This post is dedicated to one of my friend who passed away successfully by suiciding 5 years back. Rest in peace.

Writing articles consumes a lot of time and the best part of it comes before publishing it. Before publishing, during the preview run, I will have to read through like a mad man my own articles again and again to make sure there is no error on the articles.

Once this process is completed, there comes picture uploading and other media that needs to be embedded. After all these are done, plus alignment checking completed for the pictures, then only it can be published. All this for not more than 5 minutes of reading.

Why I told you this is because I wanted to waste some of your time reading lines that are actually not important. You just lost few seconds in your life.

And losing few seconds in your life would not seem too much of a waste to you because well, it’s just seconds. When we’re nearing death, that’s when we will appreciate every moment we have.

But then, death is unpredictable, isn’t it? It comes at any time. In this article, what I would like to talk about is death by suicide. Tuan tuan dan puan puan sekalian, the topic today is going to be significantly important as my other topics had always been.

Now, there are a lot of things that can lead to suicide. For an example, depressed in life, financial problem, love failure and so on. Now you would know where I’m getting to. Yes, suicide in the name of love.

Although it doesn’t seem to be a popular choice today anymore among our Indians, but today it is still in a very alarming rate. Committing suicide in the name of love had always been there. I would brush off other reasons why people commit suicide and will instead concentrate on suicide, in the name of love.

So, where do we start? We should start on how come people can be so brave to take up their own life. See, it’s all back to humans worst weakness, sentiments. Sentiments are good in life, but when it becomes a major influence in a person, then they would not even think twice doing something that is totally crazy.

When you’re indeed in love, everything seems to be so much good and you would be high in the air. For the guys, for the past 20 plus years, his parents who had brought him up would be asking him to stop smoking; he would not listen and neglect it. But let’s say one girl advice so, immediately, the next day he would stop. How and what power did the girl possess is unknown till now.

See, it’s because the dialogue would be like this (in MSN) :

Muthu –  : Dear Punjoleh, I love u da.

Punjoleh – : No da, we’re friends. Some more I do not have any feelings for you yar.

Muthu  – : Ileda . I’m very feeling with you. Love feeling.

Punjoleh – : But you’re not my type of guy Muthu. You smoke, you drink, you have a lot of friends, you talk with other girls.

Muthu – : Oh punjoleh. I will change all that for you da.

Punjoleh – : Change pannikathe. Then maybe we will see.

So, the next day onwards Muthu will:

1. Stop smoking
2. Stop drinking
3. Stop mixing around with his friends
4. Stop talking with other girls.

After successfully doing all this, he would again go and prove to Punjoleh. He has done it, so it shouldn’t be a problem for her to accept him now. The problem is, by that time, Punjoleh would already couple up with another.

What happens?

Muthu will:

– Stop his life.

Can you like blame him for suiciding? After all, hey, he listened to the girl and still the girl didn’t accept him. He got a strong argument, doesn’t he? But, the problem is he would not be alive to argue about that.

And I do not even have a bit of respect at all for those who suicide.

When your parents had advised you few millions times, you wont be stopping, when the girl says once, stop? Where the hell is the logic? Then if the girl didn’t accept means suicide. My dear guys, is this where our level is?

Somehow, amazingly, girls seem to be less involved in these suicide activities. They would rather cry and brush it off. Tell me guys, how many girls that you’ve heard had committed suicide in the name of love?

I would say rare. In my own experience, I have 3 of my friends who suicided somehow because of girls. And all guys to remind you again. Love is divine some say?

What is divine when it actually leads you to suicide? After all the years your parents had spent their money, time and energy to bring you up, you end up committing suicide in the name of love?

Where is your brain? When you commit in love, you end up committing suicide as well, no?

See, I know this might sound very uncommon but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this before. Enough of putting our life to an end just because some girls reject you my dear guys. Failure in love doesn’t mean the end of your life.

There are a lot of other things that you can do. A lot of other things that you can screw. A lot of other things that you can do for your parents. Why resort to such a thing that would bring a bad name to your family?

Let me teach you how to talk to Punjoleh in the same situation:

Muthu –  : Dear Punjoleh, I love u da.

Punjoleh – : No da, we’re friends. Somemore i do not have any feelings for you yar.

Muthu  – : Ileda . I’m very feeling with you. Love feeling.

Punjoleh – : But you’re not my type of guy Muthu. You smoke, you drink, you have a lot of friends, you talk with other girls.

Muthu – : Thats the problem ah. Ok da, I will stop everything for you. Ok va?

Punjoleh – : Change pannikathe. Then maybe we will see.

So, the next day onwards Muthu will :

1. Act like stopped smoking
2. Act like stopped drinking
3. Act like stopped mixing around with his friends
4. Act like stopped talking with other girls.

And he will go again to Punjoleh :

Muthu : I change everything for you da.

Punjoleh : No da, I think still you need to give me some time. Plus I have feelings for other guy.

Muthu : What ? Really?

Punjoleh : Amanda.

Muthu : Apdiyah. Cheri, vantha vadi ,varathi podi.

Punjoleh : What?

Muthu : Take another one. Malay version, vantha Fatimah, pona P**ima.

Punjoleh : How dare you talk to me like that?

Muthu : …………Vantha meenachi, pona mayirachi.

It’s just a concept ay.

If indeed Punjoleh accepted Muthu, then probably he should change for real because of her.

See, these are the Muthu’s that we need. No, I’m not encouraging you guys to talk to a girl like that. But rather think about it, if a girl do not want you to be ‘you’ first of all, how are you both going to adjust yourself in life?

Why must you be that crazy to that girl then?

Why am I tellin’ this, because girls should accept the guy as how they’re if they really like him. Changing him slowly after showering him with love is different, changing him before even loving him is rombe over.

A post dedicated to a suicide ends up with something else. This post itself looks like had committed suicide.

The moral of the story is, suicide is not at all a solution to anything in life. It ends up your life, but is that all you want to achieve in life? There is a solution for every problem, think, life is just once.

P.S : Please don’t kill me for this post.



24 comments to ‘Sueh’cide

  • Anonymous

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    do you mind translating the conversation,
    i’m a little lost.. :) that’s only if you don’t mind..

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    haha..savadi article,bro…
    for those ending their life for name of L.O.V.E.
    juz one word can define them..I.D.I.O.T.

    Peace Out.

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    Durai you made me cry today. I guess the whole day will be spent in tears today. Once I get started it’s hard to stop. Nevermind about that.What you wrote is very true.It’s not worth it to end your life in the name of love.Still some choose to do it. I lost my twin brother because of this.Love is not everything, what about your family? The girl is happily married and we the family members still sad and missing him. Maybe it’s fated or you at least you’re forced to think that it is. Otherwise it seems impossible to carry on. I was angry for a long long time but now I just learned to live with it.No one forced him to do it. It was his choice.So life goes on and he is somewhere in this universe missing all the things that he can do as a human being I guess.Too late to change anything.

  • IP

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    Love is Blind…..

    Katheleke Kanne Ille….

    Chumma’va sonange nambe periyavenge…

    Mithiri…very sorry your hear abour your twin….and Durai to loose 3 frens is a heart ache….

    Suicide is a loosers decision…why can’t they challenge the bf/gf by saying…”if you dont want me its fine…but you will regret your decision…” Be succesfull…Be very happy without them and show them what they have missed…

    To live life you need to have direction….those who commit suicide are those without direction and already half dead…

    Take Care All…Live life to the fullest…


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    Ala simple only jo.
    It’s indeed love failure is unbearable maybe for certain organisms and shortest route to end the misery by suicide..but before that, if they think about the parents and is it worth to end the life jus because of a guy/girl..Got loads of things to enjoy in this life..love one part of it..

    Ilek dulu, bunga bukan sekuntum and kumbang bukan seekor as well..if they think like this for sure ok wan..tamil le sohna vanthe mahle pohna maire..

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    Sorry to hear that Abang Durai and sis Mithiri.

    Bro, I would 100% agree with this sentence:

    “If indeed Punjoleh accepted Muthu, then probably he should change for real because of her.”

    Anyways, It was an eye-opening article. Those who are currently heart-broken and are researching thoroughly for some nice ways to commit suicide, they should read this article lar bro.

    Appe teriyum anthe loosugelleku.

  • LB

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    1st of all, please keep all the hatred mails away from me as i’m saying this in the best way i can. Some how recently most of the blog entries have been about girls and love..i like girls, no denial in that but it has mainly been about how girls did this and that to men and etc, I understand that this is your personal view and the policy is that if i don’t like it than i should not read it. Therefore, I personally really like Durai a lot, his thinking and etc but recent entries had made me lose interest as i personally take a lot of ditching and i think there is a pro and con in everything that a human being do.
    So this is me saying in a good manner that the topics ain’t what i use to like and i know someone gonna say ‘Don’t read la than’..and i will say ‘ Here we go again’…and im not talking about the current topic but somehow the part of all the ditching…Leave them be…this is me signing off…TC Durai…Hope to see u online!

  • Veni

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    Hi Dorai,

    Thanks for viewing my blog, thats was a surprise….hope you are ok with what i wrote (no hard feelings)….hehehe…anyway, you made me laugh again. You really can analyze things and write. What you say its so true.

    Your blog is definitely a must read to me : )

  • Tic Tac

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    I’ve never heard of any guys/girls suiciding because they :
    a)lost their mother
    b)lost their father
    c)lost their sister
    d)lost their brother

    Logically we only have 1 parents yet if they are gone we can accept it..but why when a purpotedly “lover” is gone some idiots have to take their life when they can always find a better lover any other day???
    I have no respect for cowards and idiots who take their own life in the name of love or for other cause as well!!!The bravest thing to do is to live a life not to end it!
    Good post bro dorai..

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    kai, chelek panne kai… cantik waane article .. 2 things i would like to share here, my own life experience. One for the suicidal part where one of my far relative boy (very far relative) committed suicide. Reason not because of love, because the father scolded him. Yes, no kidding. The father scolded him and he got pissed off he drank roundup. Serious in hospital for 16days, then died. PehPun**.When he was in hospital he kept asking his father if he will survive or not. Abit too late right? Pity the parents.

    Second one, just like the part in your article where muthu says vantha fatimah illati puk**ma, same.. my friend was in love with this girl and the girl is one ISO muthirai bitch. He felt so broken, he was on the verge of running away and doing sumtin stupid. So me and other kakis manage to console and motivate him and thought his how to talk. One day he called the girl in front of us and the conversation was on loud speaker and this how it goes:

    MyFriend: Madhu, confirm ah solereya love pannereya illeyane.
    Madhu: Ille, unake ore thadava sonna theriyathe. aporo naa yenge amma kitte solereve.
    MyFriend: enake enna korechel. Naa ethacho thappa paneerenthena solle lar. naa yenne mathikere.
    Madhu: mudiyathe na mudiyathe. yennode life eh nimmathiya udureya. yenge amma sonange unne paarke poriki mathiri irukeh ne.

    All the while my friend was acting like he was begging her and this is the part where he told her off:

    Myfriend: Podi pund*h. Gommaleh pudichi kadike solle. Vo pund*h yenna thangathileh senji vetchireke ne nenepah. Naanum pathekitte thaa iruke, orediya okere. Nee aids vanthe thaandi saage poreh. Nee ore pund*h gomma ore periya pund*h, ellame ore pund*h makkah jaathi!

    PAP the girl hang up. I wouldnt have advised him to talk so if the girl is one pathini.

    Well Kai ur articles sometimes really brings back my flashbacks and thanks for that. Keep up the good work!!

    Hidup M1 Bloggers!

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    respect la dude..
    nice one here..
    i started reading ur blog daily…

  • ck

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    GooD write-up. Although I have not encountered any of my friends suiciding due to love but i do understand the painful episodes behind the scene.
    Suiciding has never been solution for any problems, it could be love or lifestyle. Have you heard a 12 years old boy commit suicide by drinking poision because he is unable to get straight ‘A’ for UPSR ? Have you heard a 10 years old girl tried to suicide because she failed her exam? I wonder how does such young kids know anything abt death, or movie influenced them ??? I think it is the media ( im not blaming the media) that could have soaked in their mind that for desired solution is death. It would be fine, if the successfully suicide, what IF the person SURVIVED , unsuccessful suicide.. things will be much worst. Be prepared to answer to many PEOPLE around YOU!! Or you may end up retarded ~!

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    ck, i agree with your 100% on that. If the person dies after the attempt lucky for them else the consequences that they have to face after that is even worse than dying. Damn…cant imagine that..

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    What an interesting write up. Have to start following up your blog from now onwards ;)

    Actually as a girl i feel that girls are more stronger when it comes to this kinda matter compared to guys. (Please dont be judgemental but this is my opinion)

    Have we all realised that girls have been dealing with rejection since small compared to guys.

    From the time a girl is born, dont go out, dont do this, do comeback late, dont talk to boys, dont, dont and dont. Whenever a girl wants to go out with her friends, her parents might end up saying no. with this, she will feel sad for a while, then she’ll move on.. But, guys are gifted with atleast a little freedom compared to girls. If they were to go out or do something, most of them time they are allowed to do so and encouraged and most of the time their freedom and opinions are not rejected.

    Thus, when we are at our teens.. when a guy rejects a girl (if you noticed) she will cry for a few days.. mumble.. complain.. fight and argue but trust me in a few weeks she’s back to normal and keeps moving on. Ofcourse there will be rememberence but it doesnt come her way. She will be all clear because the its the same rejection she is used too.

    Where else guys whom are so not used to rejection, could not accept it when a girl or who ever says NO to them. They automaticaly rebel asking for reason. And when the reason is just not fair for them, they end up doing all sorts of stuff. killing in the name of love, pottu kudekeraning in the name of love, neglecting parents and job and education and ofcourse committing suicide in the name of love.. Its all about how we treated in our younger days. How we were brought up, and yes Indian’s are just to filled up with sentiments that sometimes it can be just to risky.

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    bange, savadi post la… truth what u have said in this article…. But, our kaigalz must be daring to love, and must daring to face any probe… no love without any probe… its like, no pain, no gain! however bro, Vantha meenachi, pona mayirachi is damn funny bro… i used to say…. ” vantha luck, Pona fu*k”….. hehe!

    say this and enjoy ur life kaigalz…kva?

    past is history, future is mystery, and present is what?


  • Lizard

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    Serious shit i dont know why this people doin this thing? Bunga bukan sekuntum la brader.. What im wondering is that his love for that girl is much more greater than a unconditional love from parents ?
    Anyway Rest In Peace my homie S…..

  • Lizard

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    Theeye05 : Another version bro… ” Vantha luck pona nakke”

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    hehe… ur version ah Lizard? nice x2!

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    cry for love failure, its a norm for a guy or gal to do so as we all have feelings..bt the worst extent that one can go is maybe not eating well cuz of the past memories haunting. committing suicide is real….damn, i dun wish to karuveran anymore la…think of ur parents before doing such thing ler.who the fuck are the bitches and bastards who worth more than your mom’s labor pain? yennala maire polappu ithu…chehhhh

  • savundra

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    well said kumar…. another mind blowin post!!!
    i f heard b4, ppl who commitin suicide r dare enough to do tht… my question is y not they use their daringness to kil da ppl who forcin thm emotionally to commit suicide??? all i can say z committin suicide is losers way to solve a prob…

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    @Anonymous : Ah, Missed out again.The conversation is like a rhyme. It’s no longer funny if is converted . Besides, it’s all vulgar.

    @Solomon Apaya : Right bro.

    @Mithiri : I never knew this post brought sorrow to you Cikgu. Never intended such a thing.Sorry to hear that anyway.

    @IP : Suicide is a loosers decision. How true bro.

    @k3sh : M1 mathiri comment kudethe irukingge bro..savadi..

    @Makkez : Agreed bro.

    @LB : Partner, I’ll take it up online with you.

    @Veni : Dorai illepa, Durai. Thanks for your support Veni.

    @Tic Tac : True bro. All of them suicide after all just for lovers..Anah en pereh Durai bro…hehehehe..

    @rujjcoomarh : Ena kodumeh dialog bro ithe, but then it depends on the girl also la bro. If she deserves it, then indeed she does. Nathe kelvithan bro.

    @mmuurrllyy : Thanks bro.

    @Hanusha : Nandri Hanusha for your support. Well, you’ve got a point there too. Maybe this is the reason guys ondi suicide pandranggelo?

    @Theeyes05 : Bro, love panem bothe daring ahthan irukanegeh, love failure puchi marenthe kudicherenegeh. Puchi ke porenthethegeh…

    @Lizard : Inthe mathiri solli ethene bunga pariche irupeh nee..

    @vickn3s : Where they’re thinking about the parents la bro, all thinking about kadhal kadhal oni wat…

    @savundra : Killing ah…ningge dasyat than..ungge bf padichare..rombe feel panevageh…hehehehe..

  • Jakkama

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    Muthu thought that he found the one person that he would love for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, that person decided she wanted something different for her life. Often a failed love can lead someone to attempt suicide. That is no solution to his problem. Life can hurt sometimes. That is the unfortunate part of living it. The great part of that is once u get beyond the pain, life is so much better. Trying to kill urself gives far too much power to the person who treated u badly. It puts him/her on a pedestal that he/she does not deserve to be on. It can, in fact, make his/her head swell. It still won’t do u any good. The person left him because she no longer wanted to be in the relationship. Trying to commit suicide over her allows her to use him as a doormat. That is the only thing you will accomplish as far as getting that person back. When he/she knows that you would do anything for him/her, he/she will use that as a stepping stone to tramp all over your heart.

    Attempting to or succeeding at committing suicide hurts all of those people who truly love u. Ur hurt will eventually disappear if u stick around. The hurt that ur family and friends will feel if u die or attempt to die will last a lifetime. Hurting others to end ur pain isn’t right or fair to those people.The most important thing to remember is that u have more worth than what u think u do. Others value u and u should value yourself. If u can think of one person that loves u, u will c that u have something worth sticking it out for. No one else can fill ur shoes. There are good and wonderful things about u that u need to bring to ur own attention. Once u do this, u will find a way to move forward.

    Dying is not a solution to your problems. It’s the easy way out of a bad situation, but it leaves many unanswered questions for those that love u. The desperation felt by someone who chooses to end their own life is very real. Those are the times that u have to rely on other family members and friends to pull u through. The truth is, u will probably be glad that u didn’t end up with that person when all is said and done. Hindsight is 20/20 you know.

    * 2 years ago i myself attempted to suicide by the name of love which never succeed. But later i did realise that was a most foolish and embarassing thing which i have done in my life. Whn i was hospitalised only my family members were beside me troughout and the guy whom i wanted to die for was having a gud time with with a new relationship. What i have learned in life, no matter how much u hurt ur family, just remember one thing, whn ur in deep shit its only ur family who will be there for u.

    Durai, eventough i dun know u that well yet, but i sincerely appreciate and respect ur gud intensions of conveing this article for evryone surrounding u. This is a very inspirational article indeed for those who are in a gud or bad relationship. Just bare in mind, bad things happens for gud and there is always reasons for it to happen.

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    Never be psychologically dependent on anyone or anything. There is no such thing as psychological security. Learn this fact early. You can never depend on anything to remain the same for life itself is a movement…so never hold yourself ransom to entities that change and continually evolve. If you seek permanency, than life becomes a ‘Dead Static’ experience without the excitement of mystery. Remember when God closes one door he opens another and in all instances he saves the best for last when you’re have matured and dropped your delusional illusions ;-)

  • Kasvini

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    I don’t think I’d die for anyone. Except… EDWARD CULLEN!!! if he existed… and if among all the good-smelling, good-looking, good-words-thinking, good-cooking (ou, vampires don’t eat) females in the world, he chose me to fall irrevocably in love with. but then… where’s the proof that vampires aren’t gay? Mangas don’t pay testimony to that.


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