In conjuction with National Day Celebration which is around the corner, I would like to dedicate this post.

Cara mudah dan betul untuk mengibarkan bendera Malaysia :

Cara Yang salah adalah seperti yang dibawah :


If you do not know what’s been happening, please visit Bmahendran.

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    Bro I am gonna copy paste my comment from Mahen’s blog (with some editing). Ahem yea I am lazy ;)

    Hmm I don’t see whats the fuss is all about?

    OK a few simple straight rules on flags:

    1) Burning flags are bad.
    2) A flag shouldn’t touch the ground.
    3) A flag shouldn’t be trampled upon.
    4) Flying a flag upside down and/or at half-mast level signals the country is at distress much like mourning a death. Look up wiki:
    5) (4) doesn’t mean disrespecting the flag or the country.

    Now to the flag issue. Ok I can see people are confused between insulting the flag and flying the flag upside down. We are not burning the flag, we are not trampling the flag, in fact, flying flag upside down is NOT insulting the country.

    Flying the flag upside down was a common thing to do in a war when a side wants to give up, especially in naval warfare. In other words, the side who wants to give up wants to signal distress to the other party.

    Now, we are using the same method in a different context. All you need is a side which is in distress, another side who we want them to take notice of us and of course a flag.

    Again, let me stress,

    1) burning a flag is not the way to show distress.
    2) Breaking public properties is not the way to show distress.


    1) Rallying without arms is a way to show distress.
    2) Fully utilising freedom of speech is a way to show distress.

    Anyone still confused?

  • CACA

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    ada ke patut mndera gini…mnjatuhkn nama negara je!!

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    ok ape mndere kite. . . . lawa ^_^. . .


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