Cheating Indian Thonggis For Dummies

Short Talk : I typed 3 good articles and saved it in my laptop. And so, the usual virus attacked the laptop and it was in need of a reformat. I reformatted and yes, then I remembered that I did not back up or transferred the 3 articles. God. —————————————————————————   What’s the fun without […]

My Friend Won

As I mentioned in the previous post, my friend won the election by 15 000 something majority. Good news. Now, let’s see what happens next. Politics had never been hotter than this.

Petrol PKK

  I believe you would have read about this : Petrol price down   It’s a relief for all of us, some of the Malaysians might think. Behold my friends, as this might be just another political gimmick by our beloved Government.   Why do they have to reduce petrol price sooner than expected? I […]

What Am I?

It’s a fuckin’  Friday (M1 style)! And I’ve got a riddle for you. When I go in I might cause pain. I cause you to spit and ask you not to swallow. I can fill your hole. What am I? The answer is very easy but it’s not a dirty one. Don’t shoot me down […]


Since the Olympic games is going on, I do not want to be left out of posting something related. How to make Olympic a far more fierce ,challenging and crowd-attracting event? The pictures below has the answers. Enjoy.     Gymnastics bar should be replaced with this one.  Javelin throw should be done against each […]

Thunder vs Raaga

On the way driving to work everyday which takes at least half an hour, I enjoy listening to music. Yes, just like the rest of you. Well, I do not listen to radio unless I’m driving early in the morning. And well, something triggered my mind to write about this. I was listening to this […]

Nai Story

I was smoking in front of my house today in the field when I saw what I would describe a pitiful scene. It was kind of sorrow and heart-wrenching for me to see something like that. Of all the living things in the world, I would never want any to suffer. All deserves a good […]

Enlighten Me

According to Malaysia-Today (Raja Petra) , this is the original medical report that had been given by Dr. Osman Abdul Hamid. Now , tell me, what seems odd or out of place here? Let’s see if hundreds of people in Malaysia Today couldn’t see it, is there any chances of you noticing it? I doubt […]


In conjuction with National Day Celebration which is around the corner, I would like to dedicate this post. Cara mudah dan betul untuk mengibarkan bendera Malaysia : Cara Yang salah adalah seperti yang dibawah : Sarcastically.Period. If you do not know what’s been happening, please visit Bmahendran.

Bullets and Indians

I woke up today with two more bad news that had my mind thinking. Sometimes my write up do collide with things that happen daily. I mean, the day I posted my previous topic about suicide, a shocking news came at night. I could not believe myself when I was informed by a friend of […]