There will be few very interesting things comin’ up soon here in RagedIndian.com :

1. New added page for Urumee songs – Listening to the Best Urumee Songs(my favorite’s) online and Downloads.

2. A hatred page – Where some people who don’t like me or my writings can bark there instead of polluting my chat box, sending me e-mails, typing out lame comments or adding me in msn messenger.

3.My other blog of Exotic Temples to be updated in a more regular basis.

4. Last but not least, A new concept in blogging. Abang Makkez and Me is currently working on it. Hopefully everything works out fine.

I will elaborate about all of the above in upcoming article. I’m not having too much time to spend at the moment. If you any other suggestion or topics , please drop it on my comment box.

And a big thanks and credit for Makkez for the new banner of ragedindian that you can currently see now.

Nandri Ayyah Nandri…


And dearest readers who had subscribed for my mailing list, please confirm your subscription.


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