Bullets and Indians

I woke up today with two more bad news that had my mind thinking. Sometimes my write up do collide with things that happen daily. I mean, the day I posted my previous topic about suicide, a shocking news came at night. I could not believe myself when I was informed by a friend of mine that my childhood friend passed away. Indeed, passed away. By S.U.I.C.I.D.E. The day I conveyed the message that suicide is not the solution in life, this old friend of mine suicided , and yet again in the name of love.

That makes the count to , 4.Anyone else?

Well, can’t blame him though. He don’t read blogs.

So, there was a couple of bad news as I mentioned earlier. I recently moved in to my new house and I hardly know any of the neighbors here. Being an area surrounded by the Chinese community, I hardly can locate some of our origins. Nevertheless, with the help of angels of luck, you sometimes can spot the Indian aunties jogging in front of my house. And thus, my mother who is socially active in “Indian Aunties Gossip Association” also known as IAGA, was also involved in this jogging activities.

Few weeks back, there was this funeral in the same row of my house. I did not pay much attention to this type of things because well, death, is just ..death. I’ve heard far more horrible things from the mouth of politicians. Brush aside that.

I was not particularly interested with funerals because cries and hysterically shouting of the mothers and relatives is sometimes too unbearable. You just cant stand there watching without weeping yourself.

Out of curiosity, my mother questioned one of the aunties and thus came the shocking news. The guy was died was actually the popular robber called as BeemBoy. I believe most probably you would have heard or read about this in the newspapers or other medias. If not,probably you should read it here.

This guy was shot dead by the policemen during one of the robbery stint. See, yet another Indian shot dead by policemen.

Involving ourself in violence and trying to make money out of the easy way had sometimes becomes the way of life for some Indians. If I’m not mistaken, 6 years back, if some of you still remember, one of my friend Vicky, was also shot dead. And he was 19 and shot in Seremban 2 . At that time, he was still in Form 6.

I remember him as a innocent person and do not really get involved with violent activities and so on. But sometimes, maybe greed changes things. He had always said that he will be doing something big and then going to settle down in life. And so, he tried robbing a bank with his 2 friends and got himself 3 bullets. One of our Hindraf lawyers, P. Uthayakumar, sued the government for shooting down a 19 year old student.

It is still clear in my mind what happened, all the cries , the huge crowd and sorrow of many.

Yet, year after year, we still see many of our Indians involved in violence and gang activities. You see Machan, gangsterism is not the way of life. Just because you lift up your collar and stare towards all the people around you doesn’t mean you’re big don and so on.

We , Indians have the habit of taking everything seriously. I’ve talked about it before. Even when someone looks at you, you will try to provoke and make a fight out of it.

It all starts from school. First , fighting with no weapons and so on in school. And you think that’s cool? Next, you advance yourself to some weapons. Stick and so on. The next upgrade would be machetes and sharp weapons. You get yourself involved in other activities and so on, and you will end up having a gun yourself.

Remember, there is a saying in Tamil (M1 thathuvems):
“Kathiye thukeneven kathiyalethan sagevan”.

In English :

“A man who uses knife to harm others,will die by knife”

How many of Indian thugs have you heard having a good life? Maybe you could name some. See, when you make a living out of others miseries, you would never live a good life. At least that’s how I believe. When you hurt others and feel happy about it, you will end up getting hurt much more bad than they do.

Remember, the law of Karma. Whatever things that you’ve done to others will revert to you back. Back to the topic, why resort to such a violence Macha? You want to look cool in front of the girls? You want to show up that you’re a daring bastard?

Stop all this shit and start earning and do something for your family or society. When you’re indeed provoked unnecessarily, act up. But when you’re not, do not spend time thinking how to be a successful gangster. It is of no use.

It’s fine as long as you want to enjoy yourself. Do it, but not by harming others. Whatever gangster you might be, you will either end up in jail or get a bullet lodged into your ass. Do you really want to die this way?
Robbery ,fighting, cheating and other illegal activities had become some of the source of income for some part of Indians now. Mostly teenagers. They think it’s cool. Well,it is not. I’ve seen so many of this so-called gangsters getting shot dead like crows.

Dear Machans, thirunthengga da.Enough of all this shit. Enough of dying such a way. We’re already a minority in Malaysia, do you want to reduce the count some more?

There is no bigger ‘gangster’ than the police .Remember that.

If you still long to be a pest to the society, the below picture describes you best as a gangster.

Tamilan endre solledah,thalai nimirthe nee nileda!

7 comments to Bullets and Indians

  • Lizard

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    My god… Enn innam aligirethe!!!

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    all people… in line now… dun go and die… However ur “kabel is besar’re”…. one day when u walk alone…”unneku aaapputhan da….” grow up la braders!
    maintain our population, pls!

  • IP

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    Well Said & Well Written Bro………

    Sad reading your entry but that is the truth in our community now days…

    To all kaige’s….gangsterism is not the answer…the curse you get from the victim and their family will doom you for your life…

    Grow up …..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Nalla soningge bro…

    Haihz… no matter how much we write, the people that you have mentioned won’t even bother to read blogs all lar bro…..

    Thirunthungge da, thirunthungge….

  • surenkl

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    well said makkez…
    i’m sorry to say tis but….among’s indian’s…no matter with or wthout ‘cabel’ they simply dont know how to think b4 the hindraf thing…do a favour 4 me….pls go and ask our indian’s around y they went thr in the 1st place…i did n wat i got was…just pure hardcore bullshit…from the majoriti of course…n thr was a so-called mande which usually hangout at batu cave/selayang area (his a mande cos his doing tarik kereta) giv me da crap story of him and former m*c youth mande..was da 1 organise tis hindraff…u know wat i went for tat *sshole off at shah alam a week b4 da 25/11/07 n tat was claiming his da 1 behind hindraf….stories which some budak’s of them still believing till now..

    i’ve seen many old/current timer’s and noticed 1 thing…without money u’re not a mande…n if u’re a mande u cant sleep at ur own home…n not actually all tis mande’s r a real daring thugs or wat…they just became mande coz..there r stupid budak’s behind them who willing to sacrifice 4 them..

    coming to tis page made me realise thr r indian’s out thr who actually cares abt wat is happening 2 our minority etnic in tis country(tis is da name given by bbc n other international new’s networks to us–hehehe)…

    anyway makkez…ur rite…the people we’re writing abt wont care to read tis all…they’ll be busy watching porn or browing sareku photo’s at friendster or something…but i’m happy cos thr r still…MARRE TAMILAN’S OUT THERE…PEACE OUT BRO’S

  • inba

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    unggelethan solraru “busy watching porn”
    but u are the author too….confusion

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    I watch porn, but I don’t get myself busy with that.

    Yan inba eneh mathi vidrengge…


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