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Today I will come up again with a controversial article which will highlight the sufferings and humiliation some humans face all along their life. Whenever I talk about this kind of topics, I expect everyone should see the things from my point of view before giving yours. You should look at why I wrote the way it is before you look at it from your view.

The only gender that is acceptable in Malaysia today is male and female.Whenever we come across the confusion of the gender, it often becomes a laughable matter. It is a normal occasion that some of us will stumble open this kind of people who is kind of confused about their own gender. See, every human being is fated or ‘designed’ to live the way they’re expected to be. If one is fated to be bapuks,he will be one.Or shall I say he will be she?

If you’re still left in the dark on what I’m trying to talk about today, it is all about bapuks. Usually in Malaysia, we call them ‘bapuk’, ‘pondan’ , ‘9’ and so on . There are many ways of calling them. But all is just certainly for an insult.The reason why I wrote this topic today is why we, always have this feeling of trying to insult this group of people who I consider born with unbalanced hormones perhaps. I might not be very good in describing on why this group of people become the way they’re and so on from a scientific view, but in layman term I would certainly try to defend them.

It is all common and natural for us to see this bapuks on the street . Heck, even in my previous working place , there was plenty of them. It is not their wish to be that way. They are sometimes forced to live that way .A lot of things can influence how they became the way they’re,such as hormones imbalance, family upbringing, surroundings, so on and so forth.

We , as we describe ourselves, think our self to be perfect.We’re either male or female. We’re nothing in between. What it feels like to be in their world? How much torture do they have to go through?

Why am I calling our self to be torturing this group of people?

Let me describe further.To start off, let me give you a glimpse of who are this people from factual words.

“Someone who dresses in the clothes usually worn by the opposite sex. Transvestites may be bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual ”

All right, enough about that. Now, whenever you see this bapuks on the street, what would your immediate reaction be? I will take it from Indian point of view.

“Macha, bapuk da dei. Angge pareh”
“Ingge parrah dei, bapse”.

So, there we go looking one kind towards them. See, in my previous office, this bapuks are not even allowed to go through the woman or mans toilet. They will have to go all the way down to the ‘Disabled person’ toilet to finish their ‘business’. Even in toilets we’re not allowing them, how are we going to accept them in our society?

Whenever we see Indian bapuks, it is the peak of the event. We hurl abuses and a lot of things towards them. We think we’re greater than them. We smile gleefully making fun of them.We consider doing that as normal.See, if you hurt your friends feelings, maybe you would go on and ask for forgiveness and so on. That consider yourself as a person with a kind heart. But what if you see this bapuks, will you think twice to make them your humor of the day?

Worst case scenario would be if we’re in a group of friends. We might be teasing and hurling abuses towards them without any mercy towards their feelings. We feel good by making them the joke of the day, but have we ever wondered what would they feel like?

I’ve seen like Indian girls describing this bapuks as being the pest of the society and so on. They’re a disgrace to how we’ve living the way it is now. How do we take them as a disgrace?

Anyone who lives the way out of the norm is considered a sinful and a disgrace to the society. At least that’s how we think. While Indian girls giving out blowjob is not considered sin by the other Indian girls,bapuks working as a prostitute is a disgrace to the society. I’m not denying the fact that prostitute are disgrace to the society, but why only categorize bapuk prostitute as a disgrace?

I was not given blowjob by any bapuks for me to write this story about them hence save your time to relate me with them. I just wonder how come after all this years, we still have the mentality like how or forefathers had like decades ago. Why all the hoo-haa of seeing this transvestites?

So what if they’re like that ? Did they come to you and disturb? They’re comfortable the way they’re living . They’re comfortable with the way they lead their life. Why so much fuss about a simple thing than can be simply changed by changing your mindset?

Even parents are no better in this, whenever they see this bapuks they burst into laughter and teach their children that it is a bapuk thus they’re supposed to be categorized into laughable matter.Poor mentality.

See, nobody is born perfect. We,most of us who think we’re born perfect, are not in reality.

We’re born with perfection outside ,but we’re full of defects inside. Change.

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  • nottygal

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    it wont annoys us if dey are dressed properly in the public places… wont be obvious that they are bapuks…but they showing off themselves with sexy dress and overly make ups…more obvious than gals…rough legs and wearing short skirts…for wat ?? who want to c those ugly legss..this is what make us to kutuk dem..

  • savundra

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    hello kumar, wht u f shared wit us over here is fairly true… we shouldnt c thm as a laughable populations… its not their fault, its their genes fault… as civilized ppl we muz accept thm in our society…

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    Damn….m typin 4 d 2nd time….arggghhhhh….

    Ok…waited for this topic for such a long time n finally its here….
    Well,as for me,its nothing wrong of being a bapuk due to hormone problems and live a normal life….but there some bapuks who becoming prostitute n thats why they are bombarded and they deserve it….It doesn’t matter whether it’s a girl o bapuk is prostitute…prostitute is still a prostitute n they are disgrace to the community….most of the bapuks thinks that being a prostitute is the only way for them to earn for living but it’s not…a top kick boxer in thailand is a bapuk too..

    The normal type of bapuks that normally will be insulted is the one who always be extra-grand with make-up n extra exposure with the dress..hey,even a hot chick will loose to them as the one in picture and more worse…now,they really deserve it…they them self giving the public a chance to make a fun of them n thus be the clown of the day..and ya,i wonder why with the style of walking…walk tergedk-gedik..cant they walk normal?? Wana show off the ass is it? This type bapuks giving ppl the invitation card to insult them…

    There is bapuks who can live normal without wearing the opposite sex’s dress…Now,they dun deserve insults…But the one who wear like slut,deserve insults..they are just like some girls who are bitch..the insult is not because they are bapuk but the way they dress and the appearance.If a girl appear like that also,they will be insulted too.So,the appearance and dressing is the reason…And it’s alright if they wana do surgery and have breast implant but not ending up to be a prostitute..Some can lead a normal life after surgery while most of them make use of it n become prostitute…there goes the insults all…tat applies to a girl too..So,it’s not wrong of being a bapuk but the matter is how they bring them self to the community…

    So,accept them in this community and stop with the bad remarks..prostitute lain cerita..I’m talking about the good,accept them,the defect is not within them,its within us..And of course a solution to the toilet prob…

  • IP

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    They are also one of LORDS MANY CREATION…

    They are mentioned in our ancient PURANA’s…Maybe its a gift or a curse…

    Let them be what they want to be…

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    Bro, everyone is born with normal genes and hormones. Neither God nor science messes up there. Its the upbringing and exposure that changes people (and of course transvestite surgeries do deregulate the hormones).

    Regardless, one can only understand another person when they put themselves in the shoes of others. As for the comments which mentioned excessive make-ups and skimpy clothes, maybe they just want to be accepted by the larger community? But perhaps they don’t realise that make-up and clothes doesn’t get them accepted? Whatever it is, it is easy for someone to laugh at others, but for the same person to endure that laughing will not be easy.

    And no, I am not a transvestite. I am just saying that every living being should be given their chance to share life in this world.

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    Well, I think we all should have a look at the root cause on why they became prostitute at first. Family abuse, hatred words, community isolation and etc. If we could put a full stop on all those, I believe there won’t be any needs to label them as ‘weirdos’.

    Talking about this, did anyone watched the show about Indian transvestites which was aired in Astro Vaanavil a few weeks back?

  • Asshole

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    Well Bapuk defender’s, these freaks of nature should be sent to concentration camps to end their misery!!!

    What a bunch of fagots!!! Are these things your fetish or something?

  • inba

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    ooororem puliyamaram, ulupivitta salasalango
    naan piranthe maduraiyile , aaluk aalu naatamaithan

    i will not reply to this thread as it will will definitely offend our “aravaani” friends/readers. but i do hav a few concerns

    1) wat was the writers previous job as he had numerous encounters with them?

    2) as the internet is a free media not requiring any form of proof to back up one’s publishing, how can i trust that the writer did not indeed receive a blowjob from one of them?

    hahaha ..rilek broder.. chumma than.. unggelukku mattum than kalaikke teriyumaa..

    great topic anyway..
    i recall watching a show on national geographic “taboo” series on transgenders focusing areas in asia including thailand , and andhra pradesh (coz the dude spoke telegu , and then the dude became a she )..

    evan in arattai arangam (b4 vt.rajendherr came in) , there was a trangendered participant who shared his/her experiences being ill-treated by fellow makkez


  • LB

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    Let Them Be – That’s all I’m going to say……

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    @nottygal – I think Sactyr answer would be the most correct one to your question

    @savundra – Very well indeed your first comment :P

    @rubenee – Agreed vio

    @IP – Seriyah sonigeh bro

    @Makkez – I watched it…That’s when we get to know the hardship they’re going through

    @inba – Bro, Kalau saya dapat blowjob , I will tell bro, That’s how I’ve been writing ever since. M1 achi ne solireven bro…hehehehe

    @Partner – Short but sweet comment

  • Tic tac

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    Newbie here,just found out bout this weblog today.Great issue being talked bout.I just feel that our malaysian community is not open enough regarding this matter.Discrimination against transvestites are not uncommon.Even small kids knows how to tease and jeer at transvestites.Who taught them that?of course they learnt it from the adults!Imagine if our siblings our relatives were one of them,would we accept them as who they are or disown them?At least transgenders/transvestites are brave enough to be who they really are.They never hide and they are never afraid to be themselves.Many of us are scared to be who we really are and we potray ourselves as someone else to the outer world.If there is a lesson we can learn from transvestites that would be…never be afraid to be who you really are no matter what obstacles come thru.
    Just like what the author of the article mentioned..leave em alone..if we cant help em its okay but dont mistreat them or stare at em as though they are infected with HIV.Not all of them are rotten..lets not look at the rotten ones..i mean its normal to have few rotten apples in a bag full of apples.Many of them are living in decent manner..many of them are highly educated too.Have you ever encountered a transvestite beggar?i have never so far.Amidst the obstacles and the judgements normal people like us make towards them..they still accept themselves as who they are..when are we going to accept them??

  • brinda

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    well said!!for those who thinks tat their waste to the society, wat bout u? Wat have u contributed for the well being of others? Just accept them for wat they are.I suggest all to watch “Ippadikki Rose” aired in Vijay Tv,for msian residents stream on9 as astro doesnt air this program. The program host is a aravani and u wud definetely be impressed after watching the show.
    Besides that,in Thailand, there is a show performed by these transgenders/transvestites at Ansa Plaza and its tourist attraction. You see nw, when we accept them for who they are, they can contribute to the economy mah.Dont come bombard me on this nw as im sayin tellin u an example frm our neighbourin country and hw the hell i noe tis?I went ther few years back but im not sure if its still at the same place.
    Before lookin at anyone’s back, look at our own ones, are we perfect being male/female??So lets be nice to those aravani’s!!!

  • Nesh

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    “Ingge parrah dei, bapse”.

  • Kasvini

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    yea lor yea lor.. sedih. Worst shit happened on Astro Vaanavil’s Alaram show when they tried to tackle this issue. That fre**Kin b*tch sat beside the ladies and pretended to be aw-so-understanding and open-minded and fair. But she was being so condescending and FAKE and BITCHY!! Cut the holier-than-thou acts, you freaks! You cheap bastards would shameless cut in line in front of an elderly lady or man during THaipusam’s free food but laugh at ladies who happen not to have ovaries. BLUEK~


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