My story

This article was inspired by another hatred mail. In which I’ve thought about writing this for a long time, but a mature hatred mail had instantly made me write this. This is also to tell you my side of story .

I discovered my ideas of writing not when I was a little boy or during my teenage years. And hell no, I do not have any talents for writing. Not at all.In fact, I never thought of writing the way I’m doing now, and posting it to the world wide web so that everyone knows what kind of person I’m exactly . We’re all living in a world full of lies. Honesty had never mattered to us.Promises had never deemed to be a serious matter to anyone.

It happens in almost all the time in our life. My love of reading books had helped me a lot when I write my own articles. When I first started blogging like a few years back, I kept it to myself all my words because I do not want anyone to know how fucked up I’m.

See, at that time, my urge to lie and not showing who I’m in a real person had stopped me from interacting and showing to others my true self. I put on a mask onto myself and portrayed myself as being someone divine and honesty is my policy. Which in fact, I’m not.

Revealing ourself truthfully to the outer world would bring a lot of positive things about yourself. But at the same time, it massively drives negative thoughts from others about you.

For an example, let’s say I talk about porn.It is common for all of us to watch porn especially the guys. Let’s say a girl comes to you and ask you if you watch porn, can you be honest with her and tell yes you do? Sometimes, you just can’t. Because you would realize the chances for you to fuck her would be gone by the wind if you do that.

The previous paragraph is just an example. All we’ve cared about is ourself. But, that’s human. We have the natural tendency on trying to cover up ourself and portray our dark image as not being one.We’ve so much say about others yet we ourself are no better than them.

That is the sole reason when I write about something I always know and acknowledge that I’ve been through and had played a part of doing that once perhaps.When I show it to the whole world that this is how we’re doing things, people mock me. When I talk about the real things that we do but we always seem to hide , they mock me.

For an example again, every guy masturbates. It’s a sensitive issue, no? Indeed no, for me. It’s common. But no one talks about them. Perhaps they’re being shy about it. Since I do not have the natural tendency to reject the feeling of writing about it, I continue writing even though it might sensitive to some.

See, it is not all about sexual issues. The above examples that I’ve given are just,well, examples. It’s about other issues too.Anything and everything on how we live our daily life. How we show ourself to others? How we act our way out from others?

At the end of the day, I know I write because of myself. When I let others influence overcome my style of writing, from then onwards I’m not being original and trying to adjust to how others want me to write. That would not only destroy my originality, but also my honesty.

I’ve never admitted of being honest my whole life yet I’ve always been when I write. That is why I write about what’s really happening in our real life which we feel too shy to reveal sometimes. Which is why I get fucked up by some others that I’m a bad example of a person .

Why not look at it from a positive angle? If you think that I’m not a person that should be set as an example, then you teach everyone not to be me. Avoid following my style. Perhaps you would fare better in your life.

See, I cant change for anyone. This is how I’ve been. This is how I write. If you think that how I write provoke sensitive issues, then perhaps you should think of writing to me. In which I would foretell you that there won’t be any use of it.

Even Stephen King uses fuck in his books. Does that make him a bad person? Does that make him a child rapist? No, if millions can read and understood what he is trying to express, why not we, cant understand the simple logic behind a small article which is supposed to end in no more than 10 minutes of reading?

Why do everyone need to hide things and talk about things that is not happening?

I wanted to write about this for so many months yet I didn’t feel the urge to do it. It’s all because I received all my hatred comments and mails through some immature fucks. But this time is was somewhat different. Nevertheless, after reading this, you should know what’s behind my writing. Why I can’t avoid writing , avoid writing my style of writing.

On why I write this article is to express to everyone, what’s motivating behind my articles. Your mails of hatred might change a thing or two, but do you really think it helps?

If any of my writings seems to be fake and if you can justify to me that it is not normal and is not happening in real life,I dare say I would stop writing. Till that happens, I think you should shut the fuck up.

P.S:Dear Readers, let me pose a question,does how I write provoke sensitive issues and make you feel uncomfortable sometimes?

Yours sincerely,

Another Machan blogger.

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    Fuhh…….1st time i read ur post so seriously.

    Well,for me,u r writing issues that happens in daily life…So,ntg is wrong with that except for ppl who offense with what u write because it resembles them and thus makes them feel low n there goes d hatred mails…Some just feels hard to change to be a better person and bang people who write issues that resembles them..

    Ppl who hide things and talk about things is not happening is just digging own grave and cheating themself.
    Will fall 2 own trap one day n get screwed……

    Cont being urself n maintain d originality of ur writing..M comfortable with ur writings.. :)

  • LB

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    Everyone has their own ways to express and say things…it’s called freedom of speech which some how in our country it became a joke recently. And i think no one needs to do what they dislike so if by reading your blog, they are offended than they can state why but a hate mail won’t do much help for both parties..I guess many reasons why people use blogs as a media is to have the freedom to express themselves..not to satisfy other’s needs. I totally believe that what Durai writes it mainly what he believes and sees and i like……i love whatever he writes cause after a long time i see that someone has the guts to speak and not be afraid of being judged…cheers partner…a salute for you…

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    kai we are more or less on the same boat..

    neenge eluthunge mike.. yenthe maire yenathe solerethe…
    neengelum namme jaathi thaa… write what we want what we feel what we decide..


  • Lizard

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    U are unique… And because u are unique , the world wont tolerate with you…

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    Keep the uniqueness of your writings bro!

    I wanna quote a statement from rujjcoomarh:

    “neenge eluthunge mike.. yenthe maire yenathe solerethe…”

    We all are in the same caste bro, M1! :D

  • anbumalar

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    wahhhh am blown away by ur article…n d answer to ur question….fuck NO…ur articles r not at all sensitive or at all feels uncomfortable to read…ur articles r infact very original, interesting n u keep it real n thts d reason y i keep on comin back evry single day to read wut u have to serve…keep it up n be urself cos if u change den my lyf would be boring witout *fuyoh* articles like urs to read…heheh ;D

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    Don’t give a shit bout those people…
    There is a saying “siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas” la bro…
    Nenge vantha mazhai ponna mayire ne blog pannikiite irunge!

    As wat Lizard said, U are unique…ur writings are one step ahead!

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    The one I expected to answer didnt turn out in the end..Let’s wait and see..

    @rubenee – sometimes must write serious post also mah, ilena enneh vechi comedi kimedi pannithanggena?

    @Partner : Kata kata yang sangat memberangsangkan…terima kasih partner..

    @Lizard : Everyone is unique on their own way…

    @rujjcoomarh , makkez, PuthumaiPithan – Our tagline should be : “Serving M1 articles since 2005″

    @anbumalar – Unggel anbu, eneke thevei…hehehehe…

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    Lol..ehnathe solve..elathume solthangele..M1 petce ille rujj said..your blog your writing..who wana giv a fck la..tarak suka jgn baca..suka kalo baca..simple kan..

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    LOL sounds like emotions are flying left right center here.. people blog to express their inner feelings and thoughts, not to please the readers.. so if those readers don’t like or feeling sensitive, the blogger shouldn’t give a damn. Just my 2 cents.

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    allthough i dont agree with ur articles , I salute ur openesss :)

    Still , i would love it if Makkez can come up with clean articles were from 6 to 60 can read :)

    U messages are good , just they way u express it i dont agree :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Oh.. vengayam coming back soon :)

  • anbumalar

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    “@anbumalar – Unggel anbu, eneke thevei…hehehehe…”
    u had a cheeky laugh goin on der huh???…. ;p ;p

  • mithiri

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    Do what you think is right.Listen to what your heart says.What others think about you is none of your business.Enjoy writing.

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    @kesh & sactyr : Athethan bro ivoloh naleh panen..but ivenegeh tholle thangge mudileh. so once and for all..ore article

    @novinthen : Makkez ah? Ena bro achi…Vengayam ah?

    @anbumalar : Yesh..yesh…hehehe

    @mithiri : Seriyah sonigeh pogeh

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @novinthen – Bro, I think instead of mentioning “Durai”, you tersilap mentioned my name! lolz….

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    bro i think u create banner lar.. “Serving M1 articles since 2005?
    “M1 Bloggers” ahahhaah then we put in our blog hahahha

    savadi banner thaa

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    We’re working towards that bro…Makkez kum enekum pechi varthe odikithe irukeh…hehehehe


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