Let me start off today’s topic with a joke. Although I did not compose it myself, I’m trying to prepare yourself towards the journey of reading my article. My readers had always been my best motivator. The moment you pen down your comments or thought about coherent or opposing opinion regarding my articles, I would immediately realize there are more people agreeing with me regarding a lot of things. But in the same way, there will be some 14 year old Friendster chicks coming here and banging me that I’m being a fucked up busy body bastard. I’ve written too many about you and you and you my dear young sluts, that I wonder how long it will take for you to finish reading all that articles that is dedicated to you.All right, enough about young fucks.

And the joke is cancelled .Read on, this might be your best interest.

Relationship had always been a nice topic for me to discuss. It is such wide range topic that I can always think of something to talk about relationship. Its that amusing that even when I’m taking shower I could think of a topic about relationship. Where does the inspiration come from ? Indians, yes, we, as we proudly say, Indians.

You see, honesty in a relationship is very rare nowdays.Ever since I knew what is sperm and where does it come out from, I’ve always wondered and puzzled what is all that about relationship. Why do we even need to have a relationship? What is the purpose? What do we gain from it? I’m not going to stereotype this article to relationship between boys and girls only, but this includes any type of relationship including if anyone likes to play on another’s back.

See, as I’ve said countless times, relationship and honesty is very rare in a relationship nowdays. No, no, screw you, throw away your mask before reading this article and ask yourself at the end of this article if what I’m saying is true or not.

See, most of the guys out there are players. But how do we categorize this players? You see, they will be having girlfriends of their own. But guys, lets say if another girl comes and propose to you, wouldn’t you take a chance to bang her?

Aha, that is what I’m trying to convey. No honesty in a relationship. There might a lot of things that can go wrong in a relationship. You can be not honest in a lot of things to your girlfriend. But unlike that, lets say if you’re screwing someone else, I suggest you either do not get caught with your girlfriend or else you’re a dead meat.

Ladies and gentleman, I like giving scenarios.

So, let us put it like this.

This guy, Muthu has a girlfriend. So, Muthu’s girlfriend is working and couldnt spend time with Muthu much. But she is very much in love with Muthu. Another girl, Kuppema from the previous article, was attracted to Muthu and proposed to Muthu.

Muthu would have rejected it. Yes, maybe. A point of thing that you people would argue is he would have rejected it since she already has a girlfriend. But that is just a proposal.

Lets say the girl start seducing. Start talking about horny things towards him and lets say Muthu did not meet up his girlfriend for a week, will his lust take over the sincerity he has towards his girlfriend?

I say most probably yes. Exactly the point I’m talking about here. Sincerity and honesty is dead in most of the relationship today. If you did not hear that, its’ dead. Ask yourself guys, even though you have girlfriends, how many of you would have thought of fucking that girl that you know in your college or something like that maybe?

You see, maybe when you just imagine and nothing comes to you, I mean if the girl did not come to you, you would have forgot about her. But how about if she comes to you and seduce you. When you would have imagined of screwing her when she is just walking past by you, would you brush off the chance of fucking her when she herself offers?

It happens . It happens. We’re all humans. We have feelings. Enough of being honesty shit and so on. Enough of trying to hide behind a mask and say,

“No, no, no, no,I’m very the honest with my galpren”.Poda M.

I would never ever deny the fact that there are some relationship that is honest and sincere.The previous sentence would also be the synonym to the word rare. Usually the girls stay very sincere. They do not long for dicks much, but I do not know if God had created us, the guys , with some weakness when it comes to this. It can’t just be controlled. The reason why I wrote this article is because I wanted to say we’re all living on lies in a relationship, so stop your fucking honesty and sincerity words .

Guys,we will lay with another if given a chance. Want to take a bet?

This article is written with ‘being frank’ in mind.Do not get yourself provoked and come screwing me guys. I’m no gay.Read this and ponder it upon yourself and be honest thinking about it.There aren’t many single girls here so you do not need to worry yourself too much of being caught being honest.

However,Under some circumstances, we have to lie. We’re left with no choice. Who can we blame for that? No one, I say no one. We will continue to be like that.There will never be an end. And 100% honesty in all the relationship is just purely bullshit.

And if you still think that my article provoked you and your innocence , please answer this -Will you or will you not screw if given the situation as explained in this article?

19 comments to ‘Sin’-cerity

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    Dei TT,

    Neeya pesiyathu…en nanba neeya pesurathu…ennale nambave mudiyale….

    lizard machan…im very proud of Durai..wat do u say lizard?

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Yea bro!

    If a ‘western’ guy has a kuthu vilakku GF in his real life, I won’t be surprised if he would be messaging tons of other girls in Friendster asking about their whereabouts and HP numbers. This is kinda common I would say, although not all guys are like that.

    Any solutions on how to purify this kind of sin-cerity relationship? Hmmmm…

  • LB

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    Yes…i cheat..now that it’s on the world wide web, am i in trouble? =p
    Well, sometimes i love to see old and matured couples who got married through arranged marriage, some how their marriage seems to work…i know, im out of topic but the main thing is that.. yes, i cheat…after all i’m only going to live once, better do everything at one go, right? =p

  • Asshole

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    I’m sure every guy wants to fuck as many bitches as he can, but I wont want to fuck a bitch called ‘kuppema = rubbishma’, this must be some pariah chick.

  • Lizard

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    Me too, proud of Durai but he still dont want to admit on the matter we asked him…Must ask him to write a article about his story first …
    Untuk tontonan umum….

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    hmmm.. durai..durai.. i m speechless.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @Grandmaster and Lizard : Ithe en kathei ille..

    @Makkez :Solution ah bro…nope..not in another 100 years

    @Maya: Speechless ?

    @Partner : What a policy..what a policy..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    mike…i agree mike..

    sincerity ellam summa mike..poole aricha yengeda olu kadeikone alayiren ulagam ithe.. love lar enge pothe..?

    savadi article..

  • nottygal

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    finally author came up wit sumting about guyzz dat reli reli true….dont alwiz blame d gals…we r not much look concerned…or how much ur pocket weights…or wat ur ride is…al we want is…lotsa…or hmm….jz a lil bit of ‘honesty’ from u guyz…….

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @rujjcoomarh : semmeh savadi dialog bro

    @nottygal : hehehe…honesty from guys…athethan ippe nathele periyeh perechene …

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    kaathalithu paar..
    poi nandraga pesuvaai..
    kaathalithu paar
    unmaigal unnai vittu thuram chellum
    Appadi yendraal kaathal poiya?
    unmai therinthavargal sollungal!!

  • nottygal

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    grandmaster…..speechless !!
    love…truly from heart…but faked at the end….

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    If you win….love is great
    If you lose….love is poison.

    Kaadha irandu vagai..
    1. Kalyaanaththirkku Munn..
    2. Kalyaanaththirkku Pinn..

    Mudhal vagai eppodhum ellorukkum inikkum..

    Irandaam vagai , silarukku sila naeram inikkum.. silarukku sila naeram kasakkum.. silarukku eppodhum inikkum..

    K.P vagai kaadhal eppodhum inikka vaendumaanaal , rendey rendai kadaipidiththaal podhum..
    Ondru – Oruththarukku oruththar vittukkodukkira manasu irukkanum
    Rendu – Ego illaama vaazhkkai nadaththurathu

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    Different person have different perception on love. For Example:

    pengalukku oru poluthu pokku.
    aangalukku athu Valkai.
    – Thothu pona aan

    Pengalukku athu than ellam
    aangalukku pengal oru vilayattu bommai
    – Thothu pona pen.

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    Naan I LOVE U ENNREAN…..
    Pathilukku awalum sonnaal I LOVE U enru..

  • Hotel Room

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    nadakatum mammue

  • Hotel Room

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    Hotel Room says: Inniku ni siripeh,naliku avva siripa,nalaniku ooreh sirikum.


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