Cheating Indian Girls For Dummies

It really gets me going when I talk something about Indians. It really inspires me that whenever I felt like talking about Indians, I type so fast and without resting to think what I need to write. The idea comes whenever I see something that is wrong being done by some Indians. You see, it is not my duty to highlight this matter to the society, but it’s actually kind of funny talking about them.

This article that I’m typing right after taking bath, I was thinking about something that I didn’t want to let go out of my head. I didn’t want to lose any information in my memory that I’ve thought about this topic.I didn’t wear anything after taking bath. Thus, emerged the first topic by a naked blogger.Naked Indian blogger perhaps? In which whether I’m clothed or not is not going to matter, we’ll get straight to the topic.

See, I’ve always wondered how come so many Indians girls out there gets cheated with Indian guys in the name of love. You cant really blame the Indians guys alone , as the other races seems to be actively interested towards our Indians girls too. After all , they’re are sweet as a ‘laddu'(indian sweet food) you can call it.

But how come majority of this girls gets cheated and then they say their love is genuine and so on? See, that’s where it gets interesting. While I’ve talked so many topic about relationship, I forgot one simple thing in which this can be the main point.

We’ve always wondered how come so many guys out there can have few girlfriends and so on. See, having a lot of girlfriends is not an issue.And having few Indians girls as girlfriends is not also an issue. It is as easy as ABC to tackle this girls.

All right, now I’m writing a controversial article. Please be forewarned that this article is targeted to the young Indian girls who thinks your love at this age was match made in heaven. It just ends up like hell, don’t they? The thing is girls, you’re too easy to be cheated sometimes. While it is totally very ignorant and arrogant of me trying to say something like this,but think about it.

Let me walk you through on my own Guide of ” Cheating Indian girls For Dummies”. If you have not heard about “..the Dummies” book series ,probably you should read about them. Without further delay, let me summarize how to tackle an Indian girl.

This below guidelines is for tackling Indian girls through Internet.

Follow the 6F Rules.

Find :

Indians girls can be easily located anywhere around Malaysia. Most of the one that gets cheated usually the one on the Internet. To tackle Indian girls, one need to be extremely good in handling Friendster application.Low knowledge in Friendster or Facebook, and you’re doomed to get some “Kampung Mali” girls.But considering most Malaysian knows how to use Friendster diligently, it is easy to find them.

What you need to do is look for their shout outs. There will few thousands of these Indian girls who uses love shout outs . For an example :

“Love will inspire you to be someone in life”,
“I’m still waiting for my other part of life”
“Life is incomplete without love”

Check the one that is using broken English or talks hell of a great about love when she is only 16. Now, look at her picture,try to see if she interest you.

Or you can also go for the one that says :

“I lost my love, I didn’t know love is cheat”

Check her status, “Single” good. Any other status, close her profile.

Friend :

Now, since you’ve located a girl of your interest, the next step would be to befriend her. Do not make a mistake by befriending one girl only, try to go for more. The more you go,the chances are higher. What you need to first of all is to send her a message. Do not go overboard for the girls who is using broken English in their shout out, try to simplify your English.Pity them.

Send a message to them and start off the conversation with some casual talks. Just keep in touch with them and make sure they remember you.Try to get their MSN messenger and keep in touch with them.

Favorite :

After a week or so , talking to your ‘new’ friend , its time to make your move.You should tell her that one week had past by, and it seems like you just missing her more day by day. Tell her that she’s your favorite person currently. That will somehow lead to a lovable conversation.

Fake :

Start lying to her that your previous girlfriend had left you. Or tell her that somehow she seems to be the most important person in your life.She will somehow fall into your words, but it all depends on your words. The ‘ayat’ that you use is important and this is the one that will make her think about you more than anything else.

Lie and try to be fake as much as you could. Indian girls do not go for the guys that is honest and so on, they would rather go for the one that is pest to the society or the one that is lying. Brains without awareness.

Fuck :

Next, when you feel the time is right, call her to go for a drink and so on.She might deny at first, the usual Indian girls sentiment. They might be giving reasons like, they’ve got exams, parents wont let and so on, Never give up my dear guys. When there is a hole, there is a way.

Try to persuade them, once they agree, consider your job is half done.Call her one day before you’re going out, or after you’ve gone out with her, call her the very same day, and say you fall in love with her.

There you go, you’ve got fucked.

Forget :

The last step is to forget her. In which you would be getting some follow up sms by the girl or some calls from her. Please ignore.She would just forget about you as well, and the next day, her shout out would be back in Friendster, ” Love is Cheat”.

The same old story.

Now, after reading this, I’m very much sure I can see the rage in some of you.This whole article is written with the word sarcastic being the theme of it. Do not mistaken me of providing this article as a guideline for the guys to get some fucks. It is just an article on how some of this girls are getting cheated. Since you girls are well aware of this now, I suppose you know how to deal with it.

And in no means I directed this article to general public as I say as usual. It is certainly targeted to certain group of Indian girls only.

The moral of the story : Always be alert when you’re on the internet my dear girls, it is that easy as I described above. Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing too.

See girls, this is how we do it.It is that easy to cheat you. Aren’t you supposed to be smarter than that?

Think about it. Sekian.

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50 comments to Cheating Indian Girls For Dummies

  • LB

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    Damn funny guidelines partner but so very true…some girls are so easy to get and before i get personal attacks, let me remind everyone there are many easy guys too but in average the girls take a bigger percentage…

  • anbumalar

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    goshhhh dude…unfair unfair…heyyyy we r smarter than tht la of cos…y la u hentam tis particular grp of gals like tht…looks like its more to a particular “someone”…did u get cheated or stabbed at d back or somethin…??
    but i bet majority of gals (not only indians) would have experienced such internet flirting but d naive ones jus gets fucked but d smart ones knw how to *play hard to get*…sumtimes its jus sooooo hard to trust u guys but once we love u guys, we jus melt…oh my gawd y did u eva create us to be sooo *senti-menti* n *emo-nemo*…???
    n as for u men…ur created in a way tht ur brain n ur dick jus can’t function at d same time…wen one’s turned on d other is automatically switched off…heheh true enot…?? ;p

  • anthony

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    I know a girl from Taiping,she was cheated by a malay bastard who already married.Both of them was working in the same place.
    The pity girl was pregnant & give birth to a baby boy.That malay fucking bastard just wash hands.

    So the family have to shift place God knows where(coz lost contact with her).

    I am telling this to all indian girls out there.Pls don’t do the same mistake like that girl.

    There are a lot of responsible indian guys in M’sia.
    So be carefully of this kind of malay fucking guys that are spoiling our indian girls life.

    Bro i hope u will write this true story in ur future blogs.


  • Lizard

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    Grandmaster machan !!! Durai ye yaaro yematitanggela …. orre comedy ah ireke!!!!he he he…

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    Alama..ehna Durai..anbuvem pesatho haha..nyabagem vahrethe nyabegem vahrethe..

  • Divi

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    ermmm Durai, do u do this :p

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    hello, dubai eh, enoduya brother lizard irukaara? hey..nethaan pesuriya, how r yu? it..durai romba poi soldrana..leave it yaar, relax… be happi, kool down kool down kool down….

    manasu valikuthu lizard…
    ithai vera yarachum solli iruntha paravale…ivan sonnathuthan machan manasukku kasthama irukku…

    “Durai Neenga nallavara kettavara”

  • Gr@ndM@$teR

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    cheating is not the right word.

    men and women are different in thinking and feeling. a man is not intrested to be with a woman, when he is young, he want to know how women are acting and re-acting on his own person. young men are looking around…and women are just mirrors. later, when he knows himself better he begins to change his attitude face to women. cheating or betraying a woman is an attitude of an unmature man. Mature men love it to be adored and beeing well treated from only one person…

    avasara pattu “antha paiyan sirichan naan virichen”-nu soldrathu nallathu illai…

    virithathu un kuttram
    oppathu boys kuttrama!

  • unreadable mind

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    damn good one. :D i like the way u think. tc

  • slayz

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    very true indeed…i’ve come across so many gals, and i mean SO MANY gals whom are like this…
    being a gal myself i totally agree that SOME gals these days are very easily to be cheated…SOME just act like they dont know anything and SOME just accept it for fun..
    all in the name of getting attention..
    BUT, guys, PLEASE do think oso lar…do u really have to play this game and thus create a “fan club” filled wif female???? haizz

  • mithiri

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    I like the way you think. Eventhough it might offend some of the girls but what you say is true, most of the indian girls are very easy to cheat.Trust me, I am a teacher and I can tell you that girls get engaged in this kind of activities even when they are in primary schools.After the cheating comes days and days of crying and we counselling teachers have to go to thier resque.So girls REMEMBER IF U LET A MAN FUCK U ITS YIUR PROBLEM NOT HIS DON’T BE FOOLED. A GOOD MAN WILL BE LOOKING FOR YOUR HEART NOT YOUR PRIVATE PART.Be smart and choose carefully and I believe there are still many good Indian guys around.

  • Lizard

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    Grandmaster macha , vidde macha… eppedi okkeran parre….

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    Bro, when the book will go on sale? :D

    While I do agree on most of what you have said above, but I am against one thing bro:

    “….Now, look at her picture,try to see if she interest you.”

    Well, since 70% of those girls that you have mentioned would be using Asin’s and Trisha’s picture as their primary picture and putting all their ugly pictures in their private albums, then the guys all lar bro!….

  • inba

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    Dankiuu Saar. Ur social service is very much the apprciated… Bitches n bastards sud move on to n… Adultfrienfinder Malaysian version maybe?

    Bro, where to find good girls to settle down with? Semua pun sudah hancur…

  • hmmm

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    yeah…girls tend to get cheated coz all guys are bloody sweet talker.

  • guest

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    Well, who to blame? Gurlz or guyz? Both need each another in general. Since gurlz are weaker in nature, most of the guyz make use of this opportunity. But there are number of gurlz who wants to be cheated. And this kind of gurlz can be found anywhere. They wanted to get cheated again and again by doing the same mistake. Something like “I know that I know”…. End of the day, we can see b****es and bastards being around and questions like “Where to find good gurl/guy to seetle down?”. I dun know good guys do exist or not but good gurlz definitely exist…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @Partner : Agreed partner. Some are easy, some are not.

    @anbumalar : dick and brain cant function at the same time, erm, lol, I think I’ll have to pretty much agree with that lo.

    @anthony : Sure bro. If I have any kind of stories such as you’ve mentioned, of course I’ll implement it in my writings.

    @kesh : Anubevem ah…hehehe…ningge eneke appe vekiringge poleh…lol..

    @unreadeable mind : tenkiu,tenkiu, I like the way u commented. Cheerz…

    @slayz : Its all in the game, that’s what they would say .

    @mithiri : Totally agree, agree. I’ve got no words.I didnt know I have teachers in my blog anyway…


    @Lizard and Grandmaster : The middle finger

    @Makkez : Betul juga kata Makkez. Guys, slight modification, be careful with the one that is having the celebrity pictures, aperom ninggethan

    @inba :Good girls, ada bro..banyak lagi… pongge…hehehe

    @hmmm : Guys indeed are sweet talkers.Btw,Why using this nick lo?

    @guest : Both share the same percentage of blame guest. Good guys do exist…sebagai…


  • mithiri

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    There are many teachers from Ipoh reading your blog. Maybe there will be a fan club soon. Keep your fingers crossed. You’re doing a good job.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @mithiri – Teachers padikire mathiri club ah…nandri ammmahhh nandri…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Waa, teachers also can get along with a M1 Machanz blogger arh? Hebat, hebat! Ini merupakan revolusi baru bagi “Machanz bloggers” sekalian….. Hehe! :P

  • budak kampung tak tau English

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    Indian gals may/can be classified into 3 categories actuali –>
    a) hard to get gals
    b) plays cheap thrill by acting hard to get but actualy they’re looking forward to get cheated
    c) easy to cheat n they dun mind n enjoy gettin cheated

    Lets go 1 by 1 shall we ? :)

    Hard to get gals are the gals who wud wait til they r married or atleast til they’re engaged.N they wud neva let any simple touches at al.Even kissing is a no no.Ofcos,alot gud indian gals are stil out there who wish to uphold their cultural and traditional rules n regulations we may say.N these gals are the ones that actualy portrays what our indian lifestyle is, gals that beholds our indian tradition. But as time and the situation goes on, this aswel mite n will change.I’l explain bout this later :)

    Da 2rd category gals is actualy easier to be identified than the rest,trust me.Hehehe.U can find these gals most of time in cool hangout places, going out shoppin with their so cald gf’s, lepakin in Mc’D , lepakin in theatres’ etc. Or, u may even be able to single em out in social netwrkin thingies nowadays like Friendster,Bookface,Myspace or da new 1 created specially for em, “” :D .U need to have da skills required to make them feel as thou they r gud gals, but in deep inside,u know they’re notty gals.Hehehe.

    Let me give u few tips on gettin this “im hard to get but if u try harder,u can sleep with me tonite” gals..First,dun bother too much on gettin her num at first attempt itself.THey wud not even bother of talkin to u at first place, thinkin u r way low class then them.DUn give up, jus try harder, but in diff method.Talk nicely the next time, if u ever see em that is.Heheh.N then tel them that…OK,wait a min,im gettin on way too much.I sound like the Blogger himself :P Thats not my role BTW :P

    Comin towards to 3rd category :

    I know of a gal who has been cheated by her ex’s by many ways, includin sex,money,everythin that can be “korek” out from a gal.N yet, guess wat ? She stil doesnt mind getting cheated althou other guys she got to know after her ex’s say the same bullshit that they love her n still korek everything from her.Does that mean that she is being cheated by those guys ? Nope. She is giving opportunity to be cheated n thus, when there is opportunity, ofcos we guys tend to take wats open infront us . Like Grandmaster says, “virithathu un kuttram”..Virichereke, adichethe engge tappa ?

    Da point here is , indian gals shud decide themselves whether they wana get cheated or not.THis is solely based on how they behave n how they make up decisions regarding their life.They shud have a stronger say that they wil make u their mind how they wana be, n they can be wat they wan to.U wana get cheated, cont.Thats up to u,but dun come n complain later on that indian guys cheated u etc etc.At that time , some guys or readers like “Asshole” ( i stil havent got a clue whether its a he or she, maybe Asshole is a gender-confused person like in da topic up there :P ) wil be coming n pointing fingers n say that u gals gave in, so they used u.Plz, stop blamin others wen u have da fault on urselves.

    The gud gals, keep up comin ahead in life and prove that alot gud indian gals are stil there and Inba can choose from there LOL …

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @budak kampung tak tau English: Ninggeh comment elethenigelah illeh article elethinigelah?

    Superbly said bro. I’ couldn’t agree more with you. Points are well conveyed. Anthe 3rd category le ore pileh irukeneh sonigeleh bro, athe yareh? Hehehehehe…

  • suzieq

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    “Love is cheat”… wahahahahahhaahhaa…

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    bro durai , some guys power enough to go after girls who already got boy friend , haha .

    Kadavoolee ,

  • kavi

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    Girls out there.. please be alert.

  • Princess Devil

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    this is an embarassment to the indian chicks out there yea…

  • Becks

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    Is there some inconsistency and double standards here that you have got this blog on how to cheat on girls and another called “Girls and Lies” asking girls not to lie to guys?!

    Have to say though, I should had read your blog earlier as I avoided all Malaysian scams, money, electronics, card scams but then got into relationship with a cheating, lying ass of a Punjabi while I was there.

    Is your blog here particularly talking about the tactics of Indian guys as I am wondering what is the psychology in particular of Punjabi assholes who cheat and there seems to be plenty of Punjabis in Malaysia. I have since learnt that Punjabis are notorious for being players and liars. If you have any thoughts, can you please blog.

    As for men out there who cheat, you don’t have any idea the hurt you are causing. Karma will strike you back in the end and I hope it’ll be a bolt of lighting on your back ass!

  • Asshole

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    Hey!! Becks, nobody care’s if someone fucked your ass, whats with this karma bullshit!! If you don’t like it, just shut the fuck up!!!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @Becks – The Intention of the article is to provide a sarcastic review on how easy Indian girls can be cheated today. Hope that answers your question.

    Punjabis are notorious for being players? None that I heard of.To be honest with you, It’s a common thing that guys are players. It’s up to the girls to be wise.

  • elysha

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    budak kampung tak tau English Says:
    July 23rd, 2008 at 3:20 am
    Indian gals may/can be classified into 3 categories actuali –>
    a) hard to get gals
    b) plays cheap thrill by acting hard to get but actualy they’re looking forward to get cheated
    c) easy to cheat n they dun mind n enjoy gettin cheated

    Lets go 1 by 1 shall we ?

    Sokong ang punya komment lorh!!!!

  • stella

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    Decission to cheat and get cheated lies in the girl’s hand…Nowadays our indian girls especially the younger generation are going thru a culture shock. Having a boyfriend is a so called a ‘trend’ now. They’re going all out for them by any means. Good guys and low profile guys are no more in demand. Well known guys ( womanisers, criminal records, notorious, etc…) are in favour.Being their girl is so glamour and well known!

    Sorry and very sad to say…these kind of girls are digging their own grave and burying their loved ones and themselves in. Don’t blame the guys…they’re just grabbing the opportunities offered to them…

    Bro Durai,
    Very good topic to discuss

  • sha"na

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    its not only malay guys is cheating on indian guls…. our own race (indian guys) is cheating them 2. sum guys r like “naattan na pattu pall ilikithe par, yaen nambala patha manasana teriyaliyo, ithenggala nalla ****” that kinda thinkin. i felt bad 4 indian guys who love gurls 4 their body instead 4 their heart .. its all about a friend of mine, who recently commited suicide coz she was cheated, betrayed and etc.. it took me 2 weeks to get d fuck out of it.. i am d one who identified dat bastard to the police and 4 my god sake he was smilin at me.. i felt like to get a gun and jz shot his head 100 times or more.. come on guys ther r gud gurls 2 u knw, pls dun do this to them, u wont knw how their family will feel like.. N TO U, U STUPID SICKENING BASTARD.. IF U R READING DIS MSG.. PRAY TO GOD KNW COZ UR GOIN TO FEEL THE SAME.. HIS NAME IS YOGEN, PUCHONG (IF U STILL HAV A HEART, U WIL KNW DAT UR D ONE) I SWEAR 2 GOD U WIL DIE LIKE A SHIT, UR BODY WILL DECOMPOSE LIKE SHIT…
    Sory 2 d chatterz, if i said sumtin wrg.. its jz dat, i kept it in my heart..

  • lizard

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    emotional punya case ni…

  • sha"na

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    not only emotional case but reality, think wise big guy, even u can b emotional too, dont cicakman

  • lizard

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    its lizard… not cicakman goddamn it…

  • sha"na

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    come on u got angry so fast, lizard in malay is cicak.. m i right malaysia??? anyway its not time to fight coz we are grown up knw.. jz 4get me n im goin to 4get bout u-EMOTIONAL PUNYE CASE EHHH!


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    Indian gals may/can be classified into 3 categories actuali –>
    a) hard to get gals
    b) plays cheap thrill by acting hard to get but actualy they’re looking forward to get cheated
    c) easy to cheat n they dun mind n enjoy gettin cheated
    I LIKE THIS COMMENT I PREFER TO BE HARD TO GET GAL I USED TO SEE FEW GUYS IN THAT CATEGORY..ONCE A GUY SEND ME COMMENT U HAVE REALLY CUTE EYES CARE TO BE FRIENDS..THE NEXT DAY I ADD HIS COMMENT IN ANOTHER GALS PROFILE “U LOOK CUTE” yea i take it as easy coz he just giving comments..few days after messanging he proposed me with all the AYAT’SS LAA.i say v have common friend..the common friend was my cousin n they study in same college i asked her about him she said he have a girlfriend..and he like to tackle gals for fun.Even im also a normal gal who falls for ‘ayatzz’ i prefer 2 survey/get to know well abt a guy before trust or go out with him.coz of tiz im i prefer i dont layan all tiz online proposels.n i dont take my online friends 2 life.its better not to take risk…anyways thanks 4da writing this article it helps v gals more aware.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    it’s ok,anyway malay chicks alwaiz suka (edited-admin)..haha

  • arvind

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    cool down n enjoy some muruku ….
    muruku n beedi makes the day…lol

  • Masthan

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    I can’t understand why the heck the gals fall for “kata-kata manis..” (sweet words)..anyone can answer me? are they mere dumb? sorry gals. or the guys just too smart. i’ll leave the ball for you to decide. take an classic example and let’s see in dude’s way,..he got break-off sitdown near longkang site with fake beard, face like half-dead, carrying cheap liquor, whinning, moaning, and said she left me..she piss me off, i hate girls, girls are same..complaint to his friends and disturbing her, talk cock about her where once he hold her hand tightly and now crapping about her..haih…dissapointed..hey dude” come on man, wake up”..and grow up.
    now let’s analyst girls,…get cheated, get fucked, get betrayed..than sit down in dark room, thinking about the past, crying, fasting, face just like undergo “caesarean” operation, looks dull, tired. suddenly didnt meet any of her friends, no sms reply, less talk. than after few months talk cock about guys, guys are same, their mentality is “get paid and get laid”…can’t trust them. don’t you girls realise that before you get laid, use you’re brain. at one point when a real hero comes to ur life you’re pissing him/her by saying i just broke up and i dowan another relationship..i don’t wish to marry anymore..hey come on…give me a break!!! I KNOW its very hard and ddificult to forget the past..but nothing is impossible if you set you’re mindset in positive honest to thus wish to marry you..go for men/women’s heart not their private part like our friend said above… and i’m extremely sorry if any of my sentence hurt your feelings, if it did i won’t give a damn fuck!!!…

  • Funny

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    This is the most funniest blog i ever read. Haha. Hilarious

  • Shanaa

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    whoaa2…tiz is da most funniest thing i’ve eva at da same tym it has a message wic is reali needed by alot of indian galz..seriously da 6F theory is damn fuckin true!! wel wat cn i say..indian gurlz seemz 2 lyk ‘sweet talkerz’ alot..but nyway bro, itz a great article!! n wise 1 2.. :P

  • Jakkama

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    Why do women cheat? The simple answer is because they hurt. They have pain related to loneliness, the rejection and betrayal of a cheating spouse, an unexciting and unsatisfactory relationship, or feeling poorly about themselves.

    Why do women cheat? Because of emotional needs not met and the hurt that accompanies this lack. Is it sometimes just physical lust? Occasionally, but I do not see much of this. Loneliness is one of the primary reasons that women seek out affairs or are susceptible to advances. Women who are in an unsatisfactory relationship may feel even lonelier than if they were still single. A partner who is over involved with his work or hobby may severely limit the attention and admiration he gives to his mate.

    She then feels unattractive, uncared for, and hopeless about getting her needs met. While this is a reason for working harder on the relationship, not seeking relief from another man, it is easy to understand the pain that makes the whole thing possible. And then there is Revenge. I am seeing much more of this as a motive in recent years. Today’s woman is not willing to just sit still and “take it.” Unfortunately, the “eye for an eye” approach has become more acceptable and a woman who feels betrayed and rejected may well return the favor.

    Sometimes a woman needs only to hold a suspicion that her partner is cheating to be susceptible. She may have painful memories from other, earlier relationships in her life, and she may have an expectation of being hurt in this one, as well. This is where a “self fulfilling prophecy” can take over and create pain for everyone.One reason for a woman’s affair is similar to one for men: boredom. An unsatisfying, dull, and predictable relationship that is not growing in depth can make the excitement of a new relationship very attractive.

    The affair is not only exciting due to the new person involved, but also to the whole experience of sneaking around and hiding it. This can be a huge adrenaline rush. It’s not saying it too strongly to say that it can even be mildly addictive. Women who have multiple affairs may be experiencing this kind of stimulus.Underlying all these reasons for cheating is a poor sense of self-esteem. We all need an adequate amount of affection and admiration from our partners. One way or another this attention falters at times and the person can become insecure and start looking for the attention is other places.

    Women can especially have this problem since our culture is moving towards the modern era and we (woman) tend to put so much emphasis on physical beauty, sex appeal, and the ability to attract men. The truly secure woman knows that her value rests not in these attributes but in her depth of character, her spiritual self, and in her self-reliance.Unfortunately, there is very little in our culture to encourage this self awareness and many women unconsciously find their worth in the attention they receive from the men in their lives. And, when it is not coming from their partner they are susceptible to receiving it from other men.

    Few would say that any of these reasons for cheating are justifiable. Whether it is boredom, self-esteem, revenge, or the pain that relationships often bring, the answer is to go to work on the relationship, not to have an affair. We can understand the motivations for affairs, but we still know that they are harmful and someone usually gets hurt badly.

  • Rocky Girl

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    Good tricks to cheat girl..anyhow dude..i read and experience through my girl frens..who have been cheated in this way…I really know guys mind those in NET…some how most of my buddies are guys…Tricks not works on me..since i alwys been smatter than guys..hahaha…God & my mom always by My side To guide me and alert me…there was phylosophy in Tamil ‘yemaaarubavan irukum varai, yemaatrubavan irupaan’…so girl out there dun be so mesmerize with guys nowdays out there…Exspecially through NET…mudincha TURUN kudunge…Dare to find the cheaters…DO IT..or ignore the stupid cheaters…if girl dun layan The cheaters sure will not bother you girl…BE AWARE DUDES>

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    as the rocky gul said, “yemaarubavan irukum varai, yematrubavan irupan”…… but at d same time”mut pagal seiyin, pirpagal vilayum”, i juz wana say think b4 act… who knows mayb in future d fellow who s glad n satisfies in cheating, vl get married vf d girl has been ‘CHEATED’ by another boy; or his female siblings o his neace vl b cheat by sumone……… plz think bcoz of ur stupid attitute, d others get d effect…….. 4 d gul plz think 1000 times b4 blieve sumone…. as d elder people said”pengal nerupa irukanum”……. lastly “OOSI IDAM KODUKAME NOOLU NULAIYATHU”

  • Ash

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    Durai, maybe you should edit the part where it says “Check the one that is using broken English or talks hell of a great about love when she is only 16″…

    That will be statutory rape under Malaysian law if the guy sleeps with a 16-year old..=) Maybe you could amend it to 19 years? After all, when you are 19, it’s like being sixteen with a bit more freedom ;)

  • Burgundy

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    I totally agreed with the author and would like to add further, most indian gals are living in the fantasy and are not aware of reality.
    This has something to do with the environment they are living day in day out and most importantly they are excellent pretenders…and might win some oscars …wakakakakkakakaka

  • ravi

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    you are 100% currect ma.


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