Dark History


Prepost : At the near end of this article, there is a sound clip embedded . It is adult rated so listeners discretion is adviced. It’s just for fun.

With little time permitting me to write article nowadays, I’ll have to make use of any time I’m having to write . I would love to write as much as possible during my free time, but heck, you know, I’ve got to spend some time for porn as well you see. Now, I can either see a small smile in your face or you’re uttering this from your mouth ‘Ain’t he being a bastard’. That, because of my earlier sentence. However, since I switched job, I’ve so much free time the whole night that I can even write in my office.

The problem is sometimes the environment you’re in would not bring you up the mood to write. I’ve been writing too many things about relationship of late that I lost count of how many. whenever I discuss about this kind of topic, the response seems to be overwhelming. When I put out a discussion topic about how to save our culture, few people response.

I’ve always stayed out from politics due to the ugliness it has. My blog theme of ‘M1′ would not permit me to write too many about politics anyway. That’s what kept me off writing about the latest ‘main belakang’ case .


With my moods high yearning for orgasm, being left out without work at 1 am in the morning would only bring one thing to my mind. Each of us had their own past history and past miseries. Some things we share with others, some we would kept it among ourself. Just like that, each of us has something to be kept off as secret when it comes to a relationship.

For the girls, they might not want to reveal the truth that they had 12 ex-bf before this. For the guys, probably they would not reveal how many they’re screwed previously. See, this is different from relationship lies. The darkest secret of relationship when sometimes revealed can prove to be the biggest disaster .

What exactly am I talking about here? Yes, hardcore sex. No, kidding. The darkest secret you might have about your previous relationship that if you reveal it to the current partner, you might be doomed.

As I said earlier, almost everyone has past bad relationship. Or past bad fucks. Trust me, with the amount of fucks young Indian girls (I like stereotyping) are getting lately, I’m sure many of this girls have past bad relationship. Or perhaps they would have got a bad name? Or perhaps a bad reputation in the society?

Just like Indian girls, Indian guys do share the same amount of blame. They would have gotten so many fucks yet we would settle down with the nicest girl in the world. Which we think she is. When we, the Indian guys, get married after all the cheating and fucks that we’ve done, we would proudly claim that “We’ve settled down”.

Opposing it on the girls side, they would not be able to settle down. That if their past history had been revealed.

See, I’ve always believed good relationship is based on understanding. So many different factors can lead to a good and bad relationship, if you would like me to give example, the following are some :

1. Virginity
2. Parents support
3. Bad understanding
4. The guy has a small john

All right, ignore the last one. While understanding each other plays a good role in maintaining a good relationship, what is the scale in the meter of understanding do each couples have nowadays?

Do not stray out of topic,I’m telling myself. What I’m trying to tell is can we tell about our past relationship to our current partner? Will he/she be understanding enough about it ?

Lets say you got married via arranged marriage. You’ll know little about the girl.

This type of situation usually occurs on the first night maybe. So there you were inside the master bedroom, with flowers all over, your newly married wife sitting shyly. And trying to be honest, you’ve promised yourself you would tell everything to your new wife. What if you were to tell your wife like this :

Character : Husband : Vijayakanth
            Wife    : Punjoleh

Punjoleh, nan mothum padethethe mupethe pilengge kudeh. Athele iruvethe pileenge Tamilachi, anji chinethi, muneh malaikarichi, 1 indonesia karichi , kadesiyah ore vietnam karechi. Inthe pilengge ellam ethevumeh uthemi illeh. Ellameh ullel, elathe leyum ullel. Inthe thogei eri irukum ,anah, uneh kalyenem pani vechithangge.Nan unkithe ellam unmaiyum sollithen. Unneh mathiri ore naleh pilekithe nan marehke virumbeleh.
And what if the wife in return tells this(Play the file below) :


Enahh manichhhhiiireengggehhh…

No, no, you would not agree that this is how you would be talking to your partner when revealing the truth. Anyhow, once lets say you reveal about your past relationship to your partner, will they be understanding enough to accept it? Would they brush off the feeling that you’re a used product? Many speculation can arise in his/her mind,no?

What do you say? Will you reveal your darkest secrets to your partner after getting married?


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  • Mk

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    i would happy if u stop posting this kind of this… u hv a blog, itz nt mean u can post anything u want juz to get cheap publicity…

  • Lizard

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    Enemyofthestates and Mk rendum oru KK polle…

  • Anonymous

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    hahaha. that was a good one though i couldn’t comprehend the final part of your article and i must say, it’s pretty open ey? perhaps,this truth would hurt some unintentionally. nonetheless, these are mere facts people have to learn to cope with. nice one :)

  • Theena

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    enemyofthestate and mk,
    y dun u open a new blog n write all about relationships and how2 maintain a gud relationship….
    Blogger writting wat he thinks….
    N U know some of our girls-indian guls nwdays-(note nwdayz) r following our western cultures wif multiple partners n u dun dream dat u gona get da 1 dat no1 hd screwed her up[ b4. Even if she tells u da truth, U evytime gona kutuk her wif dat whenever u both gt any problm..
    if u think im a bitch…think la watver..u think i care bout u..

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    Couldn’t agree more with Theena.


    You are threatening to kill Mr.Durai. Therefore, Mr.Durai told me that he has forwarded your IP address to the PDRM cyberpolice to trace you down and voila, there goes your story. Good luck in hiding.


    You should seriously consider doing a google search for the term ‘blog’ or to be precise, ‘personal blog’.


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    kai, rendu petheko sunni pechi…kai neenge eluthunge kai.. yentha na** kekurethe.. Cantik macam bunga!

    Enemyofthestate Says:
    “..i hate pupil lik u n kill u if i get u…”

    Rujjcoomarh Says:
    “Well I ferkin hate ppl li(c)k you..!!


  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @Enemyofthe’estate’ : Yea, yea kill me. Wait till PDRM trace your IP and put a bullet into your ass.

    @Mk : I’m opening up a page for ‘pupil’ like you.Haha.

    @Lizard : Athe cholle..

    @Anonymous : Ah, I’ forgot about the translation again.Apologies.

    @Theena : Seriyah sonigeh bro…va ille sis ah?

    @Makkez : Hopefully they trace out this fuckers soon . Thanks for helping me out with that bro.

    @rujjcoomarh : Nandri ayyah nandri.

    And generally -What the hell with this killing me part?

    What the hell did I wrote for you to kill me, see, brothers , if you want to kill me, come looking for me, dont type ” I will kill you ” and expect me to be killed.

    You ‘pupil’ sometimes really provoke me. Therefore I dont have any amount of respect for you. Veliyeh vanggadah pun***ggelah.

  • IP

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    Vijayakanth wife pere punjoleh……

    Keep your articles coming Bro.Enjoying every second of it and do ignore Enemyofthestate and Mk ….podi payilenge…

  • xanbonzz

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    why dun ask ur own sister to post a comment! well it doesnt mean that you got a blog you can write what ever piece of shit you wan! im a follwer of your blog for sumthimes, but from nowonwards.. thats it.. well this is your true color i guess.. well it is!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down +3

    @IP – Thanks bro.Appreciate that.

    @xanbonzz – Where did I provoked you?WTH? Did I talked anything about you? I don’t even know you first of all.

    Listen brother, this is ‘MY’ blog, so I ‘WILL’ write whatever piece of shit that I want.

    If you’re follower of my blog, you should know better . Yes, my true color is black, I’m Indian. And if you’re one too, then I’m not surprised your comment is such.Crabs.

    P.S : I wonder how come this post got so many problems.

  • nottygal

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    situation:angel kinda gal > had bf> both lovey duvey>plan to get married> get fucked willingly > wedding stopped unexpectedly > angel gal got married with sum other guy > firstnite > angel tell purushan..i had bf..fucked..bla bla..

    will the guy accept her ?? say he is such a gentleman,nvr fucked any 1…even he does will he accept her ? even he accept..is dere any confirmation he wont point it out any time later on ?

    shall or not d angel tell d husband ??????

  • B*stard

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    1st of all do u hav a gf mr.blogger???
    I bet u dun hav..U dun even noe wat is relationship,even u have..i can bet u r goin2 cheat her..
    u n ur lame topiscss..juzt bcoz this is ur blog u wil write anything…
    write la wat time u fucked a gul, how was it..
    so dat the bithces here wil b happy reading it..
    just hope dat ur future wife slept wif 10bastards n won tell u da truth at all til u die..

  • Anonymous

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    this is life. you gotta’ accept reality as it comes. don’t jump on him because of what he wrote, reality has become such these days. he could have put it in a sophisticated way but that would confuse certain people from different walks of life and of course it beats the purpose of being open. it’s his point of view and if you don’t like what you see/read, then by all means, leave, right? its best not to say/comment if you have nothing nice to say/comment. though i know i’d get bombarded ridiculously because i’m supporting the blogger but certain comments typed aren’t nice to read at all.

  • varsha.d

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    U no need 2 b so so kepok B*stard..
    Dont like means just leave it or sen comments in a nice way..
    diz topic attacked u huh? lame…
    duno frm where al these kids came frm:(

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @Anonymous – Although I do agree with you mostly, but I don’t agree with you on a certain part. The commenting option is open to all kind of people and it is up to them whether to support the blogger, go against him in a NICE AND CIVILISED MANNER or to give some constructive criticism. ;)

    But, what happens here is that, we could see some ‘kids’ hopping here from nowhere and posting retarded comments such as ‘im gonna kill u’, adapting some lame nicknames (B*stards) and so on and that certainly defeats the purpose of this article as a ‘professional reality article’. Seriously, these kind of kids are not even qualified to read this article, if they could not be CIVILISED in their comments! Sigh….

  • Me3

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    Character : Husband : Kunjimani
    Wife : Punjoleh

    Punjoleh, nan mothum padethethe mupethe pilengge kudeh. Athele iruvethe pileenge Tamilachi, anji chinethi, muneh malaikarichi, 1 indonesia karichi , kadesiyah ore vietnam karechi. Inthe pilengge ellam ethevumeh uthemi illeh. Ellameh ullel, elathe leyum ullel. Inthe thogei eri irukum ,anah, uneh kalyenem pani vechithangge.Nan unkithe ellam unmaiyum sollithen. Unneh mathiri ore naleh pilekithe nan marehke virumbeleh.
    And what if the wife in return tells this : Naanum ungae kithe yethayum maraikea virumbulai.Yennaku mothum 3 boyfriends. 1st primary school love,puppy love lah but still I let him kiss me. 2nd secondary school love . I let him kiss me ,he’s french kiss was good though. Later in the relationship we moved on to something more interesting. I let him touch my ………. and ……… 3rd my college love we did almost everything minus the intercourse part. We must obey the culture of staying a virgin until we’re married right.Oh yah and one more thing I also posed nude for him with a mask on my face so you don’t need to worry eventhough the photos are on the net nobody will know that it is me. You have to be smart right. Now I have confessed everything that I’ve done in my past so I’ll leave it up to you.I hope you will look at it from a positive point of view I’m still a virgin right and you should be lucky.

    How is it guys. I leave it up to you to judge. There is a second part of this story. I’ll reserve it for later. Girls I’m not making fun of anyone. I’m a girl too. Read in between the lines and grasp the hidden message.

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    @B@stard : Lol . Dear Kid, certainly whether I have a gf or not is not going to matter and what you’re talking is definetely out of context.

    Thambi, nee kileh pidikireh vayaseleh nan ore pileh kayeh pidichithen…

    I understand that you’re one of those kids from Friendster to stumble open my blog and think relationship and love is such a pure divine thing.

    To argue would leave me with no self-pride at all, because you’re….well…just another B@stard who happen to pass by.Cheers Kid.

    P.S: My future wife to have slept with 10 guys? Lol. So what, by then she is already my wife, and I would accept her.That’s life, and for you, wait for a virgin, and you would continue masturbating on your bed your whole life.

    @notty gal – I think it is better not.


    @Anonymous – You’ve summarized your whole comment in two words .That’s life.

    Cheers :D

    @varsha.d – Ada orang sudah marah oooo…..

    @Makkez – Seriyah sonigeh bro. I bet you share the same percentage of damage because of kids in your blog as well bro. Sigh, Kids does the darndest things.

    I’ve got so many constructive critism, like the one in the topic Girls and Lies, certainly they have their points of argument.

    @Me3 – Part 1 nalathan iruke…Part 2 podengge…papom.hehe..

  • Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Durai.. Again im reminding you…
    This blog for matured community, not for underage or Down Syndrome kids to play around.. Next time, don’t let this retard kids playin fool here..hehe..

    What the fuck wrong to all bastards and bitchaz?
    Why they acting so innocence?? This what going on in real life, ok…
    Did Durai pointed to anyone? Then, what the fuck for this fuss?
    Sapa makan cili,dia rasa pedas.. Senang cerita..

    Dear B*stard,
    Future wife sleep with 10 guys..
    Are you ‘pathini or uthuman’ until cursing to others all? hahahaha…
    Dude, scratch ur backside first before scratch for others..
    Who knows, while you typing in this blog, your wife or GF doing ‘blowjob’ to own kappe kawan..(lol)
    Check out that first,dude!!

    Valge valmudan..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Solomon Apaya, ahahh savadi point!

    Itheke perthaa aape kanne theriyathe ah??

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @Soloman Apaya : Periyeh Appeh than bro athe…Ena pandrethe bro…Unggeleke puriyethe..childrens ke puriyemah..

    Cheers bro…varthei ellam thunder mathiri irukethe bro…

    @rujjcoomarh : Cheers bro…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    this should be 1st time…commenting
    anyway nice story.there were a lot of truth in it
    i will say no to arranged marriage.
    those days yes…now we have to be practical.that all.
    catch u in ur different post

  • Me3

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    This is a true story and consent has been granted by the person concerned.
    Kumar: You are the girl that I’m going to marry so I do not wish to hide anything from you. I do not have any serious girlfriens. I smoke. I go for drinks with my friends every Saturday night. I like to watch phornos and masturbate afterwards. Plus some other not so important details.

    Wife: No I’m an obedient girln and there nothing much to say ………BLaH…..BLaH…..

    FIVE YEARS LATER…………………………………….

    The husband was working in Singapore and had a new roomate. The roomate had reaveled that he had a girlfriend and that now she is married to someone else which is her parents choice. He also revealed that he practically did everthing to the girl except intercourse and he had her naked photo. When Kumar asked who the girl was the roomate showed a photo which happens to be Kumar’s wife. He is very angry and confused. As of now they are temporarily separated. They have 2 children. What must he do. He is a regular reader of your blog. So readers please advise him appropriately.

    Durai part 2 eppadi yiruku. Please help[ him readers.

  • inba

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    ade kadavule…3 days tak masuk tis site, so many fuked up comments…
    sari bro, i wanna ask, why tat lambang ragedindian got ganja yelai n pache manje soppu kalere?

    “afrika kaatu kulle sala salanu, kulu kulune,
    tairu vikkum pombele, tairu enna mairu enna,
    kitte vaadi pukimak “

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @Me3 : Goodness gracious Me3. Part 2 is too shocking a news for me.
    I could very well understand the situation. What shocked me is this line :
    “He is a regular reader of your blog.”
    I’m in no position or have the experience to advice .
    But this are J.u.s.t my thoughts.
    It has been 5 years since they’ve married and been together. All this 5 years, I assume they both had been living happily and without problems judging from your story and the 2 children they had. If that happens to be the case, what the girl(note the word girl, it’s not wife) did 5 years ago should and must not effect they way they’re living now. They have to spend the rest of their life together.I assume the wife had played her part well and still doing it.Being that, I suppose there arise no point of argument .

    It will be easy for me to say something like forget about it and carry on with life, but at the end of the day it all depends on how the husband thinks. Mentality plays the role here.2 childrens future might be effected because of a wrong reason.

    @inba : Bro , lambang ragedindian got ganja ,it’s just to beautify it. Plz dont mistaken me of sending the wrong message.


    That tiga line, is because I’m a Bob Marley fan.

  • Me3

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Thank you. This is what I told him also. Well let’s wait and see. Time will heal all wounds right. Let’s pray for the best.

  • Asshole

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    I don’t think things like this happens only these days. It’s been happening from those days, you know the time when there was a lot of bushes around. Ha ha ha!! Why do u think those drunken indian bastards go home and beat their wives. Haaaaahaaaahhhaaaaa!!!

    I guess anyone’s mom could have been one of those bitches!!!!

    Ha ha. LOL go ask them!!! haaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    hahahahahahahhahaha.. really a funny blog.. but i just dont understand y some ppl are ‘kutuking’ u now. even worst nak kill u plak. kah kah kah….

    restricted ur profile for adults only durai. :P

    ok now i come to keluarkan my oppinion : to tell abt the past it is depends on the spouse u get. definately u know abt her before u tie a rope “thaali” on her neck. if u think she can please ur past then carry on. But, if u think he/she very possessive PLS DO NOT tell. then ur first nite will be the LAST nite.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY : Un Vazhkai Un VAAYIL. :P

    to Me3 : i like ur comment. but, part two…hmm… i’m speechless. just pray for the best na! tc.

  • anjali

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    nice topic Durai, totally agree with viji. U have to see how yr partner is before telling them or it will ruin yr life.

    For those “Kids” grow up then u come back here and give comments.(i’m not referring to physical age but mental age.)

    Keep up the good work durai.

  • breakmx

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    durai, u said ur color black ar
    knt la.
    dat color trademarked for africans/african americans
    v malaysian indian, myb say brown nicer bit kot
    nwy, kip up d gud work


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