Little Superstar

There is always a reason to smile and laugh. And there will be always someone to cheer you up when you’re down. If you’re somehow out of mood today, I suggest you watch this video clip. It will surely put a smile in your face. And for the rest of us, let’s have another good […]

Dark History

   Prepost : At the near end of this article, there is a sound clip embedded . It is adult rated so listeners discretion is adviced. It’s just for fun. With little time permitting me to write article nowadays, I’ll have to make use of any time I’m having to write . I would love […]


There will be few very interesting things comin’ up soon here in : 1. New added page for Urumee songs – Listening to the Best Urumee Songs(my favorite’s) online and Downloads. 2. A hatred page – Where some people who don’t like me or my writings can bark there instead of polluting my chat box, […]

Kamachi’s Dream Guy

                                          See, no matter how many times I try to explain that creating a message that seems to be fucked up and provides a question to its originality; you better not show it to me. All because when I’m half drunk I always seem to pick up on anything and start bashing them. This message […]

In Between

Today I will come up again with a controversial article which will highlight the sufferings and humiliation some humans face all along their life. Whenever I talk about this kind of topics, I expect everyone should see the things from my point of view before giving yours. You should look at why I wrote the […]

Cheating Indian Girls For Dummies

It really gets me going when I talk something about Indians. It really inspires me that whenever I felt like talking about Indians, I type so fast and without resting to think what I need to write. The idea comes whenever I see something that is wrong being done by some Indians. You see, it […]

My story

This article was inspired by another hatred mail. In which I’ve thought about writing this for a long time, but a mature hatred mail had instantly made me write this. This is also to tell you my side of story . I discovered my ideas of writing not when I was a little boy or […]


Let me start off today’s topic with a joke. Although I did not compose it myself, I’m trying to prepare yourself towards the journey of reading my article. My readers had always been my best motivator. The moment you pen down your comments or thought about coherent or opposing opinion regarding my articles, I would […]


Yes, I’ve officially watched it . I’m currently might be holding the record of being the last person to be watching it on theatre. See, not being a movie geek, I hardly go to cinemas. When everything can be watched at home, why would anyone pay and go? But, talents deserves recognization. At least that’s […]

Gossip City

Gossiping among Indians had fast becoming a familiar trend amongst all the households today. Almost each and every Indian possesses this powerful skill of gossiping and they are so talented they are well prepared to convey their points whenever they see someone they could talk to. What exactly is the shit I am talking about […]