“I will be going to Tioman for 3 days. Apologies , there will be no updates. Till then, enjoy debating about this post.”

Yet another love story by me. You see, the reason I love to write about love because I watch porn as well. Confused? You should not be, let me clear out your clogged brain. I’ve always said almost all the love shit that is happening today is based on lust. But having talked about it countless times, I would now try a different approach. Like having sex, you’re trying a different position. This will make your sex life better. So, to make debating about love better, I’ve made a twisted approach.

Love today and love yesteryears. Layman term, old love and modern love. Let us do a side by side comparison. Believe me, I might not know the whole story on how love was once practiced, but I sure damn know how it is being practiced now. Note the word practiced in the previous sentence. Why I say practiced because there is a reason. I will explain about this later.

Please pay extra attention to next sentence before proceeding to read the remaining article. I’m not generalizing this, but intending this to what is commonly happening. I say clear cut that love couple of decades back was based on true love, but love today is based on true lust. Targeted audience.

Straight to the topic, during maybe around 30-40 years back, love is something very uncommon. Our parents would not even have fallen in love until maybe around the age of 20 or so. It is such a taboo. How it is now? As soon as you reach your puberty or in worst case scenario maybe your secondary school, love starts. It’s such a common thing among school children’s that some of them might sacrifice so much of things for their dearest partners. This is affection. Not love. Which we’ve already known. This Ribena kids are so ripe in love that all they could think of about love is fuck.

Love=fuck. So, their mission would be to catch some Kamachi’s in school, try to tackle her, and when Kamachi responds, both will fuck each other, right after that, they will find each other not suitable in relationship. She will say that he deserves a better girl, and likewise will be said by the guy. They will eventually come to a mutual understanding and break up. They will begin their new hunt for love cum fuck just a few days after this incident.

Back to oldies love. Even if they love each other, all they could do might be to meet up in the weekend in the beach side or restaurants to just look into each others eye. That’s how far they can go. Maybe they place their hand on top of partners and just stare at each other. They would be scared whether anyone would actually catch them thus they might not meet up for more than 1 hour. Not to be denied, love today is the same. Couples are still staring into each others eye, but only after both are completely naked in a bed and his dick is stuck in her pussy. Within few days of the relationship, couples today meet up most probably in a hotel to build up ‘love’ between them.

Next, when the right time comes, the yesteryears couple will actually ask the parents to come and talk about their marriage. If the parents agree, their marriage will go on smoothly. Let’s say if it is not, then they will just forget about it and follow what the parents had chosen for them. Today’s love is the same, except when the parents’ don’t agree, most of them will either run away from the house or go against the will of their parents and marry their partners. Worst still, fuck the partner and make her pregnant, and threaten the family.

Reverting back to my earlier statement about love that is being ‘practiced’ nowadays, I believe most of you would have understood. Love is no longer a feeling now, it is all about lust. People want to fuck so much in the early age that they tend to think its love. Girls get cheated so easily because they thought it was love. Can we blame anyone? None. Blame the hormones. No girls or guys are perfect in this world. When you have partner, of course by hook or crook you have to let your partner touch you. If not, your partner might feel that you do not trust him/her. Please do not act innocent as though no one have ever laid their hands on you. It’s common, yes it is. I know I’ll get some feedback from girls because of this particular previous sentence, but go look at the mirror and remember that this is for targeted audience.

How love was practiced once cannot be practiced the same way now. Why? Because we have so much of things that is influencing the true meaning of love now. While 20-30 years back, in movies, people only see Rajinikanth dancing with a fully dressed girl, opposing it now we can only see scarcely dressed girls. And they will be dancing for love songs. While few decades back porn is so much rare, it’s as easy as ABC to watch porn nowadays. All this conveys and contributes a different meaning of love to today’s generation. While we think evolution is a way of living, it can bring harm in the same way too. Yet, you might argue that a person’s thinking and mind should avoid this things from happening, how many matured thinkers do we have at the age of 13-14 nowadays?

But how do we avoid this? Can this be avoided? What, what can be avoided? What the fuck do you need us to avoid? Absolutely nothing. Avoid getting cheated in the name of love. That’s all.

How come love/relationship which was once portrayed like this:

Became like this:

Or perhaps this in worst case scenario maybe?

So, where should we point our rifles at? Who’s to be blamed? Many, too many, while I would most probably believe that even though millions of measures are taken, we had evolved. Dressing itself is considered so much when it comes to a relationship. No, my point is, oh come on; I’m not saying that we should be dressed up like this in order to attract or show your love to someone:

But I’m not also suggesting this:

Out of topic .

Now again with the subject in mind: I would say it’s sad kind of state love had matured in nowadays.

I personally hate it when young teenage fucks talks about love on all these bulletin boards in Friendster and stuff. I’ve written an article about them or read Makkez article about them;however there will never be an end. Be at least 18, do not try to be young slut in Friendster. Listen to your parents, do not roam around with your lovey-dovey words, we’ve got too many guys to fuck you in the name of love. Me? No?

I know I’ve strayed a bit out of topic. But, that’s a sad indication of love today and love once. How would love be in the future? Perhaps I would blog about that in 20 years time…or maybe my kids?

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    It has become a trend for schoolkids nowadays to own a GF/BF of their own or otherwise, they would be isolated from the rest of their coupled-friends. And, I believe they are having a partner of their own just for the sake of having a partner. True love? Certain of them may apply while the rest, nah…..!

  • Asshole

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    Damn it!!! We were these bitches when i was in school.!!!

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    True makkez true,nwdays these things are happening just about everywhere, but sad to say its only growing n growing day by day, at teenage these fellows will have wat we call it? ar peer-pressure to have a GF/BF on their own, so that ada style, macho, gempak r wateva shit it is..i may give a ratio for true love against lust love nowadays-> 1:100…nw can see the difference eh..reminds me the song alwarpettai aluda(vasool raja).nice write-up niway,brader durai.

  • Asshole

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    I would really like to fuck that bitch on the last pic.

  • shanyaa

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    Well, people like ‘Asshole’ is enough to say the least on changing times. Back in the 1980’s, i don’t think even the worst bastard would have declared himself an Asshole!! Let alone publicly express his desire to fuck a women on a photo (pathetic)… a women he knows he could never have (even more pathetic)!

    Cool article by the way : )

  • Asshole

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    (‘Shanyaa’ the bitch started it first)

    Are you the bitch on the pic or are you pissed because no one is fucking you. Every bastard out there will express the same thing i did, usually to their friends or whoever.
    What the fuck is your problem!!!! BITCH! WHORE! SLUT!

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    Durai Viji Supermarket poranga. Durai Vijikku ennenna venumo vangi kudukkaran. Pathtiram pandam, dress, makeup set, Perfume ippidi niraya things. Ana food vangum pothu Durai vida mattikiran. she is wondering why?. then samaikka matchbox vangara viji. Durai vida mattikiran. vijikku payangara kobam.” En ippidi itha mattum Vaanga vida mattikireenga?” nnu kekkara. Durai oru nimisham appidiye vijiyoda kanna pakkuran then.


    Aaharam illamal naan vaazha Koodum anbe un perai sinthiththal
    Thee Kuchi illamal Thee moota koodum Kanne nam kangal Santhithal.
    Enai kanavillaye netrodu engum thediparkiren katrodu
    Uyir Oodiponatho unnodu Anbeeeeeeeeeeeee. eeeeeee.

    Sorry machan un peru use pannathukku..(ellam tamil padam maya…)

  • Lizard

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    Mothetele , kadhala? ille kamamma?
    Itheke yenda macha avulavu nitthana article?
    Evelo simple mudichithen?

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    “Asshole” does have his fantasies. And a befitting name too.


    Good article by the way, bro.


  • PuthumaiPithan

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    hats off for the write up bro..
    its sad to see this phenomenon nowadays but no one gives a shit bout it…
    every tom, dick n harry must a have a GF and vice versa…
    the purpose of getting a partner, is not to love but to “make love”

    ~dun be mad at “Asshole”, its not him, its the hormones…chill bro!

  • budak kampung tak tau english

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    Quotin :

    “Asshole Says:
    June 26th, 2008 at 12:26 am
    Damn it!!! We were these bitches when i was in school.!!!”

    Cant u get it ? “We were these bitches”…shows its a “her” rather than a “him”. Tries to manipulate stories furtherwide to imply that “she”s a guy by sayin that “she”
    wants to fuck that gal in da pic..Nice try Asshole.Such a lamer..da name suits u btw :) tel ur parents bout it.they wud be proud of callin u an asshole..no no..probably they shud call u a bitch rather than an asshole.asshole stil has sum dignity with em, bitches doesnt :)

    Take care biyatch…N i know there wud be retaliatin messages sent for this.No worries , bitches cries al da time.U can aswel :)

  • brinda

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    Good one durai,bravoo!!

  • shanyaa

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    budak kampung tak tau english… nice one dude!

    Well, i guess ‘asshole’ must be a lesbo!! That’s also probably why she signed off “BITCH! WHORE! SLUT!”… a trade name perhaps??!

    Sorry durai.. didn’t intend comments like these for such a well written article.. couldn’t help it though. Hope it ends here.

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    hallo mr.ragedindian ,
    i agree with the statemet , it is a trend having gf bf is normal. and love today not same as thos days , with the email and hand phones. But what you talking about sex between them is not serious yet as you saying , especially in Indian community.

    Maybe you very much influenced my the small much of the group of guys who going after a chick only for a fuck ,and start going clubbing even since primary school .

    I know bunch of them , maybe you one of them .

    Im pity with you , because you surrounded with kind of guy and girls which you stated in the article.

    Mix around with some good guys and girls , than maybe you will rewrite this article.

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    Mr. Townguy,
    I would answer your question as line by line.

    Sex between them is not serious yet? But it is going on wouldn’t you agree? Why can’t we be proactive regarding that right now itself?

    No, I’m not influenced by guys who goes clubbing for a fuck, but rather influenced by Indian girls who gives the fuck.

    Everyone wants to fuck, don’t they? So, please do not exclude yourself.

    I pity your sex life too , my brother.

    Mix around with friends who has good command in English,then maybe you will rewrite your comment and I can grasp it better.

    I would summarize my comment in 1 word, sarcastic.

  • Asshole

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    ‘townguy’ must be one of those hypocrites, holier than thou, temple going bastards. Go to fuck yourself!!!

  • Asshole

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    And for the assholes who have a problem with this, I still would like to fuck that bitch on the last pic!!!!!!

  • townguy

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    Durai: sorry to be rude , but i can’t see board in your blog stating anyone with poor command of english not should comment in your blog. If you good enouf nad don’t want people with poor command of english write comments is your blog , you create a html or php code which restrict people like me from writing command,lol.”pesurangge pechi”. bro mdurai , your cmment box not my assigment for me to take mt sweet time to check spelling and grammer mistake . You free to whay you think correct , and im free to comment what i think correct . Thats what blogging all about.

    Asshole: you really rude dude, with your comment we all know , your a bl..y f..k..g l..ame ani..l , so dont have to promote your self . im willing to aspect comment from durai , because this is his blog , you just mind your own business you male bitch.

    Again sorry to be rude to everyone. Happy blogging.

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    Mr Townguy, you see my brother, If you’ve read through my comment again, I suggest you stress yourself towards the last line in which I mentioned that it was sarcastic.

    Intentionally or unintentionally , you’ve said this in your previous comment :

    “I know bunch of them , maybe you one of them .
    Im pity with you , because you surrounded with kind of guy and girls which you stated in the article.
    Mix around with some good guys and girls , than maybe you will rewrite this article. ”

    In which you’ve said I’ might be one of them, and also you’ve categorized me to be going after girls for fucks only.

    I wish you could reiterate your statement .I would also like to make myself clear , although I’ve said it millions of times,that my articles are intended for certain group of people that had been talked in the article only and not for general public.

    I’ve no intention insulting anyone with poor command of English because I’m one of them. I’ve never said that, but just like how you advised me to mix up with good guys and girls, I suggested you that to improve your command of English. Agreed?

    I’ve no personal rivalry with you and I do not wish to do so against another fellow Indian blogger. To err is common among human.

    You too brother, happy blogging!

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    ya i agree with you about my English bro.

    happy ending , you good in diplomacy , keep it up bro .

    happy blogging.

  • IP

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    Whoa….What an intense comments section….Happy all ended well…very pro…

  • OG

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    happy ending at last…whoaa

    well said,brader!!!!!!!!!!!

  • varsha.d

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    lolx..happy ending…….Nice article…


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  • Karenina

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    mr durai ,I am a teen. Is it wrong to have a gf/bf ? I mean like in a positive way . For example , my bf is an excellent student in my class , me too :) We help each other in studies , so how ? is it wrong ??


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