Tamil Militants…

From those days, I’ve always hated people who don’t walk the talk. Preach what you’re not going to do. Talking about the thing that you never going to implement. A person who impersonates this kind of things and say they will set an example end up being part of the rubbish. People who said will get down the drain and clean up the clogged part will end up being part of the dirt.

I’ve heard our Indian’s chanting Makkal Sakthi. You would have heard it too. Now, everyone could say that, no? Yes, indeed. I believe I do not need to go for an extra lesson about this to you since I suppose you know the meaning of Makkal Sakthi.

Much like this, I hear so many slogans out there that people use in daily life to impress others when they themselves do not implement these things in daily life. Most of this tamil slogans not only uplifts the spirit of any Indian, at the same time makes us feel proud to be one. But then, do you really have to be Indian to be proud of yourself? Or perhaps Chinese? Or Malay? Or Bangla? Or whatever other shit. See, proud to be a good human. Do not divide your ‘proudness’ along the racial gridline.

You should be proud helping others.
You should be proud being part of a good society.
You should be proud to be a father of a good son.
You should be proud to be in a good working community.
You should be proud to be in Malaysia!

Let me give you some fucking nonsense that I’ve noticed people have said across the web: No matter how much I try to understand them, I just couldn’t seem to get their point. I’m just dumb maybe. See, few dialogues:

Valge Tamilegam, Tamil En Muchi, Tamil En Pechi!
Makkal Sakthi, Olipom, Manipom, Nattanei Alipom!
Tamil than theivam,athei marepethe pavem!

I personally do not have anything against these dialogues. But see, we’re not living in Tamil Nadu. Tell me fucka, do you practice all these before you come and spread your words? Do you really breathe Tamil? Will you die if someone is asking you to suicide for your language? None, fucker none. So, why do you preach what you can’t do in the first place? Everyone can talk. It’s as easy as ABC. Enada Tamil Un Muchi. How do you breathe Tamil? Do you tear piece out paper and write in it Tamil and then stick it in your bloody nose and go all over the place? What the hell was that supposed to mean? Yes, you can argue that I did not understand the real meaning of it. Maybe. But did you understand the real meaning of it then? Can you talk Tamil your whole life or are you Tamil militant? No, fuck, don’t disgrace the real meaning of these words by misusing it!

See, by now, I know most of you would have concluded this article not in the way I wanted it supposed to mean. The remaining few would have understood what I really wanted to convey. Ladies and gentleman, what I’m trying to say is, if there is something that you can’t do, do not go around preaching everyone asking them to do this and to do that. And spreading racial sentiments along with that is a definite no-no!

Makkal Sakthi, Olipom , Manipom and Nattanei Alipom!. What the hell that supposed to mean? You’re spreading the wrong message about the word that had worked as a tool of unity among Malaysians.Tons of this kind of wrong messages is spreading through Internet.

You see, this article was supposed to stop until the above line. When I read Makkez blog today, yet another case of a lamerĀ  trying to divide us through Malayalee, Telugu , Punjabi, and Tamilan! Yet also another crab story by Indians.

We’ve had too many racial integration issues for the past 50+ years because we’re divided through racial lines of Malay, Chinese And Indian, and lets not forget the others. Now, we have some Tamil Friendster militants who is trying to divide the word Indian to Tamil, Punjabi, Telegu, Kanadam, Mayire , Mattenekette…Enough la Machans, why do you always have to suck an Indians dick?

Go check out other religion extremist who is talking bad about our religion: For an example. You would leave this entire people aside and say you’re breathing Tamil! I can go on and on and on about people like these. So will this people be going on and on about this issue. Changes? Nope, high doubts.

There are 3 things that are wrongly done by this type of Indians.

1. Preaching what he himself not doing in the first place
2. Bringing even more racial issues
3. Get jealous because of the fame of another Indian

When will people like you learn?

Tamil leh eneke pidikathe oreh varthei – Nande.


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    Uiksss… ada ketam pulak!… lolz!

    Naa yetho solurre mathiri ille bro! Ivunengge thirunthe matangge….

    [Sorry, I don’t know how to translate that in Malayalam or Telugu!]


  • P-Pundei

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    to all the indians out there.

    onnu soldren kettukkunga da pundeingala.

    Make-up roomla athigama make-up podura ponnum
    tea kadaila romba naale thongure bannum nalla irunthata saritharame ille.

    Wahai keling-keling semua insaflah

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    ore article eluthunalum,nambe durai bang katti mathiri eluthurikararu….one solren nalla purinchikingge,
    “odembele uyir iruntha than manishan,uyir elle na ellarum verum ponem”,naduvule engentheda vanthuchi ite ella…..pothum ellam onna munnerera valiye papom..ithuke mele yum naanthan mayire matthenekethu irunthin gana ungele tirutha 1000 periya vanthalum mudiyathe da,aana adutha appu ungelekku apporom yen blog le varum…well to durai bro,cantik la bang,ippedi ethavathe potha than ivanungelekku buthi varum,ille ne veykelen nambeleyum matirivanenge…

  • maya

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    Make-up roomla athigama make-up podura ponnum
    tea kadaila romba naale thongure bannum nalla irunthata saritharame ille.

    wow! what a tattuvom.. :-)

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    Yea here we are asking to abolish racial quotas and we have people who want divide more.. sigh.. like this means they want to ask for scholarships under tamil, telugu, malayalam category ah?


  • PuthumaiPithan

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    enna kodumei saar ithe!!!!

  • Asshole

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    If all the indian’s stop behaving like pariah’s and have high standards. We don’t need to divide our selfs.

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    divide urself?hahahaha….asshole is a real asshole…divide yourself into half man and half women a?

  • Gaya3

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    just ignore tat asshole…even once in frensta he msgd n asked whether im malayaleee r nt b4 he sent his frens request..my foot..u grow ur friendship based on gud hearted ppl than seeing them from which community u belongs to…as v in msia, we are called n classified as INDIANS…non of our birth cert stating whether ur tamilan, malayalee telegu etc…stop tat cheap mentality..grow up la kidsssssssssss-asshole \s….

  • Sarah

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    i’ve juz got one question…wtf is wrong with sum ppl nowadays??juz like dat KETAM fella above!!! he’s so bloody annoying….is dat all his parents thought him??WHY dont he juz go back to kerala or sumthing where he thinks he belongs!!

  • Sarah

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    i’ve juz got one question…wtf is wrong with sum ppl nowadays??juz like dat KETAM fella above!!! he’s so bloody annoying….is dat all his parents thought him??WHY dont he juz go back to kerala or sumthing where he thinks he belongs!!

  • Lizard

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    Malayalee- malayalathan manje thunniyei pothe kalethei arepan!!!

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    […] so call “enlighten” him. Read more about that retard pussy here –> makkez and ragedindian Interested to know more about the power of meditation? click here This entry was written by admin […]

  • anbumalar

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    wahhh wahhh pe pe pecce illai….i sooo am proud of all my fellow tamilians out der who dare voice out n stand up for wut is right…keep it boys n gals…my dad is tamil n my mum telugu (thnx to my granpa who believed tht all is 1 n a great man *Thiruchudar KR.Ramasamy* who proudly fought for tamil rights via DMK in our country despite bein a telugu himself)…sooo wut we r still indians…we live under the same roof eat d same food n we r a family…i bet der r manyyyy families out der like mine…if we tamils can c all as 1 i think its time for evry1 else to so d same as wel…

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    “Thamilan illatha Nadu illai –
    Thamilanuku endru Oru Nadu illai”

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    ??????? ?????? ???? ?????????? ????? – ????????????? ??????”

  • vgp

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    Aiya listen,the Punjabis Sicks(intended) ,the Gujaratis, Sindis,the Ceylon Tamils(they dare not call themselves Sri Lankan Tamils ‘cos the Singalese will kick them where it hurts most)do not identify with the TAMIL NADU Tamils,due to various reasons.To these people INDIAN in Malaysia means the Tamils from the estates and the coolies from the other British interest in old Malaya
    We do not need “fair weather friends”,I mean people who are Indian only when India wins a criket or hockey match, or when we have a Indian miss world or miss universe,or when India blasts the Atom bomb or sends a rocket to the moon.
    Be proud of your Roots, it was our Tamil Kings who came to the East, set up Kingdoms and taught the world culture….BE A PROUD TAMIL AND STAND TALL………….ALWAYS>


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