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Gossiping among Indians had fast becoming a familiar trend amongst all the households today. Almost each and every Indian possesses this powerful skill of gossiping and they are so talented they are well prepared to convey their points whenever they see someone they could talk to.

What exactly is the shit I am talking about here? No, it’s not about that Indian useless porn where fat aunties would be acting. It is about all the Indian mentality who likes to gossip about others so much that they forget to scrap the dirt out of their own back.

You see, everyone hates when someone talks about you. You would not feel that bad if someone gossip something that is true about you, but of course you would be angry if someone gossip about something that is not true about you. The most annoying part in this gossiping thing is half of what is said is not true. Almost all but the main agenda is lies and is made up using own perception.

What are the cosequences of this? Plenty. Many feel disheartened and many fights occur. We Indians had long practiced this gossiping this for such a long time that I would dare say no one could accurately say when it all started. All I’ve learned is if you have two Indian women talking each other in a low voice, chances are that is gossip. And the previous sentence was just an example, but wouldn’t you agree?

But how exactly it changed we live the way it is now? Well, when you talk about someone else which is not true, automatically the news spreads. What happens next? The person who you intended the story about becomes the victim of a propaganda which is not true.

You see, things like, lets say I go like this to my friends and tell few of them that you’re a whore. What will my friend’s immediate reaction be? They would be of course surprised and they would want more stories from me. And there i go making up stories about you. See, spreading the wrong thing. My friends also will by vying to open up your pants.

Usually this happens in relationship too. Let’s say there is this sweet couple who had vowed to be with each other till the end on the Valentine’s Day. Before the next Valentines, both will get tired of screwing and fucking each other and so they would break up. What happens next? The guy spreads some news that he had screwed his ex-girlfriend. But why he would want to spread that news? I don’t know, probably because of anger. So this spreads around their friends and there goes the girl’s dignity down the drain.

What about the girls? Are they all the same? Nope, they’re somewhat different. They usually keep quiet after a relationship ends unless provoked. They usually tell their friends that the ex-bf is this and that and he is the reason they broke up. They might even tell some of their friends on how your dick was not long and strong enough and so on. So, there you go guys being labeled as having sponge dicks.

All right back to the story, usually this type of gossips can be commonly seen amongst Indian aunties. For an example:

Auntie A: Akka, unggeleke theriyuma, pakethe vithe Suppema ponne Kuppema evenoh kudeh odi pochan.

Auntie B: Adi athi, ingge parrah katheye. Ithe eppeh?

Auntie A:Muntha nethe ka. Nan kelvi pathen, anthe pileh masama irukan. Athan odi pochan .

Auntie B:Payen engge uleven?

Auntie A:Payen pathi ethevum therileh ka, ana kelvi pathen veleh vetti illeyan.

Auntie B: Inthe kalethe pilengge iruke, ena soldrethe ne therile.Cheri Suppema epedi iruke?

Auntie A: Atheke enna, pileh odi poyom theriyathe mathiri iruke. Ena jenmegeloh.


You see, I’m very damn sure you’ve heard some kind of similar stories before. Although Kuppema would have gone for a vacation to Tioman perhaps, wrong news spreads about her here. Why would they want to do that? Simple, because sometimes we’ve just got too much time to spare and it feels just good to gossip, don’t you think?

The unbelievable source of information and the speed of how fast the news spreads is still a mystery trying to be interpreted by me until now. I could not believe how could a news spread so fast by word of mouth and how much information is damaged or misinterpreted in the mean of transferring. Still couldn’t figure out what I’m trying to say?

I suggest you read again then. Summarizing what I’m trying to say would lead to this conclusion. News or information’s that is miscommunicated can lead to serious danger. The next time you gossip about others, make sure you get your facts right!

In the mean time, happy gossiping!

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