The Friendly Indians

Selamat petang dan salam sejahtera kawan kawan. It’s been some time, I’m back .

Short talk. Few years back, me and Grandmaster was walking along with few friends when we saw this young white guy walking towards us. He gave a warm smile and so one of my friend said this to him :

“Yo, wazzup man?”

And his reply was the most unexpected one :

“Selamat petang” and he walked away.

Now prepare for the long one.

My recent trip to Tioman was certainly an eye opener for me. It had thought me a lot of things. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this as soon as I came back home today from Tioman. What an island! All right, bearing in mind that photo of me camwhoring with my friends is not going to please you, I’ve decided to write about this.

You see, this Tioman island is an island of its own and there are more foreigners there than the locals. In fact, you can hardly see any Indians there. During my stay over there, it’s like we were the foreigners there.

The island was superb,fantastic, marvelous,tremendous,mesmerizing ,bearing,steering,lord of the ring and all the other rings ay. But it was certainly not boring.All right, you’re getting bored. Let me tell you about this Mat Salleh’s whom for so long we’ve accused of being without culture and so on.

What I’ve noticed from this ‘Mat Salleh’s is one simple thing that we Indians are currently really lacking in. Being friendly and smiling towards another person when you see them. They may be a total stranger to you but yet when you approach them they would not miss out saying at least a ‘hi’ to you.

While I did not get the chance to get in bed with any of the white chicks, certainly they way they behave towards anyone is truly a culture that I think, we the Indians should practice. But what we’re currently practicing now is entirely different :

Let’s say :

Scenario 1 :
You walked towards another Indian and you looked at him.Let’s say he is with his friends.

Some of the dialogues that you will see:

“Morekiran pareh, munje p****yeh pareh.”
“Enada pakereh, mandeyah nee”
“Machan, nambeleh pathe morekiran da”

Scenario2 :
You walked towards another Indian and you looked at him and then you gave a warm smile.Let’s say he is with his friends.

“Machan, sirikiran da, bapok poleh”
“Short ah irupan poleh, nambeleh pathe sirikiran”
“Siriche senjirevanegeh”

I dare bet that none of the foreigners there in that island was behaving awkwardly when they saw us. They treat us like friends and always with their warm smile. We, abbreviate this type of smiling and saying ‘hi’ as the dialogues above.

Let’s say if a white chick smiles at an Indian guy:

“Macha, veleh karichi mokeh friendly da. Savadi ah iruka.”

Opposing it ,let’s say an Indian girl smiles at an Indian guy

“Macha, ithe kandipa vandi(slut) ah than irukum. Pathone sirikithe pareh”

Yanda Machan, white chick smiling means friendly , Indian chick smiling means slut is it?

Where is your chivalry towards woman my dear guys?

We’ve always practiced this and they say old habits die hard. There are tons of their things that we can’t follow. But this type of good things are the one that should be followed.Girls, you would be following things like white chicks wearing bikinis, yet you can’t do a simply hi and smile?

You see, being friendly and giving a warm smile do not mean you’re slut. If they think you’re , then please think that you’re definitely not on the losing end.You might even end up building a rapport with a total stranger. People will say what they want. At the end of the day, you should know about yourself more than the others.

While I see I can get along with the others races as well, the problem that I always have is getting even with my own skin color. It’s like a magnet I guess.

Indian(Negative) + Indian(Negative) = It doesn’t get attached
Indian(Negative) + Others(Positive) = It gets attached

It is certainly a heartwarming thing to see another person with a cheerful face walking in front of you and so on. It would most certainly enlighten you. It might be a small thing to do, but brings a big difference. I tried smiling as much as I could to all the white chicks there, they did reply but none seems to be amused or little did they were impressed.I ended like a fool instead.Maybe they’ were not interested with our assets. With major disappointment, me , Brother Lizard and Grandmaster started drinking beer instead.LoveLust failure.

P.S: Nan epevumeh siricha thappe ne sonnethille, viricha than thappe.

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14 comments to The Friendly Indians

  • LB

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    So true partner, when i was at was so different…like i was in another country, the whites never failed to great us, always said ‘Hi’ and ‘Good morning’ without fail..they don’t stare and ofcourse they are friendly..indian in another speechless…try to be friendly and they will conclude you must be a bastard or bitch…sigh..i miss tioman…Panuba Inn, you treated me well! though i know your secrets….

  • inba

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    pavam bang neenge…bapoknu solrangge….

  • Lizard

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    Miss those moments in Panuba Inn my dear Durai machan!!
    Cant forget the time when Grandmaster found the dead nurse shark and he ‘kencing ‘ to us that he saw a shark during the snorkeling session…
    Cant wait for next vacation .
    Bye Tioman . Hi Perhentian!!!

  • Asshole

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    Indian bastards!!! You guys let indian movies get into your heads!!! Wake up and smell the coffee morons!!!!!

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    Sigh what to do la, Indians have this “ego” or “arrogance”. Oru looke, oru nenape.

    And sadly life doesn’t hit us hard till we are in our 30s, and by then its a bit late. :)

    “Asshole”, I assume you’re not an Indian uh?

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    Gotta agree with the Indian girls/white chicks part. Whenever those Indian girls tend to be friendly and give a sweet smile, the guys would think the opposite and she would be labeled as a cheap attention whore, or ‘vandi’ or ‘roade’ or however others might call it. Pavom athungge…

    Enna oru valke!

  • mike

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    so true wat u saying…… is reality man… but these ppl wont bother al this and keep on with their look thinging….only indianz like this,malayz or chinese are better and friendly in this case, most la la, not al….

  • tamasinna

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    vanakam, I agree to that statement you made. As if smiling is something so bad that make a guy quote in such manner. After all smiling means nothing just a pure feeling, glowing of heart. It doesn’t mean a girl smile she needs company or flirt. In my opinion, our old folks made all types of barriers that hurt the ladies.

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    erm..satre sinthikevendiye visiyum..

  • slayz

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    LOLz..this article reminds me of what was in my mind 2 years back..i mean, the fact that these “mat salleh’s” as we address them are actlally NOT arrogant and egoistc as ppl may think…though there are some…evn i was taken bacck the first time whn i landed here in Aussie, no matter who u are o what u are, ppl WILL great u!!! its been a norm for ages and ppl do practise it here..ITS A NORM…and ofcoz u cant expect frm westernized teens lar, athu ellam thirunthata jenmumge!! LMAO!!
    i believe a smile outshines more of the inner you..
    ofcoz u dun go arond smiling like a mad fella larr…but u knw wat i mean…
    a pleasant smile and a simple HELLO does not hurt! make someones day abit better hey!! live life to da fullest!! =D

  • dark chocolate

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    i agree with the blogger..when i smile at an indian guy..almost 60% or more would follow me after that n ask me any one of the following things:
    1)want to have a drink with me??
    2)do you want to be my girlfren?
    3)can i take you out tonight?
    4)can i have your no?
    or they might jz follow me around n talk general stuff..if i layan them as in by answering their question because it seems so general..they ask these following questions:
    5)mayb you want to follow me home now?
    6)please spend the night with me…
    7)i am vey much in love with you,could we get a room please??
    maybe i always end up meeting perverted indian guys…(please this is not a generalization of indian guys)
    or maybe i do look like a easy to lay girl..i really dunno..

  • RoyalPain

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    hemm really la…im studying in a local politeknik in kulim …and im nt from kulim…so i really can conclude that nt all guys are judgemental la…it depends on the area ….like in my poli…those guys have ill thoughts about me coz i smile to everyone…nt only that u know …i rarely wear potte hemm i think coz im from a place where there’s so many malays so im nt used to wearing potte…but i end up being teased,called peter and i was also raged la…terukly…i dun understand indian guys they hate bitches like iv seen and heard from their blog and the famous bitchaz song …but y are they nt happy with girls who dun do all that they have to find fault izzit …u see indian guys should really start thinking bout how gals feel…the world is globalisied but u excpect us to walk with bowed head all the time izzit…i understand if u hate it wen gals wear revealing stuff …but think of ur defination to reavealing again …sum guys even think wearing a jeans n free size t-shirt is reavealing…y la…let us be comfartable a lil la…u guys kutuk so much bout gals behaving like sluts …going clubbing and so on …but…how bout those who live in k-hell and still avoid clubbing even if they can do it….u guys never appreciate them….if a girl dress modernly she is labelled as bitch for some guys…u c modern and reavealing is two diffrent thing…dont just look at gals like they are a piece of meat k…we are all just like u guys …so what if our physical is diffrent
    stop judging and looking at our physical appearance only…im nt saying all gals are good…but appreciate those good ones and dun gudge them by their clothing or smile…try to get to know a gal first

  • Pavithran Udhaya

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    Bro, i have been a big fan of you since my schooling days. I just wanna let you know you have made a big impact in my life. You didnt know who I am, but I hvae spent my secondary school life reading your blog and articles. To be honest, when I look back now I can see how much this blog affected and brought me to the straight path. I was just an ordinary young teenager , hyping about gangs with glasses and side bags. And now im working successfully in a well established company in a good post. Even till today, Im checking out on your blogs hoping you might have published something new. Thanks SK Durai! Your a life changer!


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