Bayee punya history

If not the most entertaining, this should be one of the best self-made jokes that I’ve ever heard for such a long time. I was drinking with a few of my friends when this hilarious scene happened. There were this few ‘Singh’ oldies drinking happily beside our table. They were singing and enjoying themselves when […]

I Love Chicks

Guys, If you’ve always been fond on chicks, I present to you top beautiful chicks from around the world. Enjoy! What do you think? Nah, you can’t screw them. P.S : While waiting for my next post…

Leg Tata

This picture was said to be taken on a visit by UPM students to Taman Negara Loagan Bunut ,Sarawak. Look closely at the extra one leg that is appearing on the picture, whose leg is that? What do you think, another photoshop trick?

Oh Tioman

Since I’ve not written about my recent vacation to Tioman, I think it’s time for me to write at least something about it. We did not go in a big group and they were only three of us(Lizard, Grandmaster and Me). Nevertheless we still enjoyed. I do not want to go very much in detail […]

Can U C?

I was walking in the children’s playground last week when I accidentally stumbled upon this arrangement of words. The playground actually has this 26 alphabets scattered through all over the field. What amused me was the fact that this 2 words had been arranged in a similar fashion suggesting that it might had been done […]