkness they said dont cut your nails at night . and it became a superstitious tradition ever since :D

  • Maleni

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    I laughed like mad.. esp the back door..


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